The influencing tips on how to make Ironman training plan


This detailed guide of Ironman training plan will help you achieve the best result. Take a look at it and you will learn lots of new things.

The Ironman is a sports event for men, which includes surfing, canoeing, swimming, and racing. However, how can you train yourself effectively with four subjects in such a limited time? Look at how we organize an Ironman training plan efficiently and scientifically.

Planning a realistic goal for the Ironman event is not an easy game. Besides the nutritious meals for the athletes, you also need to expose a consistent workout plan and keep patience in performing them. Whether you are an athlete, a coach, or a sports assistant, you will be keen on our organization.

How long it takes to complete an Ironman for the first time?

You can rely on our analysis, which was finished by 41,000 triathletes in 25 Ironman sports event. It is about 12 hours and 35 minutes for a medium triathlete. A 2,5-mile swimming will take 1 hour 16 minutes, biking in 6 hours 25 minutes with 112 miles, and 26-mile running will take you 4 hours 54 minutes.

Nonetheless, it depends on your point of view about the word “average.” If you define it whether it is taken all, the quickest and the slowest time, your Ironman training plan will result in a different view.

Identify the time you need for a triathlon training plan

How do you train for the very first triathlon?

In a conventional Ironman training plan, the triathletes typically spend about 30 percent of the entire race on running, one fifth on swimming and a half on cycling. Hence, your training should follow these allocations correctly.

Each week, you need to divide the equivalent exercises of run, swim and bike workouts properly. Nevertheless, there will be a little unequal by dividing the time for particular subjects. You should do the bike workouts longer and swim workouts shorter. For example, if you spend one hour on biking, you will spend 40 minutes on swimming.

Before the competition, you should start with an appropriate load of training which boost your fitness and strength. But remember to give yourself enough time for recovery after hard workouts. If you are not too old, not overweight or getting caught with draining medical conditions, you might need to prepare for a sprint marathon in 10 weeks.

There is the term “intensity” in the sports training that you may hear sometimes. In fact, different workouts require various intensity levels. But you do not need to follow these levels, or just in another way of saying, forget about it. When you are training for the very first triathlon, you just need to hold an intensity level between three and six for all types of workouts.

Tips on making Iron training plan

Train every day and follow the plan seriously

This is not even a tip or secret at all. It means once you set the goals, you will have to follow them to the end and take them seriously. You should divide the time training properly each day, and between the workouts, there should be a relaxing time.

You would never want to be exhausted, so remember to give yourself a nap, or rest a little bit for energy recovery. You can note down the work you have to train per day, and stick it to anywhere you can see. Also, you should follow a proper diet, which supports your fitness.

Train every day and follow the plan seriously

Care about a number of calories you consume

If you are not a strong athlete, you will find many ways to improve this. Indeed, an efficient Ironman training plan also includes a diet which you would follow all the training time. Primarily, you should care about some calories you load every day.

But how many calories are enough? This simple calculation below will help you calculate the calories you need. You just need to multiply your body weight by 16 or 18 to find a number of calories you should consume per day.

For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should consume a minimum of 2400-2700 calories. If you weigh 170 lbs, you should consume at least 2700-3200 calories.

However, the numbers above are approximate estimates. Depending on your age, metabolism, and training schedule, you may need to increase or decrease a number of calories above. When I weighed 18 pounds in 30 days, I consumed between 3500 and 4500 calories.

You may even need to consume 4000 calories a day. Besides consuming enough calories, the second most important thing is to ensure that you absorb 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight.

The rest of your energy diet every day should come from a suitable combination of starch and fat. Below is the list of excellent sources of carbohydrate and fat that you should consume:

  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Almonds and almond butter
  • Walnuts
  • Sweet potato
  • Olive oil
  • Potato
  • Oat
  • Brown rice

Select an Ironman race goal based on your real training timetable

When you are in the first months of training for Ironman event, you will figure out how you would adapt the strict schedule to commit a quality training. You will be required to keep in shape, and there will be no more festivities with family and friends. But once you figure this thing out, you will see how it worths the effort.

In fact, creating a schedule based on your real Ironman race will help you familiarize with the contest. If your real race is about 1.2 meters or you would estimate it to be, your training plan should be the same, no less no more. This helps you save energy to do another hard workout and make your goal more realistic.

Determine which one is more important

When you start to give ideas about an Ironman training plan, there are various things to do at the same time. But in general, all you need is a comprehensive and thorough program which helps you achieve the best result. Thus, you need to organize your plan logically, orderly.

Determine which one is more important

The art of planning a training schedule is to know which work is more important. In a day, you should arrange everything orderly from the morning until the evening. Each activity should be attached at the proper time. Mainly, the important things will have to be done first. You should draw your plan with the work needs priority on the first column.

Here is an example of one-day training including three sports.

6 am: getting up and doing squats

7 am: having breakfast with a bowl of 5-bean cereal

8 am: running for one meter

8:45 am – 9 am: resting for 15 minutes

9 am: having a slight meal with protein-rich milk and black bread

9:30 am – 11:30: swimming in various distances

12 am: having lunch with Turkey kebab, chicken breast, and fruits

12:30 am – 1h30 pm: taking a nap

1:45 pm – 4 pm: cycling

4 pm – 4:30 pm: resting for 30 minutes

5 pm: having a snack with salad

6 pm: taking bath

7 pm: having dinner with hot beef tacos and Greek yogurt.

In conclusion, a perfect Ironman training plan is a plan which is smartly arranged. Once you set goals and making plans for your training, you have to be determined to do it. I hope that after reading this article, you will find it helpful. Good luck to you!




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