Road cycling is a sport which stimulates your health and keeps you in shape. You may grasp any pair of shoes you see and enjoy the pleasure of the ride. But if you are an athlete or a daily cyclist, it is important to choose the right road bike shoes, so that you can take full use of their advantages.

We have to affirm that making a good choice of proper shoes will improve the efficiency of training. Simultaneously, it also prevents traumas. Here are some tips that I experienced and study. Let’s check!

Right size right now

Choose the right size for your shoes

It is undeniable that, not only road cycling shoes, but also all kinds of shoes, you have to choose the right size of your feet. If the shoes are too loose, you can’t gather up the whole gravity to the pedal. Inversely, if the shoes are too tight, it will cause some foot diseases and affect your ride.

There are some interesting tips for you when trying shoes in the stores:

  • You can go selecting the shoes at the end of the day because after a day had spent walking, your feet hit the largest size.
  • Wearing a pair of shocks, which you will use with the shoes.
  • When trying on a pair of shoes, your toes have to move in the toecap actively.
  • Walk or run a few steps to see if you’re comfortable with the shoes.
  • You should choose the shoes which have the shoe horn that fits you.

Bike shoes and pedal cleats compatibility


Pedal cleats compatibility 

You may know that riding a bike on a flat road is different from riding on a mountain or sloping terrain. Therefore, what we need is to find the shoes those are compatible with our pedal cleats. It is a crucial criterion for selecting proper road bike shoes, but not a lot of people pay attention.

What do I mean when talking about the pedal compatibility? In fact, when you choose the material of the shoes’ sole, it has to be companionable with your bike’s pedal.

Suggested considerations

There are two considerations that I suggest you:

–    The sole’s firmness of a pair of road bike shoes is the prerequisite condition that you are seeking for. The sole will not lean down when you pull it down. It apparently makes sense when all of the power you create is moved to the sole and down into the pedal.

–    The weight, obviously, is thought to be the second consideration. It may be assumed that the higher price the shoes are, the lighter the soles attached.

As a matter of fact, entry level bike shoes will go with plastic soles. However, you pay more than what you usually spend; you will receive cycling shoes with the soles made of complex carbon. The ultra-firm, in fact, can be caught as causing discomforts when you go on the long rides. Usually, most of the fashionable and trendy shoes have that problem with the sole. So, I advise you reading some brief and reliable sources of review before deciding to give your cash away.

Closure styles – choose the most appropriate one

An example of closure style: rip-and-stick straps

The closure forms of a pair of road cycling shoes can aestheticize your overall appearance. Nonetheless, every style has its certain function, so you need to rely on your feet compatibility and health to pick up one.

There are three standard closure styles of road cycling shoes:

Rip-and-stick straps

They help you close your shoes fast and conveniently, even in the wet or muddy circumstances. Also, straps can make a less extension than the laces of the shoe and seem to remain firmly. An average number of straps on a shoe is two or three. According to my experience, having more straps on the shoes means you can modify the fit.

Notched cam straps

They are sold at the higher price. But they worth the money as they provide the more excellent protection than the others.


This style promotes the most flexible fit and comfort. Nevertheless, they can still get dirty or damp in extreme situations. Therefore, to avoid getting caught in a string without warning, ensure the enough shortness of the ends.

Check for the shoes’ accessories

Last but not least, you may consider purchasing the best road bike shoes is important, but shoes’ accessories are no less necessary. Mainly, if you are a regular cyclist, shoes’ accessories will help increase your shoes’ longevity. You may think I am wandering from the subject. But no, I am saying it. It is very crucial to care about the shoes’ accessories.

Road bike shoe covers

They function as an assistant of your shoes when the weather changes from dry and hot to wet and chilly. Indeed, they will cover over your road bike shoes to keep your warm. Since they are made of rubber and neoprene, they will make your shoes not waterproof and isolate the damp weather outside. Besides, the soles of the shoes bring forward cutaways to contain cleats or lugged soles. You should also note that the shoe covers are for riding a bike only. If you walk and use them, this may not harm anything. But technically, the soles are not designed for walking and jogging.

Toe covers

To some extent, if you want to get rid of the freezing ride, the toe covers can be a good companion. This accessory is needed because they provide you with the cozy comfort.

Boot/shoe dryer

If your shoes unluckily get wet, there has the shoe dryer. Its primary function is to use a very warm and comfortable airflow to dry your shoes in just several hours. In fact, this is the most efficient way to dry wet shoes that you should try.

Final word

So, these basic tips above are rather simple, isn’t it? You just need to pay more attention when buying the shoes; it will be a very light work! I hope my sharings about choosing the most suitable road bike shoes can help you somewhat. Good luck to you.

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