How To Choose The Best Ladies Tri Suit?


Tri suit for women has diversity in sizes and shapes. Every lady triathlete wants to have a perfect tri suit for themselves. So how do you define the best ladies tri suit? An ideal tri suit should not be too short or too long. In contrast, it must fit your whole body and meet all your demands of some certain functions like water resistance, temperature control or support you during the entire triathlon. To have a great performance for your competition, you definitely select a right tri suit. The following tips will support you how to choose the best ladies tri suit

1.     Choose a perfect suit fit

The first factor you need to remember to opt for the best ladies tri suit is a perfect tri suit fit. A right tri suit fit will not make you chafed or irritate your skin. When you are on triathlon, it will help your bloodstream circulate well and not limit your motion. If your tri suit is loosened, it may decelerate your speed and slow you down. So if you are going to purchase your own tri suit, keep it in your mind to choose a fit tri suit first.

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Tri suit fit

2. Select a practical pocket tri suit

You may be puzzled with a pocket tri suit, but there are amazing reasons you need to know. In short races, you will not need to bring gear or nutrition objects like gels or sports drinks because your power is sufficient to ensure your short performance. However, in long races, you absolutely need a pocket. An available pocket can store some necessary items. Just imagine how useful is that you can attach some food to retain your strength. But a big and billowy pocket is not recommended for you. It not only can make you dragged or leads you to bring too many items. You also can opt for a zippered pocket. It can ensure your stuff will not drop out during your triathlon competition. No matter what obstacles or adversities, your items can be held firmly.

Pocket tri suit


3. Support bra tri suit

This tip perhaps is an outstanding thing that every woman needs to take it down. If you have a small and flat chest, you had better not to purchase a built- in bra tri suit. Because this is not essential to you. On the contrary, women who own medium- size chest should rely on an internal bra tri suit. It will protect your chest and ensure the smooth movements. Besides, in case you own large- size bust, our advice for you is to wear a traditional sports bra. This type certainly creates the better support during your running or biking.

A bra support tri suit


4. Compressed Tri Suit

If you are on a strenuous race and you want to revive your muscles strength, simply choose a tri suit with compression. In swimming or sprints, an advanced tri suit that is designed with some certain places will enhance your performance. It can minimize your muscle exhaustion and extend your endurance for your races. Your fatigue can be delayed until the race finishes. So now do you know how to choose the best ladies tri suit, right?

Tri suit with compression

5. Comfort padding

Have you ever thought about the padding of a tri suit? The best ladies tri suit should be attached with a padding that is an extra soft cloth that positions at the crotch place. It functions as a cushion that comforts your body part at the bike saddle. Such paddings make you not feel chafed or your skin be scratched when you are riding a bike. There are some tri suits which are designed with cautious paddings, hence they will not get obvious during your sprints or biking. Therefore, you can feel safe and stay cool while you are in a competition.

On the current market, there are lots of tri suit designed with chamois padding. These paddings are used exclusively for women bodies because they offer the specific sex to assist the convenience and comfort. Many tri suits are manufactured with diversity texture. Some kinds are designed with thick and float paddings. Such thick paddings can lower your irritation and enhance your smooth demand. Others are produced with lighter paddings.You can also consider these light paddings. The lighter ones aim to reduce water absorption and provide your skin while you are on races. Of course, they will not hamper your performance.

Padding tri suit

6. Other various functions

If you are an intelligent triathlete, you should not dismiss this function. Have you ever thought about a tri suit can protect you from harmful sun radiation? Well, there is tri suit produced with amazing and innovated features. They occupy the high level of UPF that prevents most ultraviolet B and ultraviolet A rays. Perhaps, everyone must know the danger of detrimental rays!

Besides, you concentrate on materials of tri suit too. Some tri suits are made with mesh. This type supports you to breathe easily and enhance ventilation for you. During harsh workouts, you will not want to be wearily sweaty or get scorching hot. Therefore, choose one with a mesh.

Moreover, purchase a tri suit with good moisture transfer. It can help you to dry you tri suit in a quick way. No triathletes want to their tri suit be flooded with tons of sweat. If you do not want to get this irritation, simply consider a moisture transfer tri suit. Another factor you also take it into your consideration is a tri suit with its function of bacterial and microbial resistance. Being worn- out during your sprints or hurdles, your discharged sweat and outside temperature are main reasons to lead fungal increase. Therefore, to protect your health, buy an anti- bacterial tri suit!


Here are six tips for the female triathlete to choose the best ladies tri suit. A perfect tri suit can support your performance during the races. It can delay your tiredness and support your muscle strength or protects your health as well. With these useful tricks, we hope you can find your ideal tri suit. Keep staying on our article to get more informative tips!




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