How to set up the best junior triathlon club?


Not just for adults only, a triathlon is now both for youths and juniors. To gain the best performance for a real competition, practicing every day by joining a club will provide amazing benefits to the users. Nevertheless, starting a triathlon club sometimes challenges the investors a lot. If you are dealing with how to set up the best junior triathlon club, keep reading our following tips and suggestions.

The benefits of joining a junior triathlon club

A triathlon is considered as an individual competition on a real day. However, starting a practice does not require an individual effort. Taking part in a triathlon club gives juniors various advantages more than you think. Now, let’s see how can you benefit from this participation.

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Benefit from professional training program and fun when cycling

Firstly, juniors will have a chance to meet new friends and like-mind partners. In fact, children do not always have serious efforts to practice daily. In this case, being a member of a group enables juniors to have fun during workout and training while they can also learn from other members and partners.

Furthermore, a good triathlon club equipped with modern facilities and professional training programs helps to boost your ability to gain peak performance. You can read a training program in the magazines, newspapers or on the Internet. However, if you have any questions, the instructor will help you to answer and deliver an effective guide.

Next, it is a great way for you to improve your health or practice well for an upcoming triathlon. After joining a triathlon club, you will receive incredible advantages and results. In addition to training program opportunities, motivation and fun are priceless.

Therefore, setting up a junior triathlon club is of high importance for both the users and investors. To successfully start a junior triathlon club, keep reading theses following tips.

The ways to set up the best junior triathlon club

Determine realistic plans and guidelines for your junior triathlon club

For any clubs, having plans and general guidelines always plays a crucial part. When thinking about a plan, bear in your mind these useful questions. Which ages does your club aim at? Is this club for experienced juniors or beginners or both of them? Is it a girl’s- only club or a co-ed one? Which stages will be included in your Club: swimming, cycling, running or all of them?

Remember to think carefully about your purpose and expectations for setting up a triathlon club for juniors. If you have a right direction, then you will easily gain success in the next steps.

Check out other existing junior triathlon club in the area

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What are existing triathlon clubs? What is new in your club?

After having plans and guidelines for your club, do not forget to check out other existing junior triathlon clubs in the area. It is stupid if you set up a similar club with an existing one. No matter what good ideas you are bringing, it is nothing new and attractive to the juniors and their parents.

Consequently, you should determine whether there is similar existing triathlon club in your neighborhood or your area or not. If your ideas are the same, let’s think of something new and interesting. In this case, a difference will make your success and perfect attraction.

Think about the land to set up a club

With the demand for large land to set up all necessary facilities, make sure that the land you intend to invest in is large enough for a triathlon club. Not only about the size, think about the transportation convenience it delivers. The traffic should be convenient for travel and easy to find out. This significantly helps to create another attraction for your club.

However, good land in the center of town regularly comes with high rental costs. Therefore, before investing in a land, weigh the cost you have to pay and the possible benefits you may achieve to get the better investor.

Build effective advertisements


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Advertise your club in a local newspaper to attract more attentions

Even your club is a large or a small one; there are always many people requiring the information about your club. For a junior triathlon club, while the joining members are juniors, their parents will select the right club for their children. Therefore, it is the time to discover that your potential customers on your advertisement are their parents, not the children.

To gain attraction and belief of the parents, you necessarily emphasize all benefits the juniors will receive when joining your club. Tell them why should they choose your club instead of other existing ones. What makes your club worth joining? Lastly, do not forget to attach your commitment on this advertisement

Where can you advertise? You can take consideration to advertise in the magazines, in a local newspaper, or at a sports club. Next, organizing a meeting for the parents is also a good way to catch their notice and trust.

Do a survey

Although doing a survey may take times and efforts, it can deliver the most realistic results. When carrying out a survey, you will access the needs and demands of the children and their parents as well. As a result, when you deliver practical questions, you will have a right orientation.

After doing a survey, remember to analyze this result to find out the best direction. How many children desire to join a triathlon club? Which kind of the club do they like? What benefits do they want to get? What fee can they pay? What time do they want to start? After answering all of these questions, success will reach closer to you and your partner.

Remember to build a triathlon club calendar

A club calendar normally consists of training programs, series of club events or club meetings and all necessary information and news. Instead of a monthly training session, you can combine with a club meeting.

For example, you can organize a club meeting after or before a monthly club cycling. This meeting not only creates solidarity for all of the club’s members but also cheer them up after outdoor activities.

In addition, a blog is necessary so that the children and their parents can access all needed news and information easily. After setting the club blog, keep following the number of visitors and their comments. This will help to evaluate the quality of the website as well as the feasibility of your project.

Ask for a help

If you find difficulties in setting a junior triathlon club alone, think of useful help from several organizations to develop your club among the community. Before asking for help, do not forget to find out a trusted organization.

Which can organizations support you? If you want to increase standard and participation, let’s come to Sports Wales. Meanwhile, Welsh Triathlon will give you more support and useful advice.  After that, make contact and ask for advice or practical assistance they can provide.


With individual experience and suggestions from experts, we hope that the above article will be useful for you. Following the appropriate tips will help you set up a junior triathlon club effectively. Are you ready to get more amazing tips and suggestions from our website?



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