How to pick the best triathlon bike travel case


If you decide to take your bike with you while traveling, best triathlon bike travel case is needed to of your safe trip.

The bike is one of the most important things to a triathlete, even when you are traveling. If you travel by your car, it seems easy to put your bike on the top or dissemble is to put it at the back. However, if you have a lot of luggage to carry, it would be better to have the best triathlon bike travel case to prevent any scratches and avoids oil spit all over your car and other stuff.

How’s about further distance when you need to take a flight? Now you have to face a lot of troubles. You might hear that some people had tried to send their bike in a cardboard or soft bag and that is when thing went wrong. The staff at the airport – Baggage handlers don’t truly care about how your luggage is stored.

No offense to them but they don’t plan to treat every box and case as its stuff inside; even it contained an expensive vase. During the flight, luggage could often get flung, dropped or even broken. Imagine when you arrive and receive your bike in two broken pieces, it is a nightmare for you. You fix not only your bike but also your trip is ruined at the very beginning.

The triathlon bike travel case seems to be costly at first but to consider about the price of your bike, it would be a smart investment, and this bike travel case will go with you for years.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bike carry things

Biking in new place is great but how to carry it with you?

Key steps when looking for a triathlon bike travel case (#3 will make you rethink about locks)

Step 1: Check the Wheels

All the triathlon bike travel case and even soft bags attached with wheels that could help you to carry them easily. I’m sure that you don’t want to take all of that weight from your car, into the airport to check-in, and do it again once you landed.

Remember to choose the case that has wheels installed into the cover of the case and easy to replace it. This feature will prevent you from buying another new case when the wheels are damaged.

Step 2: Consider the Handles

Besides the wheels, there must be at least one or two handles. It’s not possible for you to drag your bike travel case everywhere – you definitely will meet many stairs and rough and dirty ground. The handles make it easier for you to go up and down than hold this big case in your arms. If it has a shoulder strap, that would be even better.

Step 3: Do not forget the Locks

It looks like you will need a good lock for this case since your bike is critical. But honestly, do you truly need it? It’s too heavy to snatch it, and you will never get your eyes off it. More important, the triathlon bike travel case seems really suspicious because of its look. The officers at the airport might want to check inside, and that’s how they broke your locks. Don’t buy things that will be broken every time you use it.

Step 4: Size is also important

It is the most important aspect when you buy a bike travel case. It would be a shame if your bike can not fit in it. Make sure you have measure your bike and its dimensions carefully before you transfer your money. Don’t forget room for other stuff for your bike as well and take advantage of any space in the case to fill your own business. It will make your carrier bag a bit lighter.

Step 5: Easy to pack your bike

Buy a triathlon bike travel case big enough is the necessary first step, but another factor is that it must be easier to store your bike than other cases. You might have to disassemble the wheels, pedal, and the handlebar. The seat could be removed or turned to other angles for easy storage. If you fly, don’t forget to deflate your tires or it could be damaged by the pressure of the air.

But if you have to disassemble more stuff, like the rear or the chain, then it would be a problem. Unless you have skills, it is still pretty bad for you to rebuild your bike when arriving at your place and could take some time to do it while you can have more time to ride in the new location.

Step 6: Examine the Foam and padding

Even this case is specific to store your bike, foam and padding are still needed to add more protection to your bike. Put some foam around important parts like the wheels, rear, and the mainframes.

Step 7: Check the Weight

The first thing about weight is the total weight when loading your bike and stuff into this case. The lighter it is, the easier for you to carry around. Then, you need to pay attention to the weight limits on the flight. Remember this number to make sure your bike can go with you at the airport and no more extra charge.

This means that you don’t have to choose the lightest case, just buy the one that can balance your bike and your budget.

Example of a triathlon bike travel case

Step 8: Select Hard or soft case

Soft and padded cases are light and easy to stock when you don’t need it. It still can shield your bike from shock and scratches. Because of the material, it’s usually cheaper than hard cases. Some soft cases still have the aluminum frames and solid spacers built-in for more protection.

The hard cases are opposite with unbending cover, solid frames with a lot of protection, but the price and the weight are higher and heavier. At this point, go with the design you love, and you can afford but make sure your bike has enough protection and balance with all of the factors above.

Some suggested products may include:


Suggested triathlon bike travel cases are options for you to make it easier to carry your bike with you. With tons of brands and models, these features we list out could help you get closer to the best case for you. But remember that even the hardest case cannot guarantee 100 percent to protect your bike from damage, so buy yourself some extra insurance for your motorcycle.



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