The best tri- suits review 2017 for a professional triathlon


A typical triathlon competition normally includes three continuous stages of swimming, biking and running. Consequently, a triathlete must have a good preparation to successful cope with this hard game. Apart from a perfect diet and intense training, high-quality tri-suits are of high importance to build the success of a triathlete. If you are looking for the best tri-suits review 2017, remember to keep reading our following article.

Benefits of the best tri- suits

It is undeniable that the best tri- suits review 2017 can considerably have a great impact on your result. No matter how powerful and competent you are, an unsuitable tri-suit will roll back your performance. In contrast, a highly manufactured tri-suit may drive a triathlete to another level on their training and competition.

Firstly, a tri-suit can style the triathletes. In fact, the better-looking your are, the more confident you will be. A nice tri-suit not only helps to build good impressions on audiences but also enhances your confidence in each step and performance. Besides, a good tri suit with perfect fit creates comfort, flexibility, and durability to the users as well.

To all athletes in general and triathletes in particular, picking up the best tri-suits brings several benefits on their performance’s enhancement and muscle damage reduction. A sport may make your muscle pain while it is entirely exhausted after a long triathlon. In this case, according to a medical management of Compression Advisory, a perfect tri-suit helps to decrease muscle pain and damage.

Muscle pain is inevitable for all athletes, especially for triathletes. We need fast recovery from muscle and power to come to the next stage and gain the best result. Although a triathlete can also choose other clothes for their training and racing, a high-quality tri-suit is the smartest selection on the market.

How to choose the best tri suits for a professional triathlon 2017?

With a large number of existing tri-suits on the current market, it is easy to be overwhelmed and end up with the wrong ones. Therefore, we bring to you some of the practical and reliable suggestions and recommendations in picking up the right ones. When choosing the best tri-suits review 2017, you should notice these following symptoms and signs:


For any kinds of clothes, selecting a tri suit with the perfect fit is of utmost importance. It is undeniable that, gaining the right fit with your body not only delivers the comfort but also enables the players to perform well. In each stage of this multiple- stage competition, you can always take full advantages of the fittest tri suit. If you wear a too big or too tight tri suit, you will be considerably slowed down.


In hot weather, moisture and sweat annoy the triathletes a lot. A perfect tri suit not only fully protects you from the sunshine but also helps to minimize moisture. To check out the breathability possibility, pay attention to these tips.

Firstly, make sure that your tri suit is flexible and airy enough to increase aeration. Next, it should come with moisture management technology with the aim at drying the sweat fast and adjusting moisture. Besides, it is better if you choose a tri suit with anti-microbial function.

Drag and buoyancy

If the breathability and moisture reduction are important for your running and biking stage, do not skip drag and buoyancy for your swimming competition. Drag reduction, as well as buoyancy improvement, are considered as two major factors which contribute to speed enhancement. Quick-drying is another great plus.


For a multiple-stage triathlon, zippered pockets are extremely necessary. What can you put into the pocket? It is all you need for a long race like MP3 player, towel or even your gels to improve your appearance.

Top 5 best tri-suit for professional triathlon

Orca 226


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Orca 226

The first recommendation comes from Orca 226. Highly recommended by both customers and professions, it deserves as one of the most valuable choices money can buy. Its amazing features can provide all comfort and convenience for the triathletes in all stages of a long course. No matter you start running, biking or swimming, nothing is impossible if you are wearing this model.

One selling point of that model is that the leg can be kept stable without any silicone by leg grippers construction. This feature not only creates the perfect fit for the users but also enhance comfort and stability in each movement.

Furthermore, the mesh design also helps to increase breathability by reducing moisture and drying the sweat quickly. Besides, light weight brings good fell to the users while additional pockets on the chest and at the back improve convenience in term of further places for putting MP3, towel or even gels.


  • Good looking design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Padded chamois to create comfort when running
  • Leg grippers construction helps to keep the legs stable
  • Fast-drying material and moisture reduction
  • Additional pockets


  • Do not include a zip guard
  • Skin can be affected by the slider when running and cycling

TYR Sports Men’s Sports Competitor Trisuit with Front Zipper

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TYR Sports Men’s Sports Competitor Trisuit

Another amazing selection for the triathletes is TYR Sports Men’s Sports Competitor Trisuit with Front Zipper. Why should we purchase this model for the upcoming professional competition? Discover gorgeous characteristics as below.

Available on the current market with three colors of black, green and yellow, black, lime and blue, and black and gray, you can choose your favorite color that matches your skin and favor. Made from  80% polyester and 20% spandex in the body and 40% nylon and 20% spandex in the insert, this tri suit guarantees high quality and durability in each stage of racing.

The fit is a big plus of this amazing tri suit. As you know, with many kinds of sports and activities, you will able to get higher performance if your costume fits well with your body. Especially with a multiple- stage competition like triathlon, a well fit tri suit can benefit you more than you think.

To this suit, it provides a snug and supportive fit that extremely feels fine in the pool or on the ground. If you are seeking the best support for your swimming competition, do not skip this selection. The TYR tri suit makes you significantly quicker in the water with its perfect fit.

Coming with a zipper on the front and pocket, it deliver further convenience to the users regarding storage and easy taking on and off. Never worry about the pocket and zipper drag as they are designed well to avoid them. Furthermore, leg gel technology also works surprisingly during swimming and running.


  • Fit well
  • Really good support in the water
  • Dry fast
  • Further pocket storage
  • Zipper in the front to easily take on or off


  • Not very attractive appearance
  • Higher price than some of the models on the market
  • Nor best pad for biking

Huub DS Long-Course

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Huub DS Long-Course

Next, have a close look at the next recommendation come from Huub DS Long-Course. Let’s see how can you get benefit from this amazing tri suit. When seeking a high-quality tri suit, you may pay high attention to fit and excellent quality. Now, both you can find in a model of Huub.

High-quality material normally builds the top high-end product. Designed by the Dave Scott and six-time Hawaii Winner, it guarantees the highest quality and delivers peak performance to the users. All the advantages of breathability, speed and comfort are successfully innovated to engineer quicker, sweat-escaping and reflective cover.

If Huub could not build its fame in the past, they have truly put it to another level with the DS Long-Course. With the lightweight design together with mesh panels that are placed strategically, this model brings significant effectiveness in controlling ventilation and temporary adjustment.

Differ from many kinds of the model that only support well in the water; the Long- Course can hold you up in any stages.  With the target of serving extended biking, the manufacturers ensure the elasticated hems to be effective while the pad is made ample enough. Biking, swimming, or running, take it easy when wearing this model.


•    Handcraft with Dave Scott and six-time Hawaii Winner

•    Well-positioned mesh panels

•    Made from high-quality French fabrics to give soft feelings and moisture reduction

•    Long zip in the front

•    Short Sleeves for further UV protection

•    Aerodynamics improvement


•    High price

•    See-through design

 Aropec Compress

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Aropec Compres

If you are seeking an affordable price, then Aropec Compress is for you. Both for the triathletes who has high income and average or even low income, this model can meet any needs and demands. Some smart features make it different from other models in the sports industry.

Firstly, zip is placed at the back instead of in the front. This choice makes it quicker in the water without sagging because of a large back pocket. Although it comes with a moderate budget, the compress’ pad works perfectly.


•    Extremely cheap and affordable

•    Especially perfect for swimming

•    Top high-end pad

•    Back zip

•    Large back pocket


•    Not effective leg grippers

•    Not enough breathability in hot weather

•    The green panels ticks the short boxes

Pearl Izumi Women’s Elite Pursuit Tri Suit

We all know that triathlon is long, hard competition requiring a large volume of power and flexibility. However, it is not just for men only. It is now for women as long as they have passions and health. Since women are normally more vulnerable than men, we need some products which not only support their performance but also protect them from any elements from the environment.

Among several models on the current market, we highly appreciate Pearl Izumi Women’s Elite Pursuit Tri Suit as the best choice for women. Thanks to a wide range of supportive features, the triathletes can take full advantages from wearing it during competition.

The fit is also a valuable selling point of this gorgeous model.  Because it is engineered to identify standard size, the only task you have to do is buying the correct size, and it will fit the way it is supposed to. Fit can make a difference between the speed of 20 mph and 18 mph when it comes to a bicycle. In the water, if you wear a too big wetsuit, you will be considerably slowed down. Therefore, do not forget to choose that suit if you want to become more speedy.

Additionally, the cold black including the Elite Transfer In-R-Cool design prevents the users from sunshine and delivers warming and cooling as well. This fabric is intentionally placed for further aerodynamics while the bra top maximizes assistance as well.


•    It is imported so ensures high quality

•    Fit extremely well

•    Further aerodynamics

•    Bring the most comfort to the users’ skin by the merrow stitch design

•    Two back pockets for easy storage

•    Fast dry


•    Not compression

•    The lack of zipping may cause difficulty to take on or off


A good tri-suit is a must-have gear for all kinds of triathletes at any levels. Investing in a perfect tri suit not only creates comfort and wellbeing to the users but also helps to drive them to the next level. Nevertheless, picking up the suitable one can be an obstruction for several triathletes, especially for the beginners.

Understanding that problems, we carry out some of the best recommendations in the above article to support you whenever you want. Before making a decision, do not forget to have a close look at them and carefully weigh the pros and cons of each product to make a sound judgment. Hope that the best tri suits review 2017 for professional triathlon 2017 will be helpful for your upcoming purchasing.


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