Triathlon Hydration- The Best Tips You Need To Know



There is the fact that people are aware of the importance of water, especially for athletes. However, how much water triathletes need to drink or what types they should drink is a big problem to them. Or what if we hydrate in wrong ways? The keys for these puzzles are uneasy to find. Besides the rated level, there are other warnings and notes you must remember. Making strategies for hydration is one of the decisive factors for your races. So keep reading these following tips to get to know about triathlon hydration.

1.   The water amount needs consuming

The very first aspect we would like to tell you in details is the proper level of water your body needs. If you keep drinking water, it can help to enhance your workout. Your tiredness and muscle hurt can be delayed. Most of the triathlete tend to bear the dehydration and other related issues. But, consuming 11- 16 ounces of water from one to two before a race can tackle pre- hydration.

You are questioning that the proper amount of water needs consuming. A simple method is that you can weigh yourself before and after your fitness. If you lose your weight, it does not mean your fats decrease. It is the water reduction of your body. In case, your body lost three or more pounds while you are working out, you can consume around 25 ounces of water for per pound lost.

The amount of water consumed

2. Drink something with sodium

If you have no idea of what to drink when you are dehydrated, this is your answer. Most of the triathlete consume liquids that occupy sodium that is lost via your sweat. Such triathletes have high- intense performance for ninety- five minutes or even more. If you do not belong to sports players, you no need to use electrolytes drinks or sodium and potassium. Or you can use little of these types of sports drinks and sip during your training.

Many scientists show that lots of sports drinks without much sodium is still ok, but drinks with some sodium are better than nothing. Before a harsh race, you can eat a little sodium with snacks and biscuits. For those who are working out in severe conditions in more than six or seven hours, you can consume an extra meal with electrolytes chemical.

Furthermore, we would like to suggest you a simple way to create your drinks. You can dilute your fruit juice with extra water and additional salt. This type not only helps you not feel thirsty, but such drink can support your de- hydration. Anyway, you should drink a variety of liquids all time, working out or not. Keep drinking and do not let the thirst to control your water intake. Now, you are aware of a little of triathlon hydration, right?

Drink something with sodium

3.Estimate the portion of sweat

Do you know why we have to estimate the swear percentage that releases? Consuming a level similar to your perspiration and not losing over two percentage of body weight from sweat can enable you to retain water amount from different drills.

There is the fact that the amount of weight loss is the same to your perspiration loss. For instance, in case you do not eat anything or go to the toilet during the fitness time, a two kg weight decrease is exactly a reduction of two kg in your sweat. There are many reasons for different sweat levels. Kinds of drills and training time can decide how much your sweat produces. External temperature is also the factor of your perspiration. You get more sweaty in the summer than the winter or spring. Clothes that you wear influence on your sweat amount too. Obviously, wearing too many layers can cause you to sweat more.

To estimate the amount of sweat releasing, you can quantify your body weight before and after one hour your drill. Remember to minimize your clothing and wear no shoes when you measure your weight. The rate of perspiration loss is the result of the body before workout exercise that you minus the body weight after the workout and plus the water drunk during the workout. Keep in mind that you should consume 1.3 – 1.6 times the rate lost once you stop the training. To produce the urine, you can consume more than you lost.

how to hydrate daily for triathletes
Estimate the portion of sweat

4.Plan drinking during your triathlon race

Besides, you also need to plan your hydration in details for your drills. The period of the exercise and the weather conditions can affect how much your body need supplying enough water to stop dehydration and ensure your performance.

Measuring the right sweat loss in drilling will help you to figure out the amount of fluid you need to consume and allow you to have logical hydration strategies. Each type of training and time allow you to drink differently too. For example, the highest level of water absorption while you are biking is the half of a liter per hour. This requirement bases on Olympic triathlon. However, remember to consuming the liquid slowly and steadily other than drink all at once. There will be negative consequences of drinking too much. You do not know how dangerous they are, just keep staying on our article and move the tip five to understand more.

Plan drinking during your triathlon race

5. Hydrate yourself enough

Over- hydrating yourself can result in detrimental health problems. When you consume excessive water, the level of blood sodium reduces as well. With the combination of sodium loss through perspiration, the issue worsens. The common disease is hyponatremia. The potential culprit of this problem comes from an excessive liquid intake, longer duration of the training, lack of experience in a triathlon or the heat of the weather, etc. The symptoms of this incidence include a headache, nausea, rapid and short breathing, vomiting as well as confusion.

The popularity of hyponatremia tends to be higher as there is an increase of available sports drinks. The accidents with hyponatremia often happen with triathletes. Besides, the public also exaggerates the significance of supplying sufficient water for the body during a workout.  The water intake must keep the balance the concentration of various ions like sodium and retain constant plasma osmolality. When triathlete is thirst, they tend to over- drink. It accidentally puts a bad effect on the thirst mechanism of the body. The reason is that the plasma osmolality maintains within the unstable and wrong range.

An athlete loads up on water (Photo by akunamatata)
Hydrate yourself enough


Here the five tips of triathlon hydration we suggest for you. The significance of water in sports or during the training is undeniable. However, how much water you need to consume or kinds of water, you can drink you may not know. Or other risk dangers of over-drinking water you must be aware. Besides, you also get the main idea of calculating your sweat release and plan your hydration in details to optimize and support your nutrition. Understanding this triathlon hydration tips can lead you the key for triathlon champions.



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