Top five triathlon run accessories reviews that will blow your mind


From now, selecting your sports accessories will be no more a hard game. Our triathlon run accessories reviews will give you the best ideas!

In a triathlon event, running is an important subject which requires you to possess not only your ability but also the proper accessories. However, not everyone knows which accessory is the most appropriate one for their race. Thus, our triathlon run accessories reviews will blow your mind with the best-quality products!


Our triathlon run accessories reviews will give you the best ideas

Usually, there are lots of kinds of running accessories in the marketplace. They can be a GPS watch, gel bottle, multi-functional water bottle or the number belts, etc. In this article, we only review five products which are shared and useful for the triathlon runners. Let’s take a look now!

How to choose triathlon run accessories

Choosing the best triathlon run accessories depends much on what type of tool you will use during your race. We have five kinds of products in this article. Hence, the guide on selecting a suitable running accessory will be divided into five categories.


A watch, especially a GPS watch is much more essential in the race than anything else. Their function is not only telling the time but also locating your route and being a stopwatch, according to some triathlon run accessories reviews.

An ordinary watch can combine the GPS system as well as other the race calculation. So, our tip is choosing which type of watch that matches all your needs. It depends on what kind of runner you are.

A professional triathlete will require so much with a triathlon watch like the GPS, the calculation on how much fat and energy you will take. But if you are a regular runner or amateur runner, our advice is choosing a watch which has simple functions. It will be easy for you if you are a starter, too.

Bottle Belts

Probably, this is a necessary tool in your race. In fact, you cannot hold your water bottle throughout the contest as it generates tiredness and inconvenience. Luckily, there is the bottle belt which can help you forget about these inconveniences.

You should choose the belts that fit your waist, according to some triathlon run accessories reviews. Before purchasing one, don’t hesitate about trying it. Also, you have to remember to check the belt’s closure. There may be no exchanging policy in some sports stores.

Smart Phone Belts

The smartphone is always a whole thing for some runners. Nonetheless, the modern phones are too big to take with you. Therefore, the smartphone belts were born.

When selecting a smartphone belt, you should probably notice your phone size or its generation. Different belts are compatible with various phone’s generation. Also, there are more new belts which allow you to plug your backup battery or MP3 case. Very convenient!

Heart Rate Monitors

The heart rate monitor can be an excellent accessory for runners who want to track their fat. It is particularly useful for those who want to measure their heart rate during the race, according to some triathlon run accessories reviews.

You should consider this accessory as it can make you over-focus on losing fat. But our advice is choosing the heart rate monitor that combines with the tracking fat system as well as notifying your heart rate levels. If you have heart diseases, this accessory will help you a lot.

Lights and reflective bands

Why do you need lights and reflective bands in your race? In fact, there are some races organized in the night time, so the headlight is required for each runner. But during the daytime, you also need the lights and reflective bands because they are a sign for any vehicles to avoid you.

With the headlight, you should choose one which has natural light, according to some triathlon run accessories reviews. Because if it is too light, the other runners will get annoyed whenever they run towards you.

The triathlon run accessories reviews

Here are our triathlon run accessories reviews.

1. Polar M200 GPS Running Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate

With a simple instruction and smart functions, the Polar GPS running watch is always on top of the best-seller GPS watches, according to some triathlon run accessories reviews.

The watch is irreducible without the touchscreen. There is the button on the right side and the left. To select your options, there is the right button that rolls the menu and lets you tap a single touch.

The Polar triathlon running watch is a perfect combination of GPS smartwatch and a heart rate monitor. Carrying it on your wrist, you will track your heart rate level and also time your race precisely.

Besides, the watch enhances the free running program that was made for matching your needs. But the greatest feature of this watch may be the mobile connectivity. Thanks to this function, you can keep up with the work on your phone and also keep your communication well via Bluetooth.


  • This watch performs various activities in one equipment
  • It consists of the function of a heart rate monitor
  • No charging cable to drop


  • The inelegant design might be a huge drawback of its appearance
  • The charging system is not stable

2. URPOWER Multifunctional Zipper of Running Belt

This great bottle belt is not only an ordinary bottle belt but also a multi-functional accessory, according to some triathlon run accessories reviews. With the water-Resistant Bag, it can be a smartphone holder and other little things. You can put two water bottles in it when running. Also, it is compatible with Smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, iPod, etc.

The lightweight material (neoprene) will let you carry it easily to any roads and trails. Also, the material is waterproof and tear-resistant, so it is incredibly long-lasting. To make sure you can adjust your strap comfortably, the customizable strap can be flexible. For this reason, it can accommodate your waist naturally without any efforts.

The URPOWER bottle holder can also be a smartphone holder. In fact, the zipper pocket that lies behind the holder can keep your smartphone in safety. It can be compatible with many phone generations, ranging from iPhone 6, 5s, 5, 5c to Samsung S3 – S5 and other smartphones. Also, you can put your keys, money, hairpin and other tiny things in the pocket.


  • Easy to customize for all sizes and shape.
  • If you want something more fashionable, you can turn it into a shoulder bag.
  • It is very durable in spite of its lightweight.


  • The strap is not flexible
  • As a result, the belt can be ridden up during your race.
  • The phones which have a large screen (iPhone 6s, 7 and over) may not be compatible with the pouch.

3. EOTW Belt Waist running Bag

In our triathlon run accessories reviews, it can be a lack if we don’t mention the EOTW smartphone running belt. Among various smartphone belts, this brand is always salient due to its great features. It is the Exercise Band Pouch Universal Waistband dedicated For iPhone 6 Plus 6S, Samsung Galaxy Edge S5 S6 S7 Plus.

One of the best features of this bag is the premium quality material. It was made of high-tech spandex-lycra material. Thus, you will probably feel a real feel of dryness and firmness. Also, the EOTW smartphone belt has separate rooms for particular functions. The largest room space is suitable for containing your mobile phone, keys, money, ID. It also keeps your phone away from scraping, according to some triathlon run accessories reviews.

With the waterproof and tear-resistant system, you will no longer worry about your phone getting wet or damaged. Even you are running with a high force; the phone will be kept safely and carefully.


  • The good thing about this running belt is its customization system.
  • You can also create an extra band if you want a longer belt.
  • Thin material, but very durable


  • The belt snap is a little loose

4. Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband and Heart Rate, Black, Large

There is one beautiful accessory in our triathlon run accessories reviews. The Fitbit Charge 2 mainly functions as a heart rate monitor, but you can expect it to be your personal sports assistant.

It’s a wristband so you can wear it comfortably while you are running. With the PurePulse continuous, this wristband can track all your calories burned throughout your race. Also, it can make your race simpler with the shortened heart rate zones, including Peak, Cardio and Calories Burning.

Generated as a personal assistant, the Fitbit Charge 2 can be a smartphone. It allows you to program your running plans, check texts, calls and other notifications. Besides, it can track you all-day activities including your steps, heart rate level, locate your route with the GPS system. What a multifunctional accessory!


  • It has an elegant design so you can use the accessory as a jewelry.
  • This wristband can be active as a mobile phone.


  • It is not waterproof like other products
  • The battery life is short

5. LE Headlamp 4-Mode LED Headlight

The LE Headlamp LED is always on the best-seller triathlon running accessories. Particularly for runners who run in the night time, this one is extremely ideal. This Battery Powered Light is ideal for Camping, Reading, Running, and Hiking with the Included AAA Batteries.

According to triathlon run accessories reviews, it is lightweight and adjustable as you can wear on your head during the race without worrying about getting tired. Also, the elastic headband is breathable so you can always feel comfortable, according to some triathlon run accessories reviews.

Even in the rainy season or wet situations, this headlight is waterproof. And in the summer with the hot weather, it still lets your head dry due to the excellent ventilation. The LE headlamp contains four light modes: Red flashing mode and three white light brightness. Thus, you can choose among various options.


  • This headlamp is Ideal for the night-time runners
  • Flexible options and LED various colors for you to switch
  • It is made of the Breathable material, not tight your head


  • The bulky appearance might not be some triathletes’ favorite tool


In conclusion, the success of your triathlon running event not only depends on your real ability but also the accessories you choose. I hope after reading our triathlon run accessories reviews, you will find yourself the best accessories which help you much in the race.



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