What are the best indoor bikers trainers in 2017?


For the bikers, practice before a real race is of high importance. Nevertheless, their practices can be interfered by bad weather conditions such as raining, storming or even hot weather. In this case, an indoor bikers trainer can support them a lot. If you are looking for the best indoor bikers trainers, keep reading the article below.

Why should we choose the best indoor bikers trainers?

In fact, practice outdoor is not always capable for the bikers because of bad weather, traffic jams or the lack of free time. Therefore, it is necessary to think about an alternative that can help the bikers to practice at home.

However, a bike seems to be too bulky for home equipment. In this case, an indoor bike trainer becomes a perfect alternative for the users. Whether the home is large or not, it does not become problems. The smaller design than any kinds of the outdoor bike makes this bike trainer fit with any home’s spaces. Furthermore, exercise every day not only enables the bikers to reach another level but also improve their health effectively.

How to choose the best indoor bikers trainers?

On the current market, there is a wide range of different models regarding brand, price, material, function, etc. When purchasing an indoor bikers trainer, a user may concern these following symptoms and signs:

  • Price

Price is one of the first notices when the users want to buy any models. In fact, a bike trainer with high price is regularly an advanced one. However, there are some products with the same basic functions but have a different price. Therefore, before buying, do not forget to have a close look at some models from different brands and get benefit from the users’ recommendations.

  • Material

A good indoor bikers trainer should be made from high-quality material because this material decides mostly its quality and durability.

  • Frame

A durable frame is significantly required to ensure safety and stability for the users. Before purchasing an indoor bikers trainer,  remember to pick up a heavy and large frame.

  • Foldable possibility

Many people may ignore that feature when buying this trainer. However, you will find it useful after each exercise. A bikers trainer who is foldable and portable not only saves the space but also enables the users to move to another place easily.

  • Resistance technology

For a bikers trainer, the wind resistance is very essential. When a user is biking at the highest speed, the wind resistance technology brings a real feeling of a bike.

  • Noise reduction

In fact, many kinds of models make a loud noise when used. Especially when the users do not have a separate room for exercise, this will annoy other people a lot.

  • Additional accessories

Other additional accessories are great advantages for the buyers. It is ideal if a trainer accompanies with an additional front wheel or a trainer mat. The mat helps to reduce noise and protect the floor from sweat while the front wheel stand can be used to increase stability.

  • Lifetime guarantee

The users can benefit much from a good service and lifetime guarantee. Although a good indoor bikers trainer can ensure high quality at first, it may have technical problems during the using time. Therefore, the longer lifetime guarantees the manufacture provide, the higher advantages a user can get.

Top 5 best indoor bikers trainers

If choosing the best indoor bikers trainers is challenging to you, keep reading the following article to get more useful suggestions.

Tacx Flux Smart Trainer

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Tacx Flux Smart Trainer

The first model that gains high appreciation from both customers and experts is Tacx Flux Smart. Why is this product highly recommended over other models on the market? Discover these amazing features as below.

This model is a smart cooperative direct drive. Compare to other conventional trainers, this product and hold both the users and the bike more securely. The first thing the user should pay attention to this model is its price. Although the trainer is not the cheapest version on the current market, it is an inexpensive one with F-CE smart combination.

With the aim of increasing the resistance and accuracy to the users’ legs, this model features a 7kg flywheel and a rapid response. Compare to the Neo Smart in Tacx family, the designer put another flywheel inside, which may cause more noise. However, the Flux is still a silent indoor bikers trainer on the market.

The feeling is one of the most concerning factors to the bikers. A trainer that brings a realistic feeling is a better selection for professional exercise. With this model, it has an extremely great feel without unrealistic feels. Using the ANT+ FE-C protocol and Bluetooth Smart, this model can be controlled by the other software. This software plays a role in getting power, cadence, and speed from the bikers trainer to operate the brake.


    The cheapest trainer with F-CE smart combination

    Stability

    A silent trainer

    Deliver a great ride feel

    Smart control with other software


  • Large design takes up big space
  • Not be foldable and portable

CycleOps Wind Trainer

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CycleOps Wind Trainer

If you want to choose the best indoor bikers trainers for your professional practice in affordable price, do not skip a good suggestion from CycleOps Wind Trainer. As its name suggests, this model applies the wind to adjust intensity and gear while the users are biking.

Wind resistance feature is only used to produce high-quality models on the market. This technology will help to deliver the best resistance when the users are biking at the highest speed. Moreover, the user will get a realistic feel for using a bike by the wind blowing. To gain this steady resistance, the manufacturer applies the Vortex blade construction and Zinc- made fans.

Besides, you can’t adjust this resistance. The users can completely change the resistance by adjusting gears. In fact, it enhances when the user gets a higher gear. Besides, the stand is also designed with innovative technology to ensure higher actions and lessen the noise.


    Affordable price

    Portable and foldable to save space

    Good guarantee

    Wind resistance technology for better performance

    Good ride feel


  • Make rather loud noise

For the ones who are seeking a trainer for sprint practice, this model is an amazing idea. In contrast, for the ones who do not have a separate room, think carefully before purchasing.

CycleOps PowerBeam Pro

Image result for CycleOps PowerBeam Pro amazon
CycleOps PowerBeam Pro

Next, have a close look at the next recommendation come from CycleOps family- CycleOps PowerBeam Pro. Let’s see how can you get benefit from this amazing indoor bikers trainer.

In fact, a user may seek a trainer with these characteristics like a great ride feel, low noise, stability or resistance, etc. You can surprisingly find all of them in this PowerBeam Pro. Firstly, the user will notice that this model is very portable and foldable. Its moderate design helps the users easily move it to other places they like. If you are disgusted with indoor exercise, take it outdoor and enjoy your workout.

One great selling point of that trainer is that it minimizes noise. In fact, the PowerBeam Pro is extremely silent. Therefore, it is not so surprising when considering it as the quietest model on the market. Besides, the users can have a chance to join any frames of road and mountains with different wheel sizes and  2.25 inches tires.

Another big plus of that product is its performance support. By using ANT+, the CycleOps will not only enable the users to receive essential data on their performance but also deliver an exact analysis about the time and speed of riding. As a result, you can identify your current performance and then, find a way to improve the weakness.

Similar to other types of models in CyclePros family, this model also allows the users to control the resistance through a computer. Instead of using a computer, the users can also use a virtual training app of the CycleOps to adjust the resistance as an awesome alternative. Furthermore, this model also equips the PowerTap. The power meter helps to identify the power zones, cadence, peak power and other amazing metrics.


    Portable and foldable to increase convenience

    Extremely silent

    ANT+ design for performance demonstration

    PowerTap to identify a wide range of amazing metrics


  • Not very good wind resistance
  • Higher price than some of the models on the market

If you want to pick up a trainer that show your performance any metrics, this model should be a must-have idea in your list.

Giant Cyclotron Mag II

Image result for The Giant Cyclotron Mag II amazon
The Giant Cyclotron Mag II

Giant is one of the top bicycle brands on the bicycle market. From this success, they continue to develop additional indoor bikers trainer. Among their models, The Giant Cyclotron Mag II is an ideal selection.

When picking up a trainer, many people may notice the foldable possibility at first. Especially when their home space is rather small, they will get benefit from a moderate and foldable trainer. The Mag II can folds in half easily, which helps to save space and make it easier to store.

The Giant delivers a quick-release skewer made from steel material. This design not only helps to support the wheel effectively but also keeps all construction stable. Applying different wheel sizes such as 27-inch, 700C, 26-inch and 24-ich, this model can work with a bicycle with rapid release to attach the back wheel.

Made from rusting resistance material, the users can use freely indoor or outdoor, even under the rain without being afraid of rust or damage. Besides, the small shifter also creates convenience to the users. Because this shifter is a temporary position, it will not occupy any spaces on the handlebars.

Additional accessories are a great bonus when purchasing this model. They include a training mat, a chopping block, and a sweat guard. These accessories not only help to save your money but also support your exercise regarding protecting the floor from sweat and scuffed and remaining the bike level.


    Foldable to store easily and save space

    Made from rusting resistance  material

    Accessories such as a training mat, a chopping block, and a sweat guard


  • Do not have any smart technology
  • Simple magnetic is not good for strenuous practice

For the one who is seeking a foldable trainer to use for a light workout with useful accessories, do not forget to pick up this model for your basket.

Lifecore Fitness Assault

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Lifecore Fitness Asault

Designed as a tank, the Lifecore Fitness Assault guarantees the most high-end indoor bikers trainer in the trainer industry. With this stable construction, you can use it for years without damaging. Furthermore, it delivers the unlimited adjustments and controls for an infinite practice and workout. In the gym, in campus, therapy or at home or therapy, wherever you want, let’s Lifecore serve your demands.

Furthermore, the seat not only offers flexible adjustments but also adds aft control.  This feature helps to create comfort, convenience and a good fit for any users. When using this trainer, the users also have a chance to get many motivational channels such as Watts, Heart Rate or Tabata for their fitness goals through a computer.

Last but not least, the Lifecore provides sturdy and effective, but smooth practice. Its design applies the air pressure in this construction to ensure infinite resistance to the users.


    Top high-end quality

    Durability

    Unlimited resistance to the users

    Include many motivational channels


  • Take up a lot of space
  • Cannot be folded

With individual experience and advice from experts, we carry out this following article with top 5 best indoor bikers trainers on the current market. Although these models have different features, they are all highly appreciated by both customers and professions. Do not let bad weather and traffic jams set obstacles to your practices and workouts with these amazing trainers.




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