The best guide on how to choose your best triathlon goggles 2017


To all triathletes out there, we know your pain. It’s tough enough to train for one sport, but when it comes to three sports all in one game, it must be exhausted. A typical triathlon game normally consists of three sequential games of swimming, cycling and running. Apart from intense training and customized diet, high-quality, reliable triathlon gears are also of utmost importance for a triathlete to succeed.

To help all triathletes out there to reach their peak performance, we have compiled a thorough guide on how to choose your best triathlon goggles 2017 below. Swimming is one part of your triathlon game that requires a great deal of physical strength and endurance. Therefore, being able to select the best triathlon goggles 2017 from a myriad of available triathlon gears can be incredibly confusing, but we are here to help you.

Although there have been a considerable amount of reviews and recommendations on best triathlon goggles, more triathlon gears have new improvements to maximize their productivity. Therefore, we decided to give you a comprehensive guide as updated as we can, scroll down and you will find out how to choose the best triathlon goggles 2017.

Benefits of high-quality triathlon goggles

One universal truth about sports is that your training gears can invariably affect your performance. No matter how strong or resilient you are, poorly manufactured gears will take a toll on you and your performance.

That’s why all athletes in general and triathletes, in particular, are encouraged to invest in exceptionally good gears. The importance of good equipment can’t be stressed enough. Think of a professional cyclist who is training for a contest. Without high-quality professional bikes, it will be disastrous for that cyclist. Not only will he fail to finish the game, but it will also be dangerous for his life.

The same goes for swimming in a triathlon game. A triathlete knows too well how beneficial a good pair of goggles can be for a swimming game. It is a fact that a good pair of goggles can give you an edge in any game.

Considering the vast amounts of available swimming goggles that can look tempting, it’s easy to get lost and end up with the wrong ones. A pair of regular swimming goggles won’t do for a triathlete because it lacks high-performing or advanced features required for the professional sport. But how do you tell them apart when a lot of them possess seemingly similar design and characteristics?

There is a thin line between regular swimming goggles and professional swimming goggles. Regular swimming goggles are usually made to fit a wide variety of target groups (men, women, and children). They usually offer anti-fog and UV protection features. Some even offer shatterproof and leakage proof features. However, these features usually do not last long, and they are not built to endure pressure or hard forces. Water may get into your eyes after a couple of uses, and they do not offer the crystal clear vision.

Professional swimming goggles specifically designed for triathlons, on the other hand, offer much more advanced features. High-performing goggles usually come in low-profile design. They offer high-quality vision with good watertight seal. They are also built to endure higher pressure and stronger forces.

Wearing goggles is beneficial for swimmers

But why are those little goggles beneficial? First and foremost, swimming with goggles will enhance your clarity and vision under water. This one is pretty obvious to everyone whether they are professional or just seasoned swimmers.

Another less obvious benefit of swimming with goggles is that they can protect you from chlorine, dirt, and bacteria available in the pool or ocean salt water. High-quality goggles come with the tight waterproof seal that prevents water from hurting your eyes.

Exposure to water in the swimming pool or ocean salt water can cause irritation in your eyes and even damage your vision. Thus, it will increase your comfort while swimming in comparison with not wearing any goggles or a poorly made pair of goggles.

One more benefit is that goggles can assist you with your vision even if you are shortsighted or have other problems with your eyesight. Customized swimming goggles can be made upon request to offer corrective lenses for those struggling with problems related to eyes. You won’t have to worry about your vision as long as you swim with these goggles.

How to look for the right pair of triathlon goggles

Now that you have understood the amazing benefits of wearing a good pair of goggles, we will help you look for the best triathlon goggles 2017.  There are some factors that you should keep in mind before you purchase your goggles.

Instead of hurriedly going to stores and grabbing any good-looking pair of goggles that are on display, you first need to learn that there is no single best type of goggles for everyone.

Choosing your goggles is similar to choosing your reading glasses. There is no fixed formula for the perfect pair. Each pair of goggles will fit a different face. It is more crucial for triathletes, and once you have found the one that’s best for you, stack up your collection by purchasing at least two or three pairs as backups.

The first factor to consider before buying is, therefore, the fitment of your goggles. Remember that you will wear your goggles for a certain period of the competition, so a pair of goggles that fits is a must.

To check if the goggles fit your face perfectly, try testing them at the store to see if they cause you any discomfort. Strong waves or water forces when you swim can shake off your goggles, so make sure your goggles are tight enough not to be swept away. But too tight goggles can make you feel uncomfortable, so it’s best to aim for the balance, not too tight and not too loose.

When trying to find the one that fits, you should look at three features including the nosepiece, the size of the eyes and the padding around the eyes. Trying the goggles on your face while being attentive to these three parts can help you find the right one.

The second factor to consider is the swimming location and the environment. A triathlete will either compete at an open water location or an indoor swimming pool. Thus you will need to choose your goggles accordingly as different environments will call for different goggles. Swimming under the sun will require goggles that block UV rays to protect your eyes.

The third factor to consider is your purpose. As a triathlete, your purpose can influence your choice of goggles. If you wish to maximize your performance, you should opt for those that are built with performance boosting features such as anti-fog to increase visibility. If you are looking for goggles that last for a long time, opt for those with durability features including those with plastic instead of rubber or silicone padding.

Top 3 Best Triathlon Goggles 2017

Speedo Speed Socket Swim Goggle

A pair of Speedo Speed Socket Swim Goggle

If you are looking for a versatile, reliable and high-performing triathlon swimming goggles, then these are the one for you. The Speedo Speed Socket Swim Goggles offer a low-profile design that reduces dragging while in turn maximizing performance.

This product consists of two eye sockets padded with flexible silicone. Its head strap is also made of silicone designed for more comfort and adjustability. It also offers a peripheral vision that will not tire your eyes after a long time of swimming.


  • Soft silicone frame and gasket allows comfort for users
  • The goggles maintain a good seal with no excessive pressure to prevent leak without leaving a line
  • Anti-fog and UV protection features that are good for open water swims
  • Clear lenses allow better clarity and vision
  • Low-profile design for ultimate performance
  • Recommended for both professional and recreational swimming
  • Good value for the price
  • The product is comfortable fit and won’t fall off easily after competition


  • The seal that keeps water out can be worn off after a long time of usage
  • The sockets rightly fit the eyes, which may not be comfortable for some customers
  • Improper maintenance can ruin the anti-fog feature of the product

TYR Black Hawk Racing Mirrored Goggles

Image result for TYR Black Hawk Racing Mirrored Goggles âmzon
A pair of TYR Black Hawk Racing Mirrored Goggles

This fancy model is perfect for triathletes and professional swimming. It is in the range of high-performing goggles, therefore if you are looking for the device to be used in competition, considering giving it a try.

This model is made 100% silicon to ensure maximum comfort. They are also have the special ability to endure intense training and competition. For some triathletes, this great pair of goggles is one of the best triathlon goggles 2017 which has nothing to complain.


  • Innovative optic features that allow crystal clear vision
  • Lightweight and easy to adjust
  • Constructed to be 100% watertight
  • Mirrored lenses to protect eyes from the sun
  • Good quality at an affordable price
  • Innovative optic features that allow crystal clear vision
  • Lightweight and easy to adjust
  • Constructed to be 100% watertight
  • Mirrored lenses to protect eyes from the sun
  • Good quality at an affordable price


  • Occasional fogging after swimming continuously for a long time in the water

TYR Sports Special Ops 2.0 Polarized Swimming Goggle

When it comes to swimming goggles, TYR has a lot to offer. Considered one of the best triathlon goggles 2017, the TYR Sports Special Polarized Swimming Goggles work perfectly for both professional and recreational swimming.

One more notable feature of these goggles is that they come in various innovative design and color. A fan of colorful goggles will love a pair of these goggles. This product also offers anti-fog, UV protection features, and a wide peripheral range. It’s tough to find a better one at this price.

What makes it even more special is that customers can choose to build their goggles by selecting their desired lenses, gaskets and colors.


  • Maximum clarity and optical precision thanks to polarized lenses
  • Good quality watertight seal to prevent leakage
  • Sturdy and hypoallergenic silicone to ensure comfort and prevent wear-off
  • Customizable lenses, colors and gaskets


  • More suitable for professional swimmers and triathletes
  • Occasional fogging is reported by users


A good pair of swimming goggles is a must-have gear for all triathletes out there. Selecting the right one can be a nuisance for many triathletes, especially those who are new to triathlons. There are many options for triathlon swimming goggles available to cater for all kinds of needs.

What you should do is to consider different factors that can influence your decision including fitment, swimming location and your purpose of usage. Next, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of each product to make a sound judgment.

Investing in a good pair of swimming goggles can greatly benefit your performance and your overall comfort and well-being. Be sure to always prepare at least three pairs of swimming goggles for your triathlon training and competition. We hope that our guide on how to select the best triathlon goggles 2017 has been helpful for you and that you will soon find the right one for you.



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