The best triathlon watches reviews that no one tell you 2017


Today market is bombarded with various watch brands. Let’s read the following article, and you will discover the best Triathlon Watches reviews.

As we all know, swimming, cycling, and running are respectively three different sports included in the conventional format of a triathlon activity. Athletes participating in this game have to compete with the time amount needed to finish all three parts. The distance includes the intervals between them. Of course, the fastest athlete is the winner. Time is money. In this case, pride has the great value as well. And this is when technology, or more particularly, a triathlon watch, lends a helping hand.

Finding a suitable triathlon watch is a critical task for all triathletes.

However, today market is bombarded with various watch brands, then how can you pick out the best one? Don’t worry. Let’s read the following article, and you will discover the ideal 2017 triathlon watch. Those products feature amazing functions that will give you the unforgettable training time. Moreover, your family and friends can know your training scheme when data are synched to a computer.

How to Consider The Best Triathlon Watches reviews?

You should take into consideration some important points when selecting a watch for your upcoming triathlon preparation. As a triathlete, we know you need a gadget that can measure three sports included in a triathlon. That is to say, the best smartwatch for you has to be a combination of open water swim mode, cycling and a running/ lap timer.

And, in our opinion, the best wearable tech for triathlon training should have several key features. Therefore, we have prepared suggested characteristics along with some tips for you to opt out your desirable smartwatch.


Needless to say, this feature is a must-have in any watch for a triathlete. Multisport means this watch can easily be used for different kinds of sports like cycling, running and swimming. It gives you separate training traits and metrics, according to several triathlon watches reviews.


As swimming is an important sport in triathlon, the watch you choose should be well waterproof. By this way, it won’t malfunction even when being immersed deep underwater. However, most watches for sports training don’t completely block out water. Some of them are just water-resistant enough to withstand a scattered shower or heavy rain.

According to several triathlon watches reviews, I highly recommend that you choose a model with an IP rating of IPX7 plus. Because it is the lowest waterproof rating possible to maintain the water immersion in the market.


This feature is not common among many watches for triathlon training, according to some triathlon watches reviews. Its measuring system is more compatible with swimming in open water than in a pool. Believe me, and some triathlon watches reviews. This mode monitors your performance in a way that is far more accurate and higher-leveled, according to some triathlon watches reviews.


The ANT+ wireless platform is mostly integrated into current smartwatch models. This feature makes the watch compatible with different training gadgets. Such gadgets comprise of heart tracking devices, temperature monitors, power meters, etc. Make sure the watch you choose is not only ANT+ compatible but also connective with other ANT+ gadgets. So, it will bring you a lot more metrics.


To upload data and track training performance, most fitness watches are wireless-connected to Smartphones via Bluetooth. According to several triathlon watches reviews, some of them even don’t need a Smartphone to store data; they can access Wi-Fi.

Staying connected even when you are in your training time seems useful but is it possible? Yes, it is if your watch is capable of text, email receiving, and alerts sounding.

A watch featuring the wireless connectivity may assist you much during your training.


There are various virtual racer modes among different triathlon watches. This feature is incorporated to enable you to compete with your past performance or with that of other athletes’. According to several triathlon watches reviews, virtual racing mode sets a competitive level for you to reach.So, it will boost your performance, especially in running or cycling.


GPS is no doubt what a fitness wearable must have. By triathlon watches reviews, it provides the key stats of your trails and location when you run or cycle. GLONASS and A-GPS (assisted GPS) are extra GPS features to make your watch connect with satellites better and speedier, according to some triathlon watches reviews.

Besides the above features, you should not ignore some utility qualities necessary for a watch to withstand wear and tear. For example, extended battery life, user-friendly, comfortable to wear and also durable to use outdoors.

Top 5 Triathlon watches reviews

Garmin Forerunner 920XT Watch with HRM-Run

This Forerunner 920XT model is a feature-packed functional multisport watch, the best product available in today market. It offers with ease a plethora of accurate and unbeatable details of the vital stats needed for seven different training sections. You may name these parts as indoor and outdoor cycling, running and swimming, and triathlon. Such beautiful features justify its high price. However, it is indeed a good value for you, according to some triathlon watches reviews.

Is it the specific feature YOU need? Yes, but not enough. It offers LOTS more characteristics which you haven’t even thought of. By triathlon watches reviews, they look nice, small, and light on your wrist. Also, the HRM-TRI and HRM-SWIM straps can indeed freak you out.

This fitness watch is different from other GPS gadgets since it supports wifi connection, according to several triathlon watches reviews. It helps you transfer health data or upload them on the Garmin forum of enthusiastic athletes.

This tracker’s triathlon feature helps you to watch over and set up stats in every section of a triathlon, including transitions. Such tracking thoroughly encompasses all variables like velocity, pace, heart rate, step count, performance. Furthermore, it burned calories amount. Needless to say, this attribute is for making training more efficient.

The heart rate monitor included in this watch is as sensitive and accurate as chest straps. And of course, it can tell athletes about their heartbeat and heart zones. Meanwhile, they are doing their training sessions, according to several triathlon watches reviews.

To know how well you are performing underwater, just glance through the glasses at the bright and waterproof screen. The 920XT model is equipped with altitude metrics to analyze your biking performance. It may read your elevation accurately and help you navigate directions as well.


  • It has a battery life of twenty-four hours on training mode and a standby of 40 hours
  • Powerful
  • Its wireless feature allows easy sharing, syncing
  • It is surprisingly easy to use, with one-button controls on a dial screen that is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Accurate GPS


  • Chunky
  • High price
  • It is quite big-sized and unwieldy
  • Inconsistent phone connection

Suunto Ambit3 Sports HR Monitor Running GPS Unit

If you are a progress seeker, first seek for this Suunto Ambit 3 Sports watch. It will offer you essential tools to keep track of your improvement. Also, you may analyze its details. And above all, this watch support you to modify your training scheme.

The key attributes of this GPS fitness watches are high-level running, cycling and swimming functions, going a long way with you towards your objectives. It has a wireless connection with your smart devices like iPhone and iPad. So, this watch allows you to share your past training performance and relive your experiences through the free-of-charge Suunto Movescount App. You can also share such experience with your friends by creating a timed lap or even a movie with your adventure’s highlights.

What also attracts you is that additional metrics. They consist of barometer, compass, thermometer and altimeter round of the measuring system of this watch. Wireless phone connect via Bluetooth coupled with an extended battery life is a desirable update compared to the former version. The battery of this watch, with a span of 100 hours and 1-minute accuracy, is among the best competitors in today market

The watch has a clinically-tested monochrome dot-matrix screen, which can deliver a plethora of data in a power-saving way. Plus, an efficient backlight is also included for use in darker conditions.


  • Tracks GPS, the rate of heartbeat, and daily performance.
  • Measures heart rate during swimming session.
  • Multi-sport and direction-gauging features
  • 10- hour battery at least, 2-week for fitness tracking only
  • It is powerful and highly customizable


  • Very unwieldy on wrist
  • Limited daily fitness analysis
  • Expensive compared with new entrant products

Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch

V800 model will help you achieve your biggest aerobic ambition. This watch, with its all-encompassing features, will enchant triathletes and many multi-sport enthusiasts. Plus, it is the unique GPS triathlon watch available on the market to have an underwater heart-rate sensor.

It’s “training computer,” or display’s material is stainless steel and its screen is from Gorilla Glass. Such superior materials make the watch look high-quality. Then, they help V800 take over the more expensive but only plastic Forerunner 920XT.

Data and stats displayed on the V800’s screen are bright and can be read hassle-free whether you are indoors or out. Also, this watch has 5-button controls that are responsive even underwater. I especially liked the outstanding red-colored button, the most important one to start and pause a workout.

I am sure that the most enthusiastic triathletes should regard this V800 watch as their best choice. It is because the model has unparalleled fitness features such as real-time multisport navigation and intensive training analyses. Other key attributes you can find in this product are GPS for location and trail tracking. Besides, a rechargeable 14-hour battery, various metrics for altitude and elevation and the barometer are worth to see.

Furthermore, this gadget provides configurable profiles for many sports. And there are no interruptions between sports, which helps record the whole performance, not excluding transition intervals. To carefully analyze your workouts and to plan for future training schemes, just sync the data onto Polar Flow app and online service.

A V800 model can be immersed to 100ft (30m) deep underwater without malfunctioning and is apt for swimming. Having an H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor integrated, the watch can accurately measure your heart rate during training and even swimming.


  • Advanced display quality
  • Extremely long battery life
  • Water-/sweat proof to 100ft
  • Desirable feature set
  • User-friendly interface
  • Predictive GPS
  • Accurate heart rate and distance/pace stats
  • Large, brightly and displayed screen


  • Charging system/USB cable is proprietary
  • Unable to wirelessly play music
  • Incompatible with former Polar versions

Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch

The Garmin Fenix 3 is specialized for runner’s use. High-priced, large-sized and boldly designed, this watch looks great on your wrist. I think this is your ultimate choice for a fitness watch. Because it supports not only triathlon sports but also indoor workouts, walking, skiing and even snowboarding.

The Garmin watch offers a Breadcrumb Trail as well, giving hikers guidelines towards their beginning point. According to several triathlon watches reviews, what sport you need to track is not matter. Despite your current situation, the magnitude of data and stats, including movement and pace, provided by this watch will take you by surprise.

After a hectic training day, you can extremely easily review your performance data with the aid of the Garmin Connect app available on both IOS and Android devices. If your phone is not compatible with this premium app, then don’t worry. You can resort to the greater online service with ease. Then, your challenges can be uploaded to share with friends for badge earning and plot trail receiving.

Overall, all data are smoothly stored. A LiveTrack session is designed for you to get your family and friends on track with your training session. Group leaderboards and a page describing your activities in details are other updated features. Able to come together with the ANT+ VIRB Elite action camera, the Fenix 3 can take some no-moving photos from the wrist.


  • Stellar battery life
  • Hard-wearing frame
  • Global GPS tracking
  • Speedy, well-designed UI
  • 100 meters water-proofing at most
  • Tracks various sports


  • Has no golf tracking of other models
  • Lacks on-watch maps
  • Large and bulky

Magellan Switch Crossover GPS Watch

This Switch Crossover’s features are so exceptionally abundant that I cannot list all here. This watch is an all-encompassing recorder and tracker at your disposal. I just mention some features I loved most. If you want more, follow the link added at the end. It can track precise location thanks to data from GPS satellite. Also, this watch may be able to record time, measure distance, speed, cadence, vertical oscillation and so on. Its GPS is highly sensitive to reach the satellite in no time. Furthermore, you may use this watch to record movements in tough conditions such as near hefty buildings, on the mountain or under the dense cover of trees.

The Switch watch features an HD display. Through it, you can read quickly and all the data even in darker conditions or under the too bright light. The lithium-ion battery has an 8-hour lifespan and is rechargeable. According to some triathlon watches reviews, this watch is capable of operating smoothly for a long time. If you are an ultra athlete, you can use a Battery Extender Pack for lengthened battery life of 24 hours in total.

This model can be immersed to 50 meters underwater and used for long-time swimming tracking. However, you may use it in other strenuous activities in water or snowy conditions. It is designed to look slim and elegant, along with a flexible wristband for convenient use in varied conditions.

Moreover, the Magellan Switch Crossover has other training features. For example, a configurable screen with more than 80 data fields available, and nine profiles to store data configurations depending on types of activities. It also features auto lap, auto pause, backtrack navigation, marking locations, activity history, and more.


  • Easy to record your performance
  • Lower-priced compared to other Garmin units
  • Additional battery pack suitable for ultra uses
  • Functions well for running, ultras
  • Utilize standard FIT file format, compatible with most industry software training logs
  • Equipped with ANT+ accessories


  • No Power meter smoothing
  • Unattractive online mapping


Above are the best triathlon watches reviews for all available models in the current market. When you are considering buying a watch, you should ensure that you comprehend them all. Then, you should consult all the features needed in a fitness timer and then pick out the ones that meet your demands. My advice is you don’t need to rush to buy. Just take your time to oversee all of the available options and make the best possible decision.

If you want to know more about available options from typical triathlon watches reviews, let’s read this article.


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