How to Set The Best Triathlon Nutrition Plan?


Creating a suitable nutrition plan is one of the most crucial steps to have a perfect triathlete diet. Not only does an appropriate nutrition plan enables the triathletes to deliver energy for their hard exercise but it also helps them to gain the best performance. Nevertheless, may people have troubles in picking up a standard one. If you are wondering how to set the best triathlon nutrition plan, keep reading the following article.

What food should be included in a triathlon nutrition plan?

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Carbs, protein, good fats, fruits, and vegetables for healthy triathlete diet

For the triathletes, food is a great source of energy. Therefore, identifying which food is good for their health is considered as a primarily important step in setting a nutrition plan for the triathletes. Nevertheless, different kinds of foods create different effects on the users’ health. To choose the right food for your daily diet, do not forget to think in your mind the following necessary food.

Firstly, remember that carbs are necessary for each diet. Before or after each practice, triathletes had better add more carbs with fast energy releasing in their regime. Meanwhile, these carbs are not good for the daily diet. Instead, we should use the low energy releasing carbs.

Secondly, besides carbs, protein, good fats, fruits and vegetables also should be included in the triathlon nutrition plan. You can find a great source of good fats in nuts, oily fish, etc. Good fats are found in meat, fish, cheese, eggs and so on. Do not forget to add a certain amount of fruits and vegetables to keep fit increase the nutrient intake. After that, fiber should not be significantly used to minimize the digestive problems for the users.

When should you eat food during your training?

Measure the right time to recharge energy and fuel

In a long practice or competition, having enough fuel to ensure the complete training depends significantly on time to eat. Measuring scientific time for nutrition supply enables you to have an energy for longer and better performance.

According to Ziegenfuss, a triathlete should eat high energy releasing carbs and some protein before a practice in the period of 2 or 3 hours. Meanwhile, 15 minutes after the workout is the perfect time for the uptake of 1:4 rate protein to carbs. This time is ideal for the triathletes to resupply glycogen in the muscles receptively.

Prepare the menu for the entire racing week

The time of the racing week is a significant period for all of the triathletes. You can gain peak performance if your diet is carefully measured day by day. To gain that, follow the menu as below.

  • Day 1: At breakfast, drink a cup of quinoa cereal, ½ cup of yogurt and eat some pomegranate seeds. For lunch, select a turkey burger, a cup of sauteed chard and 2/3 cup of brown rice, then choose turkey tacos for the dinner
  • Day 2: a cup of quinoa cereal, ½ cup of yogurt, 1 T-nuts for the breakfast, a turkey burger and grain mustard with vegetables for lunch. Meanwhile salmon, 2/3 cup of quinoa and ½ cup of carrots are perfect for dinner.
  • Day 3: You had better first pick up a turkey for breakfast. Then choose a salmon bowl for lunch. After that, pick up grilled chicken, a cup of butternut squash and sprouts for dinner.
  • Day 4: Granola parfait should have in the breakfast meal, salad in the lunch meal and kale pesto for dinner.
  • Day 5: Firstly, breakfast should have with sweet potato chop. Then, lunch must come with kale pesto. Lastly, have dinner with grilled sirloin, a cup of baked potatoes, a cup mixture of carrots, chard, and mushrooms.
  • Day 6: Next, pick up sweet potato chop for breakfast; chicken, kale wrap for lunch and a bowl of cauliflower, farro, and cranberry for dinner.
  • Day 7: The triathletes should select 2 T-nuts, a cup of porridge, ½ cup plain or ¼ cup of cinnamon for their breakfast. For lunch, they had better choose a bowl of cranberry and farro. Fish pocket, a cup of puree and ½ cup of steamed vegetables are perfect for dinner.

Should the triathletes try fluid-only triathlon nutrition plan?

The answer to this question is complete yes. Although a triathlete diet given by the experts is the best for the users, you can also choose the food for your individual preferences.

As long as ensuring the food is safe for your health, you can test various kinds of food and drink to identify which are the best for your nutrition intake. Some people can munch nearly any food and drinks in their practice and competition. Some triathletes can only stomach liquid fuel on the competition day. Consequently, remember to pay attention to your preferences to gain the best effectiveness.

Testing new food can be accepted during the training time. However, you should not use it on the competition day. If the new food is not suitable for your stomach, you may never have a chance to go to the real race. It is a big pity for the triathletes and their fans. Therefore, remember to keep it in mind for a safe preparation when finding out the best triathlon nutrition plan.

Pay attention to the racing day’s condition

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Pay attention to your feeling, weather condition and the pace for more efficient diet

It is the fact that the standard nutrition plan for triathletes that is taken by the experts is highly recommended as the best one. However, it is not always perfect for everyone and every day. Some flexibility is necessary for nutrition plan creation.

The feeling of triathletes, pace as well as the weather conditions are three considerable factors you should pay high attention when setting a triathlon nutrition plan. Understanding these areas will help the users have a more suitable and efficient nutrition plan for their long hard competition.

Competition energy preparation: bars, drinks, and gels

Gels and drinks also provide a great source of nutrients for the daily practice of a triathlete. However, if you want to find out which kinds of gels and drinks are suitable for your body, what they need is testing. Experiment different kinds of gels and drinks to identify what match with you perfectly.

Moreover, instead of using these separately, according to the advice of Ziegenfuss, the triathletes should try a mixture of protein and carb to ensure the demand for a large volume of energy before or after the competition. In fact, if you munch a pre-race meal, you will not require another nutrition during your competition in about 90 minutes.


With individual experience and advice from professions, we carry out this above article to help you whenever you deal with how to set the best triathlon nutrition plan for triathletes. Hope that you will find our article useful and supportive. Do not forget to visit our website daily for other amazing suggestions. We are here to help you solve any problems in your life.








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