Is It Hard to Determine the Best Women’s Triathlon Distances?

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Do you know these successful female triathletes? From left to right, Katie Zaferes, Gwen Jorgensen, and Sarah True. They are the championships of American Olympic triathlon test 2016.

For many women, getting involved into triathlon is impossible. This is because the triathlon workout seems to make women feel overwhelmed. Triathlon is the perfect combination of biking, running and swimming. However, there are still appropriate options for women to try when joining a triathlon course. Our article today strongly shows you the best women’s triathlon distances, especially beginners.

Types of Triathlon Distances for Women

Like men, women have a chance to enjoy four main types of triathlon distances. The first triathlon distance is a sprint. In this distance, women athletes have to pass 500-800 meters of swimming, 12-15 miles of cycling and 2 miles-5k of running. When it comes to attending the next distance- Olympic, you should swim 1 mile, cycle 25-30 miles and run about 10k miles. The third option is for higher-skill athletes. It requires you to swim 1.2 miles, cycle 56 miles and run 13.1 miles. The final type of distance is Ironman, which contains 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of cycling and 26.2 miles of running.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Women’s Triathlon Distances

With the variety of triathlon distances, selecting your best ones is a challengeable task. You had better consider many factors before giving the final decisions.

  • Triathlon Skills

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Each woman has the special potential triathlon skill

Women who start joining triathlon often choose the particular sport at the easier skill first. In this case, sprint distance is an ideal option. It offers the first taste of 3 sports types above. You can learn how to get familiar with the standard equipment just during a few months. One fact is that there is a variety of sprint races nowadays. These races are very friendly to the beginners with the careful instructions. They play a crucial role in assisting you during your courses. Starting these races encourages you to try your best for reaching further fitness target.  

Once you have experience in one of 3 sports types above, think about climbing the higher ladder. For example, it is unchallengeable for you to attend a Half Ironman triathlon after finishing the sprint and the Olympic races. If you have achieved some results in a special sport such as cycling, participating in a higher-level course is no problem. It strongly implies that you may need enough experience, knowledge as well as aerobic skill to reach your further target.

  • Time

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Create the great time balance between training triathlon and doing other activities

Time spending for training triathlon is another important factor that affects your decision. You should estimate the time for your triathlon. Remember that you have many social relationships to concern, including work, travel; family, etc. Try to make the great balance between them. In fact, to reach longer women’s triathlon distances, you actually need more time for training. See your results by checking the calendar. Generally, it takes you about 2 days for doing long-distance workouts. Is it appropriate for you to swim in the morning and run after having lunch?

Additionally, you had better think of modern equipment for saving time and improving your performance. Several high-technology machines for doing this task are a treadmill, a bike trainer, and more. Ask yourself these questions below. Is your house next to a swimming pool or a gym room? Do you want to cycle indoor or outdoor? Would you like taking a shower in your gym before going to work? Choose the gym that meets your demand carefully.

The next step is dividing your time for each type of distance. Pay attention to your experience, and your fitness standard to have the right choice.  If you still find it hard to divide the time for training triathlon, follow our guides below.

The ideal time for sprint distance should consist 8-12 weeks of swimming, 4-6 days each week of cycling and 4-8 hours each week of running. This number increases in Olympic with 12-16 weeks of swimming, 4-6 days each week of cycling and 6-10 hours each week of running. If you choose Half Ironman, you should spend 16-20 weeks for swimming, 5-7 days each week for cycling and 8-12 hours each week for running. The Ironman comes with the highest level of swimming in 20-24 weeks, cycling in 5-7 days and running 10-18 hours each week.

  • Fitness Equipment

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Is this triathlon bike useful?

Equipment contributes significantly in helping you determine the best women’s triathlon distances. If you are beginners, notice that the simple gear for short distance is a smart choice. One of the best ways to pick the appropriate gear is testing different bicycles, women’s triathlon suits, etc. Besides, pay attention to the pedal options before you invest in a particular gear. The specific equipment helps decide what your speed and comfort are, and how long the distance you can reach. Hope you have fantastic moments with your right gear.

  • Budget

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Sometimes, making a budget plan for triathlon is a stressful task

The budget is a big concern we should mention here for a successful women’s triathlon race. You have to estimate the desired budget spending for your sport. Sometimes, triathlon is over the budget for many people because it needs additional equipment. Normally, triathlon athletes often have to spend about $150-$1,000 of registration fees to start your race. Longer distances often require higher cost due to a variety of equipment. They could be listed here, including the cost of police, security, insurance, and more. Other extra fees are the maintenance of bike, nutrition, massage, travel and coaching. It is obvious that the longer distance, the higher budget you have to spend.

  • Target and Ability

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Your triathlon goals will decide your distances

Target and skill affect directly on the decision of women’s triathlon distance. For example, you want to complete your Ironman distance in 3 months. If your budget is potential, you can shorten your goal with the high confidence.

Also, it is advisable for you to select the most suitable races for your strength and capability. Athletes who have high performance in speed will reach excellent result in short distances. Most of the championship events nowadays require a great number of distances.

In general, women have a wide range of options for their triathlon distances. Most of them choose sprint distance for their training and racing. For more safety, you should train your triathlon from the low to the high level. With our suggestions above, hope you find deciding women’s triathlon distance is a simple task.



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