What do you know about triathlon bike sale for the Frugal Buyer?


Do you want to invest in a triathlon bike sale, but you do not want to get broke? Here’s a list of must-know things for your consideration.

Triathlon biking is a thrilling way to enhance your shape and fitness. Plus, it will allow you to create relationships with other people and get in touch with the environment. You free your mind when you take a slower pace than any other vehicles around you. However, these bikes can still offer you the right agility, efficiency, and speed. That is the reason why you should think of the triathlon bike sale.

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Do you need a triathlon bike?

Basic understandings of the triathlon bike sale

First and foremost, before you select a bike for your trips, you have to acquire a primer on what to expect on a road bike. You can use a triathlon bike for touring, mountaineering, and commuting. With that, here are the other things to learn from a triathlon bike sale:

Essential Features of a triathlon Bike

The very first thing you’ll notice in these bikes is that they are very lightweight. In fact, their wheels, frame, and other components are super light. They also have drop handlebars.

However, some still have flat bars such as the mountain bikes. Moreover, they have narrow tires and wheels and a carbon fiber fork in the front. But, they don’t come with rear or front suspension. Altogether, both men and women can use different styles and sizes of road bikes.


The triathlon bike is for fitness and health enthusiasts. Also, they are for pro and competitive bike riders. Triathlon bikes are for paved terrains like bike roads and paths. However, you may not use them for rough surfaces. These types of bikes will allow the bikers to go faster and farther than any other bikes. They are ideal for vehicle-supported touring. But, they cannot hold heavy loads.

Also, triathlon bikes do not contain rack attachments which you can find on touring, commuter, and urban bikes. But, this does not mean that you cannot use them as bikes for commuting. It just means that you may have to bring your gear in your backpack instead of the mounted holders.

Be aware of the bike function

Essential Tips regarding a triathlon bike sale

So, you have already chosen the triathlon bike as your means of transportation; now it is the right time to decide what features to look for and what you should not. Before purchasing one, you have to read on for the crucial tips to consider before a triathlon bike sale.

Find Your Target Budget

Before you choose a model, you must need to consider your budget. There are a lot of factors that make road bikes either expensive or affordable. You have to take note of extra features like gloves, helmet, and proper biking attire too.

Moreover, some bikers prefer the shoes, glasses, and pedals for cycling. So, you may want to consider all of these things into your budget. Just for the accessories and other items alone, you may want to keep at least a 100 bucks.

Picking Tools

The next thing to consider is that you may want to add some items like a repair kit, lock, lights, frame pump, etc. These things are essential, especially if you want to go on long trips. You may want to keep at least $50 for the triathlon bike sale.

Maintenance fee of Your Bike

While still thinking about your budget, you may also consider keeping some of the money for the maintenance of your bike. You may want to consider setting aside around $150 to $200 for affordable tires, chains, brake pads, and shop labor.

However, if you know how to assemble these things, you may want to do it yourself. Not only that it will save you more cash, but it will also allow you to amplify your skills.

Doing Research

Before you head to the nearest bike store, you may want to make sure that you have done extensive research on which bike to bike. You should take note that a lot of local stores will offer some great deals, especially on holidays.

Consider the Material of the Bike Frame

Which bike frame is better? Is it an alloy, aluminum, carbon, or steel? You see, the bike frame material can also determine its price range. For beginners, you may want to settle on aluminum frames. They may be easy to use for strides. However, you may want to check on them after three years because they may start to expire.

If you want a more expensive bike which can cost you $1,500, you may want the carbon material. Carbon is the most unpredictable since they may start to damage or crack after using your bike carelessly.

Consider the material of the bike

But, you may want to consider the carbon frame, especially for longer commutes. They can last longer with proper care and maintenance. However, if you want to purchase the most affordable ones, go for the steel frames. As long as they won’t rust, you can still use them.

Taking Notes on Other Features

Because of the overflowing technology and innovation today, bike manufacturers have considered a lot of add-ons in their features. Thus, this makes it harder to choose a road bike. However, if you know what you want in a ride, you can quickly pick one. All you have to do is to think about the features you want and ask an expert which of the models they may recommend.

Gear System of the Bike

You may also want internally geared hubs for your bike. They can make your bike more durable, and they require little maintenance. They are also available in different versions with 3 to 14 gears.

However, they may only add up to your overall cost. Derailleur gears are also very famous. They can offer you up to 30 gears. Plus, they are light because they have prominent features. But, they need a lot of checking and maintenance. However, they can last longer than other systems.

Getting the Right Size

You do not need to purchase a bike without checking the ideal size for you. Just like any other things like shoes, you need the right sizing of the road bike. Manufacturers may vary them from one size to another. While on a certain brand you may want to get a 54-centimeter frame, on other bikes you may get a smaller or bigger frame.

To measure the size, you have to stand over the road bike. Then, place both of your feet on the ground. Then, put your legs closer to each other. You have to hold the bike up. Make sure that you can lift the back and front wheels equally off the ground at around 7 or 8 centimeters. The value will allow you to have the right clearance between your top tube and your crotch.

Consider Test Rides

If you want to know the correct distance from the bars going to the saddle, you may want to take a test ride. It will help you know the right position on your bike that is more comfortable for biking. You may want to seek an expert’s help with this step.

Final word

In short, finding the perfect bike may be quite challenging, especially for beginners. But, you do not have to worry at all. Choosing a ride doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive. We have provided the details on the frames you have to select, the materials and components, and other tips to buy the triathlon bike sale with limited budget.

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