Here are the amazing vitamins for triathletes review


To find out what should look for when choosing the most suitable supplements for you, let’s read our vitamins for triathletes review. As being a triathlete, keeping your body well-hydrated, and managing your sleep quality are important. For this reason, if you have a suitable nutritional supplement, it will enhance your performance efficiency.

Let’s look at the following vitamins for triathletes review to be assisted in getting the right supplementary vitamin.

What should consider before choosing vitamins?

Your health and dietary status

First of all, you should determine whether you need to be supplied a vitamin. But how to find out if you have a deficiency? First, you can take a blood test. Then, you would detect if there is any deficiency possibility. Otherwise, you can check your diet closer to find out. Make sure you have checked all the information on the supplements.

Vitamin choice

It is necessary to examine a spectrum of vitamin such as a multivitamin. As if you absorb exceedingly the amount of vitamin allowance, it may become a health-endangered product. Usually, your body’s requirement can be supplied below or about 100%.

Particularly, if you use multiple products at once, you are likely to endure a risk of toxicity. For example, zinc is available in many forms such as protein recovery drinks, ZMA or multivitamin which the triathlete consume at least 10 times a day. For this reason, their health may be put at risk.

Fish oils and omega

To exploit the fish oil’s health benefits, you should try the omega with 3 to 6 ratios. It is because the Omega 3 fats not only helps to reduce inflammation but also enhances your blood vessels and protein synthesis.

Hence, you are recommended to select the product with at least 60% omega 3. By this way, it would lessen your high-stress times. With 3 high-dose capsules of omega 3, your body absorb the amount that equals to 3-5 capsules for a day.

Health-benefit products

Apparently, you would appreciate the vitamins for triathletes review that is able to preserve your health and protect your body. So, the product with glucosamine would be helpful for your achy joints.  Besides, it can relieve your aching knees and elbows.  And if the product contains the antioxidant, your body would deal with free radicals.

What should you look for in the multivitamin?

Check the percentage

Importantly, you should ensure your purchased vitamins for triathletes review will provide 100% of the daily value.

Formulas for men, women, and age groups

Obviously, in this vitamins for triathletes review, you would find some suggested multivitamins. All of them are safe to use and health benefit.

  • Understand its label instruction

Its label will show all the nutrients with its equivalent amount within each serving.

Comprehend its basic vitamins and mineral

To be listed in this vitamins for triathletes review, most of the multivitamin would include B3 (niacin), B6, folic acid (B9), borate, molybdenum, beta carotene, and iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, A, E, D2 or D3 (cholecalciferol), K, potassium.

Look for the extras

The multivitamin would offer a wide variety of formula to meet the nutritional needs of the triathlete. So, you should take into account whether its formula contains exceed the amount of iron based on the dietary allowance.


  • You should experience the purchased product by adding it into the mix. Remember to test slowly in isolation when measuring gains. If you find its balance is right for you, you can take it to the next level.
  • You should select a brand that guarantees to deliver 100% daily value of the nutrient.
  • As for a supplement that provides the majority of vitamin A, make sure it would not exceed 3000 IU daily.
  • In term of vitamin E, remember to keep your dose between 100-200 IU. When it comes to vitamin C, you should absorb under 250 milligrams per day.
  • If your body demands the vitamin D, you should choose the source D3 which allows you to absorb.
  • You should not double up the daily dose of vitamins as you could absorb too much of certain nutrients.

The top 5’s vitamins for triathletes review

TriDrive Triathlon Runner Endurance Supplement | Natural VO2 Max Booster

The following vitamins for triathletes review would help to boost your endurance thanks to its Vo2 Max support. It can improve your circulation and enhance the respiratory system. Additionally, you can recover quickly and have your stamina improved. Especially, it features a TriDrive cycling nutrition which allows your body process nutrient well. By this way, you can overcome pressure and stress.

Particularly, due to its adaptive formula, it can enhance your circulation. Since then, your body whilst suffering from stress would be provided more oxygen to stay at ease. Overall, it decreases cortisol and supports glycogen storage and output.

Besides, this product also helps to decrease or block cortisol to give your body assess to needed fat storage during training days. So, it is capable of reinforcing your muscle growth and your recovery time.

Specifically, such vitamins for triathletes review is listed as one of the most useful vitamins for triathletes review that can assist the triathlete in relieving stress. Besides, it grants more time for your muscle relaxing. Especially, you are granted a 30-day money back guarantee. It means you can receive a refund without being asked further if it fails to satisfy your demand during this period.


  • Many triathletes find it supports for their long-distance marathon.
  • It helps to shorten your recovery time from a long run and get your energy revived for next day.
  • Most of the users find it could improve a breath while swimming.


There are no negative feedbacks so far.

Rating: 9.2/10

The Tridrive would assist the triathlete’s performance greatly. As for its effective formula, you would be relief from stress and physical pain. Overall, this product is worth giving a trial.

MgSport High Absorption Magnesium for Leg Cramps

As the triathlete, the magnesium plays an indispensable part of sustaining my performance efficiency. Indeed, it helps to control 300 body functions and enhance endurance.

According to the clinical research, there are a significant amount of magnesium provided in this vitamins for triathletes review. So, this product can lessen a depletion risk of the triathlete during a whole race, especially in a humid condition. Additionally, the study shows that its contain of 380mg magnesium is three times more than the magnesium citrate in the cellular level.

Another reason why I named the MgSport in this vitamins for triathletes review is that it is certificated with GMP and made from the USA. So, rest assured if you worry if it could be a faked product or has any contaminant. Moreover, it also contains vitamin D and vitamin B6 which would strengthen your bone. Notably, this product comes in a veggie capsule which ensures there is no dairy and gluten.

Likewise, it’s needless to worry about its small sized pill because it helps you absorb while ensuring health benefit effects. Additionally, it is proved to assess bone formation, relaxation, positive mood, blood pressure. Indeed, after taking the capsule, you would find your sleep quality improved.


  • Many users find it easy to swallow.
  • It does not contain gluten, dairy, propylene glycol or any artificial colors.
  • The MgSport High Absorption Magnesium for Leg Cramps enhances your sleep quality, relieves leg cramps, and revives your energy efficiently.
  • This product may also be able to support heart and cardiovascular health.
  • It can work well for both women and men. It does enhance the calcium absorption.
  • You are granted an 180-days money return guarantee as long as you have proof of purchase.
  • Its price is affordable, especially each capsule of it contains up to 100mg of magnesium.


Some people find it would be risky to absorb such a high amount of magnesium.

Rating 8.8/10

If you are keen on improving your durability and performance efficiency, you would need the Mgsport High Absorption Magnesium for Leg Cramps. This product provides a great combination of vitamin B, D, and vitamin E. Additionally, it offers you 300 capsules for a reasonable cost.

Intelligent Labs Triglyceride Omega 3, 2250mg Fish Oil Capsules – 120 Softgels

As you know, Omega 3 is an essential nutrient for everyone, especially for the athlete who deal with hard training. It helps to enhance your recovery time. Additionally, such vitamins for triathletes reviewit would ease your muscle soreness.

This Intelligent Labs comes in the natural Triglyceride form which prevents your body absorb less fatty acids. It is because the fish oil acids attached to an Ethanol, also known as the Alcohol backbone. Moreover, thanks to its superior EPA: DHA ratio, you would build new neurons in your central nervous system and your brain. Besides, such vitamins for triathletes review would assist in forming more potent anti-inflammatory hormones.

By taking this serving with 2250 mg Fish oil, your body is guarded against toxic and heavy metals. Notably, this product is advised by the Doctors to relieve joint pain, lower cholesterol, dry eye or inflammation risks. Moreover, it can promote your immune system and improve mental health.

As a result, you are granted a strong brain. Besides, you are offered a ‘Love It or Your Money Back” Guarantee. As its name implies, you would be returned for a full refund if the product is not capable of satisfying your demands.


  • It provides the stronger and greater amount of omega 3 than other fish oil supplements in the today market.
  • It is easy to swallow.
  • Many people favor it highest contain EPA and DHA.
  • Most of the triathletes appreciate at its inexistent of the manmade chemical.
  • You can have it to improve your racing performance and boost the physical and mental health.
  • The users excite about the 100% Money Back Guarantee.


You may face with its side effects.

Rating 9.2/10

This Omega 3 supplement can help much in enhancing the triathlete’s physical health and assist their performance. It also assists to build new brain cells and enhance the immune system.

Base Performance BASE Electrolyte Salt | 226 Servings

The Base Electrolyte Salt is used by the athlete as for its all natural formula. It contains 84 essential minerals to reinforce the athlete’s muscle strength. So, they are likely to avoid muscle cramps. Besides, it would assist them in preserving proper fluid and keep their energy balance during a whole race.

With one scoop only, you absorb 3 mg Calcium, 442 mg Chloride, 2.6 mg Potassium, 12 mg Magnesium. So, you would be able to fight fatigue and stay hydrated. Particularly, during an intensive workout, having a suitable amount of this supplement would enable you to replenish electrolyte.

With its unique and crystalline form, you would avoid gastrointestinal distress. Additionally, many triathletes who used it have found their back pain, and swollen feet are much relief.


  • Such vitamins for triathletes review contains many essential minerals that can support your health and performance.
  • You can consume it with ease.
  • It helps many triathletes avoid muscle cramps and preserve their energy.
  • It provides an outstanding electrolyte replenishment.
  • Many people agree this product is worth having for an exercise or hard-duty workout.


  • Some people complains about its overpriced cost.
  • Its contain calcium, magnesium, and potassium which are not recognized by the users.

Rating 9.2/10

Generally speaking, the Base would ensure your body supplied with sufficient amount of salt to stay hydrated. As a result, you can boost your performance efficiency and less likely to suffer stress or physical pain.

SaltStick Caps Electrolyte Replacement Capsules

Here is the final supplement in our list of vitamins for triathletes reviews. It is indeed worth-listing in our vitamins for triathletes review – Saltstick Caps Electrolyte. In fact, there are many triathletes intake this SaltStick to enhance their preparation and performance. Indeed, this nutritional supplement with electrolyte formulation would minimize heat stress and muscle cramp risk. So, with one serving only, you absorb 44 mg calcium, 126 mg sodium, 126 mg potassium and 22 mg magnesium.

Thanks to this well-combined ratio, you can strengthen your physical health during a whole run. Especially, it is gluten free which has no sweetener, soy, nuts or herbal.


  • It has a high capability of reducing heat stress and muscle cramping.
  • The product’s effectiveness is recognized by the athlete, the triathletes, and outdoor workers. All of them often have to stay in the hot conditions for a long period.
  • It supplies useful multivitamin including sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  • You only need to have 2 capsules per hour during an activity to reenergize.
  • It is such an ideal treat for Addison’s disease, DF, and POTS.
  • Each bottle contains 30 capsules which are vegetable-based. Besides, its ingredient is all bio-available active.
  • By absorbing one teaspoon of table salt twice an hour, your body would be rehydrated throughout activities.


  • Most of the negative feedback relates to its lack of ability to relieve muscle cramp

Rating 9.2/10

Final words

Without the insufficient number of vitamins and minerals, your performance would be affected. That’s why you should absorb enough essential multivitamins which match the dietary to get the best race result. Hope you find the best-fit vitamin supplements after acquiring information in our vitamins for triathletes review.



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