The Review of Best Triathlon Bikes 2017 You Need To Know


Everyone wants to find a perfect triathlon bike that is worth their money. A good triathlon bike means to support the aerodynamic demand and to integrate. The main function of the triathlon is to decrease the bike pull, enabling it to handle the wind power and the clock. These features are implemented by commanding tube profiles, brakes, integrating storage and cables.

Riding a triathlon can make the distance shorter than triathlon distances. Using a traditional bike seems to run lots of energy for triathletes. Take a look at our article to get to know of the best triathlon bikes 2017.

Benefits of having the right triathlon bike

It is evident that triathlon bikes bring the huge advantages to users. It is incredibly great! In general, a right triathlon bike is supposed to bring a comfortable and efficient ride in the aerodynamic place with the use of elbow-rest style aero handlebars. Besides, it can handle the position of your body height to the handlebars. Thanks to this feature, it will provide you conveniences and prevent the risk of back pain.

As far as you know, the ordinary handlebars of popular road bikes are designed with the close distance with your thigh and leg areas. Your upper body stretches out with the hands and elbows father forward. Therefore, riders will feel too narrow during the riding and tend to have a back pain with this position.

Also, the growth of distance from saddle to aero bars on a traditional road bike can make the users overstretched out to stabilize the controlling. Furthermore, the angle of the thigh from the femur to torso can stop triathletes’ diagram from operating well. Therefore, the breathing can face difficulties, and the saddle position will not be comfortable.

However, a right triathlon bike can get rid of such issues. The seat tube is designed with the wider angle. The sharper seat can extend the distance between the thigh and torso up, preventing muscles pressures in legs, backs and enables the breathing healthier.

The factors to consider when buying the triathlon bikes 

There are tons of things to take them into your consideration before you purchase you triathlon bikes.

The number of gears

Any buyers must consider the geared bike first. Because the gear will depend on types of terrain you ride. If your use of biking tends to be often on the flat topography, then you just need few gears. In contrast, when you usually climb the hill, buy a triathlon with many gears.

The frame

The next factor you need to keep it in your mind is frame geometry. Remember to select a thick frame of any triathlon bikes. It is designed to stimulate aerodynamic fluid and lead pedaling more effortless. If you want to reduce the muscle work and feel comfortable during your bike race, let’s consider buying a firm frame geometry.


Besides, dropped handlebars or horn ones are the next features you need to regard it. You want to ask for the reason, right? When your use is often on the flat handlebars, your forearms can be paralyzed a bit. The culprit is that you tend to lean your upper body weight onto flat handlebars for too long time. It affects your nerves badly and results in exhaustion and the discomfort.

Instead, using dropped bars or horns is a more intelligent choice. They allow professional triathletes to adjust grips usually and relieve your nerves. You also can pay attention to pads because they will help to cushion your arms and elbows, which can make triathlete’s body against to the tucked place. That can create the whole beneficial aerodynamics.


Also, wheels are the factors you must get to know before buying a triathlon bike. Perfect triathlon wheels are often made of light carbon fiber, and their spokes tend to wider and denser. If you select a right wheel, it can boost your aerodynamics and relieve leg muscles for long riding race. The price of triathlon wheels tends to be quite expensive, but investing in it is completely worth.


The last factor you must remember is the tires. High-quality material of tires offers you the durability and stability of the ride. The ideal tires give you more punctures resistance and lighter than the usual one. You can rely on it for the decrease in weight.

14 Best Triathlon Bikes 2017

1.Cannondale Slice Carbon 105

The very first triathlon bike we suggest for you is Cannondale Slice Carbon 105. The outstanding feature of Cannondale is the effective thin tube collection.  Such thinner tubes allow riders to retain the aerodynamics position comfortably. Even you ride a bike for a long time, it still can support your weight and offer good compliance for users. Therefore, you can feel light during biking all the race.

Furthermore, Cannondale owns an elongated down tube and exclusive seat tube. The truncated aero profile connects to the tube shapes, which functions as blending aerodynamics, hardness, and compliance. The shallow wheels come with aero spokes with thirty millimeters that offer you use in drill session or competition. On the sizes side, they range from around fifty to sixty centimeters and the diversity or heights for you to choose.

Image result for Cannondale Slice Carbon 105
Cannondale Slice Carbon 105

2. Corratec CCT EVO

One of the next best triathlon bikes 2017 is Corratec CCT EVO. Corratec has carbon EPS Monocoque frame that is light and strong than a conventional technical layup. Besides, the system of NACA profiles and Kamm tail allow triathletes to achieve aerodynamics performance.

Corratec has the type of oversize BB that is prone to highest hardness and transferring direct energy. In case you want to win their components of the race, Corratec is ideal for route bike. It has different colors including yellow, neon or blue. Especially, the product possessed the limited twenty- five edition.

Image result for Corratec CCT EVO
Corratec CCT EVO

3. BMC Timemachine 02 105

The very first reason you want to own this BMC is that it has for four years bases on the demand of triathletes use. BMC has aerodynamic tubes, changeable cockpit systems, and multiple storage selections. Its frame has the feature of Suba aerodynamic tube profiles. Moreover, the integrated storage comes with a rear- mount equipment storage box which constantly conjugates to its frame and mounts on the front tube for the charging box.

Also, BMC is designed with a mid- compact ratio, direct mount 105 brakes front, and the basic wheelset. The minor limitation of BMC is the restricted sizes choices including a large, medium- large, medium- small and the small one.


Image result for BMC Timemachine 02 105
BMC Timemachine 02 105


The C- RS is proud of it’s the best technical solution and the latest design in the world. The product aims to meet the demand of triathletes for seeking for the best quality product without compromise. Take a look at the picture! Its frame is made of carbon from Colnago with a monocoque design. Besides, its internal cable and other features bring lots of aesthetics to users. The appearance of COLNAGO creates the unique attractions so that you just want to rush to a store to own it right away.

Image result for COLNAGO CR-S

5. Felt IA 16

Here is one of the best triathlon bikes 2017. That is Felt IA 16- the product is believed to gain the impossible frontiers of a perfect triathlon bike. Only Felt can have a massive down tube, seat tube, and seat post exclusively. The seat stays are manufactured appropriately to decrease the level of surface area and reduce the drag as well as improve the entire aerodynamics. A fact of Felt IA is that it was sent to Ironman World Championships in Kona three years ago to test the competition ground for biking races.

Also, the product has the unique frame shape albeit and does not expose the front brake because there is no front end integration. Its drivetrain provides functionality and simplicity for users. Its drivetrain works with the 11- speed with the conventional crankset that can give you a chance to achieve any topographies. The sizes cover five types including the smaller end frame and can handle any heights of triathletes.

Image result for Felt IA 16



Colnago is famous for its thorough studies and research based on the legendary Colnago criteria. The features including speed, mobility, consistency and weightlessness are available in COLNAGO. Especially, the product is designed with the aluminum frame that can make triathletes to have good performance.

One more why you will fall in love with Colnago is its aesthetic appearance via its new welding technologies and construction. It has stiff tube junctions and ensures highest torsional level without losing the smooth of the riders. The fluidity seat post comes with 27.2 mm diameter. Although it is smaller than others, it is lighter than a bigger post. The comfort and weight can be optimized due to the utilizer of a fork with a carbon fiber tube. The other outstanding components are a press-fit bottom bracket and semi-integrated cable routing.

Image result for COLNAGO A1-R

7. Trek Speed Concept 7.0

Are you still looking for the best triathlon bike? The answer for you is the Trek Speed Concept 7. Trek can be proud of its unique bikes with integrated storage that can enhance aerodynamic capacity. Besides, Trek keeps promoting the Speed Concept and keeps the perfect storage and the ideal amount of integration.

The central factor of the Trek is Kammtail Virtual  Foil tube shapes have the similar design as a tube profile. The tail is cut down so triathletes can have a better performance at various wind level. They can adapt to different wind conditions. Loss of the tail can decrease the level of material that reduces the weights and teardrop tubes enhance the hardness to the frame too.

However, the cockpit integration is not available in this product, which could have made front end controlling and dialed the users place effortlessly. This version features a standard compact crankset compare to the large conventional one.

Image result for Trek Speed Concept 7.0
Trek Speed Concept 7.0


Are you ready to get to know more about one of the best triathlon bikes 2017? In 1986, the product created by Ernesto Colnago and Enzo Ferrari had its frame made of first carbon fiber. Therefore, Concept was believed to be the symbol of the fast, power and speed. Each detail component has undergone the thorough researchers to figure out the aerodynamic functions for the tougher levels. The concept was regarded as a strong warrior that can beat any your competitors because of its super high quality and effectiveness.

Image result for COLNAGO CONCEPT


Have you found one of the best triathlon bikes? So this is your suggestion. Katana provides ideal handling and ensures high- speed stability. Katana not only ensures the quick and convenience of the seat but it also keeps your leg comfortable during the biking race. Especially, Katana is not designed with UCI, so it is completely suitable for professional triathletes.

Moreover, it can improve the stability of high speed and the entire aerodynamics profiles through the down bracket. The changeable seat post is also a plus thing to adjust the saddle within different ranges. Then, the front brake can also be a direct mount or conventional central hole while its rear brake retains the direct one.

Image result for CEEPO KATANA

10. Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2

What makes Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2 perfect in rider’s eyes is the top features of a high- advanced triathlon bike? The integrated storage and hydration system and covered brakes and aerodynamic tube profiles gather at Giant. Despite the fact that it does not upgrade the groupset, Giant still supplies lots of the same technology and functions of the top Advanced Pro.

Furthermore, Giant has the basic wheelsets- an outstanding package, which allows it to have stable speed and the almost same similar amount of integration. Its price keeps the whole low cost.

Moreover, Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2 equips the system of hydration and storage. The product is manufactured with the unique frame that can enhance its aerodynamic capacity. Therefore, we make sure that you can have a better performance in comparison with the traditional one. Giant Trinity owns 450ml of fluid of a small one and 700ml for the medium or the large one.

In addition to this, its top tube storage for food can occupy 290ml. So what are you waiting for? Let’s purchase it right away! However, the only drawback is that Giant Trinity only exists in three sizes containing small, medium and large. This feature can make users difficult to fit with the end of the spectrum height.

Image result for Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2
Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2


No matter obstacles you have to confront, you no need to worry about them! The reason is that Cervelo P5X promises to resolve all of these problems. Cervelo has recorded three years of studies with figures analysis. Engineers regard that Cervelo is the highest- advanced triathlon bike all time made. The product is designed with modular storage which overlays the widest ranges of the race devices.

Especially, the speed case of the downtube is the ideal place to hold additional clothing or other in need equipment for long drill sessions. You can store the larger items like the sports tires in the downtube in case you have trouble with it. It is obvious that Cervelo is one of the best triathlon bikes 2017 with different functions and high fluidity.

Image result for CERVELO P5X

12. Cervelo P2 105

You have read about the CerveloP5X, but this is different a bit. The next fantastic bike we would like to introduce is Cervelo P2 105. The bike is one of the best triathlon bikes 2017 at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Do you know that Cervelo broke the records of incessant twelve years?

Moreover, Cervelo can fit all conditions of bike brands. P2 has the similar frame and fork as the P3. The outlook seems to be friendly with users. With the effortlessly accessible front and rear brakes, P2 is the one that possesses the rear brake in front of the seat places without underneath the bike.

Especially, its front brake plays an important role in keeping the mechanical adjustments easier to use. In case you use a carbon wheelset by accident, it is easy for you to swap the brake cloths. Besides, the seat place is designed to enhance the aerodynamic functions and ensure the air flow.

The cut- out seat tube and downtube is lowered moderately to decrease the risk of the pull. Its size covers in seven selections for you to choose. Purchasing this incredible bike is never your pity!

Image result for Cervelo P2 105
Cervelo P2 105


For people who love the durability in a race and hate the shock potentiality, Specialized Roubaix is the ideal one. The head tube ranges in 20mm and the handlebar, the product can prevent the shock of route obstacles.  The Specialized Roubaix is supplied with disk brakes. Therefore, you can be willing to perform high speed with sudden stop and ensure the smooth during the race. Besides, the frameset comes with Fact11r carbon and ceramic speed.



14. 2017 Parlee TTiR – The First Production Tri Bike With Disc Brakes

The very last product that will satisfy triathletes is the 2017 Parlee TtiR. This model is the first triathlon bike with the creation of disc brakes. They aim to supply additional power and get rid of the brake affliction because of the cable routing and caliper mounting.

Besides its awesome aerodynamic, this is the amazing feature of Parlee Tir. The new is that Parlee will be displayed on the market soon with a variety of spec details. To figure out the price or what types they fit you, you can get the contact from the company representative to get answers.

Image result for 2017 Parlee TTiR – The First Production Tri Bike With Disc Brakes
2017 Parlee TTiR


Choosing your ideal triathlon bike is a bit tough if you do not know essential functions and features of the race bikes for triathletes. Owning a right triathlon bike can contribute to your success. With our review of the best triathlon bikes, we hope you can find out your favorite ones. Stay on our articles to get the other informative reviews.







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