Must-Have Triathlon Gears


Triathlon is a game of endurance. Your training, your stamina and your willingness will all help you know what it’s such as to reach the finish line. And the equipment you will use can also add up to your real race standing.

You need not invest much on top-of-the-line triathlon gears. A combination of some good equipment will create better performances.

Triathlon Bike
Any bikes are allowed inside a triathlon race. However, there are those that can aid in maximizing your performance.

Central in choosing a triathlon bike are distance, frequency, and weight. Some of the more popular options are bikes made from steel frames, titanium frames, carbon fiber frames and aluminum frames. As for the wheels, 650c’s are best for small riders while 700c wheels provide the ideal stability for larger and taller riders.

Running Shoes
The shape, size and the inward rolling of your feet should be greatly considered when choosing your shoes. Running is usually the enduring stage in triathlon competitions. This is when all your energy is consumed. It is best that your running shoes help deliver you towards the finish line.

Triathlon Clothing
This may be a full-length wetsuit or a two-piece that vary in length, style, and function. There are thousands of choices for you, be sure that you fit several types before settling on your last pick. But whatever you choose, never consider saggy-looking wetsuits made from heavy materials. They won’t do you any good. They’ll just drag you while on the race. To get the feel of the actual race, practice the manner by which you will wear and take off your wetsuit during the race.

Consider the construction of the material, the layout, the panels and the seals.

The fit almost tells it all. It dictates your comfort and free movement while on track. The fitter it gets and the more sealed openings are-the better. Snuggers usually are the best choices. They fit comfortably while providing you enough space to move.

An ideal wetsuit should not have the same thickness. Thinner materials must be used in places where rigid actions are done. The chest, on the other hand, must be thicker since it surges into pressure the most. Extra stretchable materials must also be found in your ankles.

To improve your visibility in the water, you must be equipped with a good pair of goggles. Among the popular choices are anti-glare, shock-resistant and anti-fog.


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