How to train for a triathlon?


Triathlon has recently become popularly across the nations all over the world. For its flexibility and availability for all any kinds of people at any ages and fitness, the number of triathletes is growing instantly. Nevertheless, a variety of triathletes finds it hard to find out an effective way to start their training. If you are dealing with how to train for a triathlon, check out carefully these following tips and suggestions.

What is a triathlon?

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A triathlon normally includes running, biking and swimming

Triathlon normally is a multiple-stage competition which consists of three continuously small competitions of swimming, running and biking. After completing a stage, you will be allowed to take part in another part until you finish all of them.

Nevertheless, if you do not know how to swim or bike, you can still join a competition with the combination of two of them. If you cannot swim, let’s join a duathlon which is a mixture of biking and running. In the case you are unable to ride, an aquathlon is engineered for you.

Therefore, before taking useful steps to train your performance, do not forget to pick up a suitable event with your ability. Now, first, have a close look at some amazing ways to cope with how to train for a triathlon.

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How to train for a triathlon in 4 easy ways

Choose suitable gear for your first training and racing

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All you need when preparing suitable gear for your training

Because triathlon is a long, hard competition, picking up the right gear for your body is essential. The right gear not only protects you from any elements of surrounding environment but also offers comfort and convenience for the users. Therefore, let’s make a right investment in each stage.

Firstly, you should know that crucial gear for swimming competition contains goggles, a tri-suit, and a cap if your hair is long. When picking up a right tri-suit, make sure that your tri-suit delivers a perfect fit with your body. Also, to fit, it should come with high-quality material and enough breathability and buoyancy. Next, choose goggles that fit well with your face and offer lens fogging avoidance.

For running, a pair of running shoes is essential. Before coming to a store, think in your mind these factors: good fit, well-manufactured material, cushioning, and slip resistance. Additionally, high traction is also necessary if you extremely want to boost your speed and performance.

Lastly, you certainly require a bike, a triathlon helmet, glasses and a tube. Besides, in the case there are any troubles with your tires, a portable tire pump should also be included. Plus, do not forget to learn how to fix your bike or add oil in the chain, etc. Taking these equipment tips on how to train for a triathlon, then, you will gain your first win in preparation.

Set up a training schedule

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A training schedule helps to create a balance in your racing week

Setting up a training schedule will help to show how much time you will spend in each training. After that, you will find an appropriate way to set a balance for your training each day. Now, concentrate on different components during a week as below.

It is better if you start a new week by 30 minutes swimming in the swimming pool. Next, on Tuesday, you should practice a run containing two skills of speed practice and hill repeats. These two activities will enable you to improve your ability and strength as well. Note that you should apply right steps in each action to gain the best results and performance.

Then, on Wednesday, spend about 45 minutes to hit the swimming pool. Remember to minimize the breaks to obtain the best endurance workout. Meanwhile, running and cycling combination is ideal for Thursday.

After spending rough times on Thursday, give your body a day off to the next day. If you continue your workout all week without any days off, your body may get injured. The experts suggest that six days on practice are enough for a week while you should give your muscle a chance to rebuild immediately after the roughest training time.

Weekend regularly allows people to have more time to practice. Therefore, triathletes often take Saturday and Sunday for the biking part- the longest stage in a race. 60 or 90 minutes are ideal for a ride. Lastly, let’s complete your week by a run at 5 km. You should take at a quick, but steady pace to train for both endurance and performance.

Establish a nutrition plan

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Pick up necessary nutrition for your entire week in a nutrition plan

Along with a hard training almost all week, it is necessary to gain essential nutrition to refuel your muscle and strength in a daily diet. There are some useful tips for you to set up an efficient nutrition plan as below.

First, you should know what kinds of food are better for a triathlon. As you know, food is a great source of energy and power. As a result, you cannot live without eating food. For triathletes, the demand for food and nutrition is much bigger than a normal person due to a variety of movements they do daily. Remember to take carbs, god fats, protein and plus, vegetables for a healthy triathlete diet.

In addition to nutrition improvement, you should also determine which time is best to refuel energy. For example, you had better eat carbs that leave energy quickly before a practice 2-3 hours. Meanwhile, 15 minutes after the race is the ideal time for the uptake of 1:4 rate protein to carbs.

Next, set up a nutrition plan for all training week. If you do not know what to eat daily, you should ask for useful advice from experts and then follow this standard nutrition plan regularly. Remember that you can try a new food during training week to identify which is best for you. But never do this on a racing day to avoid any capable side effects.

Ensure regular training per day

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Use a bike trainer to maintain your regular practice

Last but not least, it is better if you maintain practice and training regularly. However, we all know that the practice can be interfered by bad conditions like hot, raining or stormy weather. How to train for a triathlon in this case? There is no doubt that a bike trainer will support your biking practice a lot.

A bike trainer not only makes your bike training available in any weather conditions but also helps to keep your body healthy. Furthermore, with a smaller design, it can take up almost in any spaces inside your house. If your space for training is limited, a foldable trainer is more ideal.


Seeking the effective ways for your triathlon training is not difficult. But it is not easy without a professional guide. Whenever you want to find out how to train for a triathlon, believe us. We are here to hear your problems and demands. Are you ready to take these amazing tips for your upcoming competition?













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