How to Buy The Best Smart Watch for Triathlon 2017


Everyone who loves sports possibly hears about triathlon at least once. To make it clearer, triathlon is a combination of 3 following sports successively: swimming, cycling, and running. Similar to other kinds of sports, the competitiveness in triathlon is rather intense. Athletes have to try their best to complete the triathlon in the shortest time to be the champions. That is why the matter of time is the number one important factor in this kind of game. Thus, the invention of smart watch for triathlon comes to meet the requirements.

Triathlon requires a number of necessary equipment

There are not so many options of sport training watches for triathletes like for cyclists or runners due to its unique nature of multi-sport. The watches have to satisfy demands of all three above sporting areas: swimming, cycling, running. It means that the watch must be capable of using in both normal and underwater condition. In particular, the best triathlon watch has to come up with tracking features for all swimming, running, and cycling.

Typical Features of A Good Triathlon Smart Watch

This article hereafter will give out some key factors that are necessary to look for in the best triathlon:

  1. Multisport mode

A watch with multisport mode provides crucial features for a combination of sport especially cycling, running and swimming. This kind of watch makes athletes easy to switch different sports as well as to access separate training metrics and features. In general, a multisport watch is obviously a must-have item for any game of triathlon.

  1. Waterproof

The watch used in a triathlon game must be waterproof because swimming is a compulsory part of the game. The best smart watch has to be able to work well even be immersed under water for a long time. The common sports watches also have a function of water-resistant but not specialized in withstanding water immersion. In order to make sure the smooth triathlon, it is essential for athletes to use a wearable with a minimum waterproof rating of IPX7. IPX7 is the least necessary rating condition for a watch to work under water.

  1. Open water swim mode

Not many sporting watches have an open water swim mode. This feature supports the applicable metrics in case of open water not just in a swimming pool. This smart watch enables better performance with much more accuracy in measurements.

  1. ANT & device compatibility

The demand for connecting sporting watches with ANT & devices becomes more and more essential. Because this connection allows you to get access to many metrics and gadgets, for instance, temperature sensors, heart trackers, power meters, etc. Especially, a smart watch with ANT + functionality is highly appreciated in cycling metrics. As a power meter, it helps to improve the accuracy of cycle tracking.

  1. Wireless connectivity

With the high demands of uploading and tracking data, almost sporting watches are equipped to connect wirelessly with smartphones via Bluetooth or even directly via Wi-Fi without the support of smartphones. In case athletes are busy with the competition, the triathlon watches are still able to deliver email, text, or call alert to their watch as long as their watches are kept connected.

  1. Virtual racer

Virtual racer indicates the most facility in running and cycling. Athletes can use this function to race against the speed and time of other rivals and even of their own. By that way, they can improve their performance and get better results.

  1. GPS

Last but not least, GPS seems to be an integral factor for any triathlon watches. With GPS connectivity, it is possible for athletes to track their location as well as their course in cycling and running. GPS enables triathlon watches to connect via satellite faster and more effectively. You can see some wearables equipped with GPS features are A-GPS and GLONASS for your reference.

  1. Others

When choosing the best smart watch for a triathlon, we should not only base on seven key features above but also have to consider other additional basic features including easy to use, long battery life, durability, comfortableness especially when use it outdoor.

Top 4 Best Triathlon Smart Watches

After well considering essential features for a smart triathlon watch, we will give you some information about top 4 best triathlon watches as per record in 2016 for your reference.

  1. Garmin Forerunner 920XT 

Talking about the best triathlon watches, it would be a big mistake if we missed Garmin Forerunner 920XT. Continue with the 910XT, this design provides powerful metrics and full features for a standard smart watch such as GPS, waterproofing (up to 5 ATM), accelerometer. With GLONASS connectivity, it supports more robust and quicker satellite connection. In addition, it has an open water swim mode together with a unique triathlon mode. The device also enables users to easily measure VO2 Max, the maximum amount of consumed oxygen at the highest times of the activity. This watch also includes Live Tracking mode and supports users to share GPS data with others.


  1. Garmin Fenix 3

 In comparison with other triathlon watches, Garmin Fenix has outstanding outdoor GPS/GLONASS hybrid but still a user-friendly device. This watch can be used for any serious triathletes who desire of improving their performance. Similar to the 920XT, it has open water swimming, provides VO2 max estimation. The device is also used for all swimming, cycling and running.

  1. Suunto Ambit3 Sport

 Being considered as the most rival with Garmin Forerunner 920XT, Suunto Ambit3 Sport also has overwhelming features for all of three sports: swimming, cycling and running, even for hiking and tracking activity. The device is designed to easily connect with external devices and sensors. Although this watch is not supported with ANT & devices, it still can deliver smartphone notifications and connect to Strava. Moreover, this triathlon watch is also equipped with open water swim mode for swimming section. One more strong point of this device is about competitive price and simple usage.

  1. Polar V800

 Polar V800 is the pioneer in multisport GPS triathlon watch. Its design is mostly for cycling and running, for swimming it still has some limitations. GPS application is well equipped with this device in order to capture distance, pace, or speed in case you are not connected with a foot pod. However, this device is lack in stroke count, stroke rate and distance, which are necessary for swimming mode. To compensate for that, the watch can read the heart rate in both normal and underwater condition. This watch also provides smartphone notifications and daily tracking activity.

5. Fenix 5

The final option in our list comes from Garmin, a strong brand in the electronic equipment industry. This smart watch looks cool on both men and women’s wrist with the friendly design. Coming with a variety of options, it serves effectively the high demands of athletes. Although the watch is lightweight, it is sturdy thanks to the stainless steel finishes. Moreover, adjusting the bands is unchallengeable, just in few minutes. Inheriting the latest technology, it allows you to track your daily activities, contributing a lot to help you reach your goals quickly.

In fact, there are not many options of smart watch for triathletes. Nevertheless, we hope that this writing will be helpful for you to solve confusing questions of how to choose the best triathlon watch.


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