Main features to be on the list of top triathlon bikes 2017


Finding yourself the very first triathlon bike is the most important step when you take part into triathlon. Looking up the top triathlon bikes 2017 could help you boost your performance and satisfaction when biking.

If you are a beginner in triathlon, the top triathlon bikes 2017 for you could be any bike, as long as you can use it to do biking. Even it is a regular bike or mountain bike. I just try to be underestimating, but the fact is that real triathlon bikes are designed to make the best of your performance and push your limitation.

Finding yourself the top triathlon bikes 2017 is the most important step when you take part into this type of sports

They create triathlon bikes with different geometry in compare to standard bikes, allow you to have a better and smooth biking position. It will be able to help you take advantage of your strength and save your stamina for the next run.

With this though, a closer look at the top triathlon bikes 2017 will be a good start for you. But before that, we have to know which quality we need to know when choosing a triathlon bike.

Primary quality of the top triathlon bikes 2017


Nowadays, most of the top triathlon bikes 2017 have minimum 18 gears, some even have more from 20 to 30 gears. If you don’t do praise or hill and you are very skillful, then these gears are useless for you. But if you plan to ride on the hill and you are still in training, you indeed want to have more gears on the top triathlon bikes 2017. This way will make the uphill a lot easier because of the lower of the gears, the less strength you have to make but also the faster you have to push the pedal.

Frame – material and geometry

Back in the past, an only professional cyclist uses a bike that made from carbon fiber. For now, it is easy to find a carbon frame in any bike at the store. So which type of material you want for your bike?

As you know, carbon fiber frames will be lighter but you choose a cheap one, it would be no different to the similar aluminum frame at the same price. Moreover, it’s hard to detect the damage of the carbon frames. Normally, when it gets damaged, it will be inside the frames which you cannot see. While with the aluminum, you will usually know and spot on it.

In this part, the frame of the top triathlon bikes 2017 depends on how you like the look of your bike and does it work well for you. But remember that aluminum is usually cheaper than carbon fiber.

For its geometry, make sure that you can adjust it the way it can suite you. This is important because it will decide your position and your performance during your train and how you grow in your career.

Frame – material and geometry


Another factor is the aero bars, or you might know as the tri-bars. These bars of top triathlon bikes 2017 are designed to shape you into the best position to take advantage of aerodynamic. Also, it could make you feel more comfortable when riding with them. However, people is still arguing about is it necessary to have them on the bike. To consider, you might want to get a bike that fit you most then you can consider about adding extra things.

Contact points – Saddles, pedal/shoe, and handlebars

This combo is critical in any bikes. Check all three of contact points to make sure you are comfortable and happy with them while riding. These parts are personal and can be an adjustment to fit for you.

With the saddles of the top triathlon bikes 2017, it could be a bit risky. You have to try it first before buying. There are many size and shapes with different design and material, but the shape will play the most important part, while holes and gel are just extra and don’t make the main difference. Choose the one that suit you best, don’t think that the wider and bigger will be better. A small tip is at the beginning, all saddles could be uncomfortable for you, but after a while, you will be used to it, even that fit you wrong.

For shoes and pedals, the best shoe is the one that sticks you to the pedals. Choose a proper shoe and pedal is necessary to allow you fully control and more capable of transiting power to the bike. Also, let you feel more comfortable during a long ride.

A particular bike shoe is usually solid and stiff to preserve the power and let you don’t sense the pedal on your feet. Another thing is these shoes should embrace your feet and won’t let it move inside.


While the frame is the soul of your bike, the wheels will be its performance to express. The wheels will make the most difference in your performance. Keep this in mind when you plan to spend more money on your bike, and then spend the most on wheels and tires than other parts and components.

The wheels will be the bike’s performance to express

Make your top triathlon bikes 2017 as light as you can is the key to better performance. So try to cut down the weight of any part that rotates (definitely the wheels and chain) will make you go faster. Then this why the wheels are important, better wheels will be much lighter but more expensive. Carbon wheels will be lightest but extremely expensive so unless you don’t care about money, aluminum wheels are fine. To conclude, don’t hesitate to spend your money on the wheels.


To come with good wheels, there must be a right tire. The better material will make your tires last longer, lighter and actually save your money more. Pay attention that wheels of the top triathlon bikes 2017 have the different design of clincher and tubular and you can change between them without replacing the wheels. So choose the tires that fit for your wheels as well.

In case you can only buy one set of tires, then don’t buy the lightest one or the heaviest one, just take the one in the middle. It allows you to perform the best in various situation, neither resistance, grip or weight.

Other components

To do business, bike manufacturers typically upgrade some parts and even downgrade other parts to spot the highlight and keep the price attractive. There are not much difference in comfortable or performance between high-end or entry components. But make sure that your top triathlon bikes 2017 has most high-end on important part and it can be upgraded to be better in the future. So, you don’t have to buy a wholly new bike.

Top of Triathlon Bikes in 2017

With new 2017 triathlon bikes hit the market, let’s take a look at all top triathlon bikes 2017 below, which are good value and help you save some cash for other stuff.

Kestrel Talon Triathlon Bike

The Kestrel Talon Triathlon Bike contains all of the best features to become one of the top triathlon bike, combined hydration and storage, nice hidden breaks plus aerodynamic frame profile. This bike has similar technology and function like its previous production line Pro 0 and 1, without the elevated group set.

Giant now offers an outstanding package to fit this triathlon bike with a simple wheelset, which makes the cost lower and allow them to install the 11-speed Shimano Ultra-gear.  This set up is almost equivalent to the level of higher models. About their Aero Vault system, to store and hydrate, is proximately show-off by the look of the bike. This system was designed with a structure to work as a complete product. And exciting is predicted to enhance the aerodynamic performance, compared to the standard package. This system can load 450ml of liquid for small portion and 700ml of liquid for the bigger one and can add 290ml extra of food in the top storage.


  • High-performance and advanced-grade compound frame plus Trinity composite saddle
  • Better handle and control
  • Easy to do uphill with new gear system
  • Cheaper than the Pro 2


  • Only have 3 sizes and the small and large is hard to fit.
  • A bit heavy

Cannondale Slice Carbon 105

This bike spots on in the market with lighter and thinner frame than any bikes on this list. This feature offers a lower weight and show of the Cannondale’s center of comfortable as good as the aerodynamics. The frame also allows you to have a decent technique of compliance, which will let you maintain a good position of aero for a long time.

They also removed the Slice RS from the design, which used to create a lengthened tube and exclusive seat tube. In exchanged, the new-line Slice with Truncated Aero Profile (TAP) tube shapes is installed, which target to mix compliance, stiffness and aerodynamics. In addition, they set up a shallow shape Vision and lightweight wheels to enhance the aero and could be used in both race or training.


  • Plenty of sizes to pick
  • More efficient Aero and comfort for a long ride
  • Competitive price with good features


  • Heavy wheels and frame

Cervelo P2 105

Cervelo is the bike who is the champion of Kona. You cannot find a better recommendation for any triathlon bike the race in Kona – The Ironman World Championships. In 2016, the win of Cervelo in Kona is the 12th succeed of this brand. More impressive, Cervelo’ total points was close to the total of the next three bikes.

This bike has the same design as their P3 and is extremely functional. The frame is comfortable to rider, with handy accessible to the rear and front brakes, which in some triathlon bikes, they set up the rear brake higher than the seat and not beneath the bike. About front brake, it is a standard set up like road bike part, so you can easy to adjust or switch between brake pads, if you use a carbon fiber wheel set. Its design also improve aero through the brake calipers but not effect to its function.


  • Good aerodynamic
  • Fast performance for an entry-level bike
  • Easy to handle
  • Comfortable riding


  • Cost
  • Favors right-hand rear brake

Focus Izalco Chrono Max 3.0

The Izalco Chrono Max 3.0 is more like a time trial bike with cut out a rear wheel, combined front brake, released seat and a clean front end. Most of bikes listed here have a uncovered front brakes, which are not attached to the frame, in order to adjust and replace. Focus has managed to design a combine front brake but still functional. The fork is cut out but still simply accessible without removing any part. With the hidden break, it supposes to enhance the aerodynamics and the saddles can have higher adjustability for you to get the best position.

Your strength transfer is straight from pedal to rear wheel and the perfect shifting can be controlled from main bars and aero additions. It’s fast to increase your speed while the structure of aerodynamics split the air more efficient, whether you’re whirling a blur or pressing out a large ratio.


  • Friendly and comfortable to ride
  • Good speed
  • Nice gear and shift for hill ride


  • A bit tight of position
  • Pretty expensive

BMC Timemachine 02 105

BMC have made a brand new enthusiastic triathlon bike to express their promise of 4 years of researching for demand of triathlete. This bike has the aerodynamic profiles, numerous options to store and simple to adjust cockpit. The frame is designed with BMC tech – the SubA aerodynamic profile. But the highlight is the extra storage with a rear mount tool box that combines on the frame on the top.

The gear of Timemachine is provided by Shimano, which is a bit heavier than other gear system. Although on the weighty side, the Profile T2 Wing frame and extensions are confirmed to performers and the ability of fully adjustment is outstanding.


  • Relief and adjustability
  • Quality frame and technology
  • Smooth and fast ride
  • Valuable


  • Heavy
  • Need better wheels


To choose the top triathlon bike in 2017 depend on many factors, like what feature you want from it, how often you take a ride it and what type riding you are aiming. When picking a triathlon bike the most important factor maybe your budget. The more budget you spend on your bike, the better it will be. Just remember to use it wisely – more investment on the tires and wheels will enhance the most of your performance. In the end, the top triathlon bike for you is the bike can balance between price, performance and comfort.


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