How to choose a wonderful beginner triathlon bike in 2017


Bikers often get confused on what bikes to choose, especially on a tight budget. Luckily, here’s the tips to select the best beginner triathlon bike 2017.

Beginner triathlon bikes are very versatile, especially that they can function in all terrains available. Plus, these bikes provide long volume suspension and tires that enable them to have enough traction. Moreover, they give off more comfort even on off-road paths. However, within the triathlon bike group, there are many models you can select.

A collection of many triathlon bikes

Key Features of an wonderful beginner triathlon bike

Here are some of the most crucial features to look for when choosing the right beginner triathlon bike for you:

Suspension of the Beginner triathlon bike

The wheel diameter and suspension type are the two primary attributes to look for to know the kind of terrain the bike can handle. You may also want to take into consideration the gears, frame materials, and brakes to choose your bike. With that, here are the types of suspension:

  • Rigid: These are not the usual type of bike because they do not have suspension. However, these beginner triathlon bikes are simple to maintain. Plus, they are affordable compared to other kinds. But, most riders still consider bikes that come with suspension for increased comfort. A lot of fat bikes are rigid. Some riders look for wide tires and low pressured tires to give off the squish they require to survive the bumps.
  • Hardtail: These beginner triathlon bikes contain a suspension fork in the front. The suspension helps absorb the force on the front wheel of the ride. However, you should bear in mind that the rear view does not have a suspension. These types of bikes are cheaper than other bikes with suspension. Plus, they have less moving parts which equate to low maintenance requirement. But, hardtails often have the lockout ability in the front fork.
  • Full Suspension: There are different variations of full suspension beginner triathlon bikes. However, the main idea is the rear shock and the front fork. These features all absorb the pressure from the trails. Also, they reduce the force on the rider’s part, boosts traction, and increases performance.

You should pay more attention to the suspension of a triathlon bike

Full suspension bikes can also adapt to chatters and bumps in the trails. However, when you climb uphill with this type of bike, it may require a lot of effort. And consequently, the rigs of these bikes can lock out the rear suspension. They will offer an enhanced transfer of power and better climbing capability.

Size of the Wheel of the Bike

There are various sizes when it comes to beginner triathlon bike wheels. Here are the following:

  • 26 Inch: Decades ago, the entire beginner triathlon bike types go with 26-inch tires. For now, they are still available with this wheel size. However, you do not need to panic on which one you should get. You can ask an expert in a bike store and ask about the appropriate wheel size for your bike.
  • 5 Inch: This wheel size can offer a comparison between the traditional 26-inch wheels and the 29ers. Thus, they are the best option if you get confused on which to buy between the two wheel sizes. Also, they can quickly roll over various trails than the 26s. Also, they are more controllable than the 29ers. You can find the 27.5-inch tires on both the Hardtail rigs and full suspension bikes.
  • 29ers: These bike tires are slower than the usual, especially when accelerating. However, once you begin moving, you can quickly adapt on terrains easier than the beginner triathlon bikes with 26-inch tires. So, these wheels are more convenient to use for longer trips. They can keep the performance stable, and they also promise high attack angle. It means that the tires can roll over the road obstacles faster and easier.
  • 5+ Inch: The “plus” sign of these tires show off the super wide tires and wheels. They are usually 2.8 or higher in width. Larger wheels can give you more comfort and a smooth ride. Plus, they can encounter fewer rolling resistance.
  • 24 Inch: For children wanting to own a beginner triathlon bike, their bikes usually have 24-inch tires. These wheels can put up with the shorter legs of kids. Moreover, some cheaper versions of beginner triathlon bikes have these tires along with simpler materials. But, these wheels are for children up to 13 years old. However, this can still depend on the size of the kid rather than the age. For a smaller child, you may want to start with the 20-inch wheels.

Let’s select the suitble wheel for your triathlon bike

Frame materials of Your Beginner triathlon bike

The frame of your bike can change your bike’s strength, cost, weight, longevity, and quality of the ride. So, here are some of the components of your bike frame:

  • Aluminum Alloy: This is the most typically used material for the frames of beginner triathlon bikes. A lot of more expensive versions of the bike come with lighter aluminum frames. So, manufacturers often spend more effort and money in choosing the materials of the structure, manufacturing process, and tube design.
  • Steel: These are tougher and smoother compared to an alloy. Plus, they offer an increased performance and enjoyable ride. However, they are somewhat cumbersome for a beginner triathlon bike.
  • Titanium: These are durable and light. However, Titanium is quite expensive. Most high-end bikes have this type of frame.
  • Carbon Fiber: These are very much standard on fat bikes, cross-country bikes, and all beginner triathlon bikes. They boast their little weight and strength. But, they are also quite expensive because the manufacturing of these frames is extensive.


As a matter of fact, to pick the right beginner triathlon bike for you, you should consider the different features available in various versions. Also, lockout your preference depending on your budget. So, as you choose the best beginner triathlon bike, you can substantially make a difference in performance and comfort level.

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