How to purchase the best open-water swim goggles 2017?


Selecting a good swim mask to enjoy swimming time is not a simple task. It is even harder for those who do not have any information about this. Here is the list of 5 best open-water swim goggles 2017.


With everybody at all ages, swimming is one of the most popular activities nowadays. Thus, owning the best open-water swim goggles has become an entirely necessary task. This will contribute to providing a large vision, and protect your eyes from the harmful things like bacteria when you are in the water.

In this article, I will introduce you some basic criterion to choose a good pair of swimming goggles and the list of 5 open-water swim goggles 2017.

What kind of benchmarks to test swimming goggles?

To meet the picky standard of customers, all manufacturers in this market have to innovate the new technologies and materials. So, offering to produce high-quality goggles with various colors and prices suit each customer’s budget and compete with their competitors.

What kind of benchmarks to test swimming goggles

Because of these reasons, among a wide range of swimming goggles in its market, choosing a good swimming mask is not an easy task. Hence, I hope the list of the basic benchmarks below can help you find a suitable one for yourself better.

The quality of lens

From my point of view, the lens is the most important part of the best open-water swim goggles 2017. Its key functions are to protect the eyes from bright light factors such as the sun and make the glasses more fashionable and attractive. Besides that, depending on the open-water environment you swim, you can choose different types of lens:

  • Blue: adjust the level of the light to be more gentle and moderate and keep your eyes protected from UV beams. Suited to both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Mirror: absorb the brightness and reflect the sunlight – perfect in outdoor conditions.
  • Amber: improve the eyesight in low-light conditions and decrease the shine in high-light ones. This type is ideal for both indoor and outdoor swimming.
  • Smoke or Tinted: reduce the effect of the brightness. Suited to the sunny weather.

Anti-fog character

This feature is essential for a good swim mask, especially the open-water swim goggles 2017. In fact, many people might feel annoyed and uncomfortable when your goggles become dense and opaque because of the evaporation. It will reduce the panoramic vision and pose irritating feelings while swimming, especially in a real competition. The goggles lens should be made up from the special materials like polycarbonate which provides scratch resistance and reduce the effect of the anti-fog issue.

Flexible Strap

I recommend that you should choose the open-water swim goggles 2017 with double straps- the latest models. The split straps help your goggles stable in the right position that a single strap cannot do. The traps should be too tight because it might cause a mark around your eyes and create a painful sensation. So, how to wear a split strap correctly?

The lower strap should be equal at eye position, and the other one is placed as high as possible to stable it at the right position and avoid it sliding down. It can help prevent water infiltration.

The Right Fit

Thanks to the development of technology, most of the open-water swim goggles 2017 can adjust simply the straps to suit swimmer’s head. However, there are some attentive features that you have to considerately notice.

You have to check right at goggles shop before buying.

It should be not too extensive around the corners of your eyes that bring about the water leak in the eyes socket. Then, it can give the comfortable and relaxing when wearing.

Elastic Gasket or High-Quality Seals

Because of the specific property of swimming in an open-water environment, swimmers often have to swim for few hours straight. Hence, gasket and seals play an important role in maintaining the comfortable and enjoyable sensation during the swim.

Oval-shape is designed for most open-water swim goggles 2017. A good gasket has to be lightweight and gentle but not easy for the water leak.  The combination of soft silicon and rubber is common which will make the goggles a gentle fit and deliver extended coziness.

Extensive Visibility

In an open-water swim competition, wide visibility can support athletes some significant advantages. This factor gives swimmer some information such as opponent position and their present location.  Thus, they believe that things can motivate them strictly and increase their energy measurably.

The broader lens is my strong recommendations for athletes who are searching for the best open-water swim goggles 2017. Some manufacturers have eliminated closed-nose tool and enlarge the lens wider which is same as a snorkel mask design.

Brand name

For sure, this is an optimal factor that influences directly on your making decision. A well-known brand name of the open-water swim goggles 2017 enables you to bring a strong conviction and great guarantee for its products. In this active market, in spite of lack goggle models, you have several choices among brands like Aqua Sphere, Barracuda, and Speedo.

This video clip will make you clearer about the function of these mentioned features:

Top 5 of the best open-water swim goggles 2017

If I give some deal swim mask, it will be easier for you to make the right decision. So, basing on these above characters, this is my list of 5 best open-water swim goggles 2017.

Kayenne Swim G brightness like Goggle from Aqua Sphere:

Aqua Sphere is a famous Italian brand in this market. These open-water swim goggles 2017 focus on producing the high-quality products to enhance swimming experience. If you are a fashionista, this brand might adapt your high expectation. To be more specific, you do not have to worry about the stylish design, tedious colors and extra decorations.

Kayenne lens has designed oversize, combining with oval-shaped that offer swimmer 180-degree visibility. The lightweight structure weighs 40g, keep it stable on your face and avoid creating a mark around your eyes during swimming time. These lenses are also set Quick-Fit Buckle which allows the swimmer to adjust the fit flexible, depending on each facial structure.


  • Slim frame
  • Extensive vision
  • Anti-fog and UV beams resistance
  • A quick fit system
  • Polymer lens resists scratch.


  • Quite expensive, around $21.67
  • A leak problem
  • A quite small frame.

Speed Socket Mirrored Swim Goggles from Speedo

Are you a swimming athlete? If the answer is yes, these open-water swim goggles 2017 are optimal for you.

Being made for a swimming race, Speedo has designed amazing goggles structure. Thus, it enables to bring some significant benefits when wearing in particular competitions. The super-slim design creates less water drag and makes it easier to slice through the water. Mirrored lens will distribute the brightness in the open-water environment. Moreover, silicon gaskets also offer the comfortable sensation and ultimate final performance.


  • Precious fit
  • Suitable price, $18.48
  • Panoramic visibility
  • Suitable in competition
  • Comfortable gaskets
  • UV protection and anti-fog


  • Distortion lens
  • Only one design.

Sport Special ops 2.0 polarized swimming goggles from TYR

TYR is one of the most reputable brands specializing in high-quality sports products and equipment gear. They are also the first company creating the first a pair of goggles for women (TYR T-72).

Being made up the highest quality materials such as polycarbonate, the price of this goggles is quite high. The polycarbonate lens with polarized can protect your eyes efficiently from UV beams and the glare from the sun. Moreover, the polarized feature may be able to increase the contrast, provide graze resistance and anti-fog for the lens.

Silicone strap helps you avoid a red mark on your face and make it convenient and straightforward to adjust the size of goggles. The slim design is also a plus point which is designed for swimming competitions.


  • Highest quality materials
  • Utilizing polarized lens, increase the efficiency of goggles
  • Silicon straps – easy to adjust
  • Lightweight shape suit to competitions
  • Wide range of vision


  • Quite expensive
  • Unattractive outlook
  • Darker lens

U-FIT Performance Swimming Goggles

With many swimming athletes, U-Fit Performance is their first choice. The reason is the company often creates their products resting on customer need.

The most outstanding feature of one of open-water swim goggles 2017 is the easy removal system (Pattern Pending). This function allows the goggles adjust its size to fit with all gender. A pair of lens making from polarized can deal with reducing the adverse effect of the brightness of the sun. Further, it adds the anti-fog ability and highly efficient in UV protection.

Customer Service of U-Fit is a plus point because of its reliability and caring about their customer.


  • UV protection
  • Anti-fog
  • Comfortable straps
  • Suitable fit
  • Adjusted system easy to removal


  • Not fit with all facial structure
  • Wearing for a long time cause fog

Michael Phelps (MPS) XCEED Goggle Smoke Lens

This is one of my favorite open-water swim goggles 2017 because only brand name Michael Phelps is such exciting enough to buy.

These gorgeous goggles are created to suit the swimming race. Hence, the slim shape helps it slice through the water without drag effect. The curved lens with smoked feature provides a wider visibility and reduce the influence of the sunlight maximally. Moreover, the smart combination between exo-core Technology and two special materials allows the swimmer to build optimal performance.


  • High technology to maximize performance
  • Softeril seals prevent water leak
  • Advance more wide vision
  • Rigid exoskeleton makes it stronger and stable


  • Indoor swimming is not suitable
  • Moderately tight seals
  • Not fit with all kind of faces.


I am pretty sure that all these information is enough for you to buy a good swim mask. I highly recommend you choose based on the above features and the list of top 5 open-water swim goggles 2017. It does not matter how expensive it is, what famous goggles brands are, what your criterion is.

I hope you can choose for yourself a fit swim mask to enjoy your swimming time.


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