What is the best recovery drink for triathletes?


Triathlon is a multiple-stage competition which requires much power and flexibility. Therefore, the triathlete’s health has to be in the best condition. To gain that, not only do the triathletes necessarily select a suitable nutrition plan but they also should pick up an appropriate recovery drink and supplement. If you are wondering what the best recovery drink for triathletes is, keep reading our following article.


Water is the first selection you often think before starting a triathlon game. When mentioning water as a suggestion of recovery drink, some people may confuse of its possible functions. In fact, we have heard many times about the necessity of it in daily life. In our article, it is worth considering as a good recovery drink for triathletes.


Compare to other kinds of drinks; water can help to keep moisture better before, during and after a competition. Besides, water is available anywhere, and you do not spend much money on this natural drink. You should drink about 500ml of water for every 15-20 minutes of exercise. If the water is too tasteless to you, you can add a few drops of lemon or some salt to increase the taste and provide a good electrolyte for your body.

Remember to take sports drink for your post-exercise

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Take full advantages of drinking sports drink

Sports drinks come from the creation of a formulated formula. These beverages include energy and electrolytes that help the triathletes recover quickly.One advantage of the sports drinks is that this kind of beverage usually has a pleasant taste. Therefore, it stimulates taste and gives a good sense of taste to the players. Sports drinks also contain a certain amount of sugar to help you get carbohydrate quickly.

On the current market, there is a wide range of models from different brands. They have different features regarding price, element, taste, smell and so on. Although you can easily see them in the media, the real quality is sometimes not good as advertised. Therefore, be careful when you buy these beverages. Before buying, let’s pay attention to the customers’ review to have the correct decisions.

Consider chocolate milk as a marvelous drink for post-training

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Drink a glass of chocolate milk for muscle recovery and bone construction

First, why should we choose the chocolate milk as the best recovery drink for triathletes? As you know, after a long, hard training, your muscles are often aches and pains. As a result, it is highly crucial to pick up a drink which can solve this serious problem immediately. Among several kinds of drinks,  a wide range of experts highly appreciates chocolate milk as the best one.

Including an abundant source of protein and carbohydrates, that drink enables the muscles to recover quickly and achieve peak performance as well. Many people think that sports drink is the best one because it is specialized for the sports players. However, a study of British in 2007 shows that it can return the fluid amount better than water even sports drinks.

In addition to recovery enhancement, this drink also consists of calcium and vitamin D. These two substances help to strengthen the construction, durability, and flexibility of bone. Therefore, after training and competition, do not forget to take a glass of chocolate milk. It can benefit your health and your body more than you think.

Green Tea for better performance and recovery

The next recommendation we will mention in this article is green tea. You can use this drink before, after or during your competition and racing whenever you need. Most of the people use this drink as a daily drink instead of using water. With a multiple-stage competition like triathlon, how can it support the triathletes? Find out the answer together as below.

In fact, green tea consists of some antioxidants and catechins. These two elements considerably have the function cancer and heart disease conflict. According to a study, not only do the catechins enable to decrease the damage of muscle but they also contribute to enhancing the recovery and performance as well. Additionally, drinking green tea every day is also a good way to keep fit.

Furthermore, the next popular option is coffee. As you know, coffee helps the users to feel refresh. Consequently, the green tea, especially when drunk with ice, increase the durability and speed. To a triathlete, that is very important. To gain the most catechins, remember to soak the tea bag for minimal three minutes. After that, let’s enjoy your tea cup in your style.

Get incredible recovery from beer after the training and racing

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Beer can benefit the triathletes more than they think

If you are seeking the best recovery drink for triathletes, do not skip an amazing choice from beer. According to a Northwestern Medicine’s research, many people have a tendency to drink beer after their exercise and competition. They can drink beer as a reward for post-exercise. They also use it to keep them relax and recover faster.

A new study ever can not only help the players to sleep well but also reduce the muscle pain and enhance the blood flow. As a result, the recovery process occurs faster and more effectively. However, you should drink a certain amount of beer if you do not want to get drunk and lose the chance to enjoy the next stage in your upcoming triathlon.

Fruit juice

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Drink cherry juice to gain the most effective recovery

In fact, fruit juice is quite nutritious. The juice contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. These elements contribute significantly to the muscle recovery after the time of training. Not just for exercise, you can completely benefit it with daily usage. With a delicious taste, the natural sugars will add power to your muscles, help you reduce fatigue and quickly regain your energy.

Among several kinds of fruit, we highly appreciate cherry juice as the best recovery drink for triathletes. Before, during or after a triathlon, this drink can support you a lot. Especially after a hard run, you can take full advantages of drinking a cup of cherry juice. According to an America professor, the function of cherry juice is so amazing. In his presentation, he says that cherry juice is helpful for recovery after exercise.

Why should we choose cheery instead of other kinds of fruits? The answer is that cherry includes higher rates of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant than others. However, it is not good if you drink too much cherry juice. A cup of this juice is enough for post-training. If the cherry juice is hard to drink, you can also mix it with other fruit juice you like.


With individual experience and advice from experts, we carry out the above article to support you. These types of drinks mentioned in this article are not all of the possible drinks. However, they are the best recovery drinks for triathletes. Hope that you will find our article helpful. Do not forget to visit our website regularly to get more amazing suggestions and tips.











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