What are the best triathlon running shoes for women?


These reviews of best triathlon running shoes for women would assist you getting off puzzling and buy a suitable pair. Let’s take a close look at it.

Want to enjoy an excitement of how your running benefits for health? Indeed, running helps to prevent diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and also boost the mental and emotional health. So, spending 30 minutes in 5 days of the week could help you live younger than before. But hold on, I would not go into details about running’s benefits. This article has the primary purpose of presenting the reviews of the best triathlon running shoes for women.

Three tips for selecting your suitable pair of shoes

But firstly, remember three tips that help to shorten your thought of ideal list:

  • Decide what your running type and running style is.
  • Pick the category and feature of shoe that suits your demand.
  • Try it on to see if it fits best.

Seven considerations when purchasing the best triathlon running shoes for women

Secondly, kick-off your 2017 running regime by reading seven considerations when buying a shoe.


It is the most crucial component. Just ignore the upper portion of fabric that merely keeps your foot in a shoe. Instead, focus on this primary part including cushioning and support. It would tell you whether it’s time to quit that shoe.

Clarify your running intense

Are you a low-mileage runner or the haft-marathon (20-40 miles)? Or you are in a high- mileage runner group (greater than 40 miles)? “But what for?”- you might ask. It’s genuinely fundamental to determine a suitable shoes’ durability and cushioning stability based on your own performance.

Foot type

Here at a shoe store, the spec of the best triathlon running shoes for women would analyze your gait by looking at foot type and biomechanics. Since then, you get the particular shoe that your feet end up being rigid. With the natural shape, you could run in various categories of footwear (with stability at a moderate level). While for the flat-footed, you could gravitate to higher stability shoe and avoid overpronation.

Test it yourself

You would not buy a car without driving around for 15 min. It’s the same with shoe buying. So, try on your feet by running around the store for 30-60 seconds to see if your foot comforted. And remember to try at evening when your feet are at its largest size. Otherwise, you have to return it with a complaint: “It’s too small for me!”

Fitting level

I was shockingly aware 9/10 friends of mine wearing shoes with a smaller size than their foot size. McQuade from City Sport emphasizes how your foot swell and expand when running. So, it’s critical to wear a full size larger shoe for your running.

Colors of the triathlon running shoes for women

Surprise? The color does effect when coming to a buying running shoes. At first, I hardly know why the black-soled shoe heavy and seem durable than others. Then I found it’s made of carbon rubber. So, you are stabilized to run on the concrete or asphalt which would tear your shoe.

I also realized the white and colored soles made from brown rubber with softer material and lower density. The reason for this matter is that it contains more air than other best triathlon running shoes for women. Hence, it’s apparently perfect for your run-on treadmill, grass, dirt trail or padded track.

Choosing the most suitable color for your triathlon running shoes

Wearing new sneaker

Are you wondering what else I would say about this, is just wearing it, right?
Dear, please don’t! You ‘d better wear new shoes for just 20-30 percent of the weekly mileage after gradually decreasing times wearing the current one. That’s how you could avoid an irritating blister, bruise or thumbnail-swollen hurt.

Top 5 best triathlon running shoes for women

And now, no longer waiting, here are five reviews of triathlon running shoes for women based on my self-experience and my circle of acquaintance’s as well. Let’s check it out, mate!

Zoot Women’s Diego Running Shoe

This pair is Jay (my auntie) ‘s favorite running shoes. As a marathon trainer, Jay truly grateful for the shoe. The reason for it is that the Zoot Women’s Diego Running Shoe helps to recover her feet quickly after a long run. Being one of the best triathlon running shoes for women, it prevents many impacts on her feet, etc. sore foot or heel pain. However, the toe box is narrower than another same category of shoe. That’s why she has to re-order for a haft-size larger one.

Jay said her buddies give a bonus point for the Clifton 3’s cushy landing. Indeed, after upgrading the guidance system and heel stack height, the percussion made by every movement is smoothened plainly. They also compliment how some padding is sufficient to support their gait structure.


  • Comfortable ventilation at the upper that helps feet comfortably breathable.
  • Sufficient cushioning system pleases most of the runners.
  • Many Amazon’s reviews state the midsole is good at staving off the landing.
  • In my view, an extra cushioning could be enough to uphold its lower durability for most of the marathon runner.


  • A haft-size smaller shoe than what the runner get used to.

Newton Distance Women’s Running Shoe

At first, it apparently thrills my sister with a vigorous and colorful outlook (striking neon green). Next, she nearly shouts out in happy as this shoe best suits for the long-distance runner. Truly, she is the marathon trainer with the Newton Distance women’s running shoe.

Concerning the fit and comfort, the footwear weights 204gr help her run considerably faster. Besides, due to its minimal weight with the heel-to-toe difference, it’s pleasant to run as quickly as possible. So, my sister could confidently be running in the rain despite its minor break-in time.


  • Very comfortable to wear due to its sleek design and lightweight upper.
  • Good choice for 5K-marathon or any long run.
  • Due to its upper made from Fly-Knit material, it gets dry quickly.
  • The outsole is made from a foam material which supports you to move comfortably.


  • Its heel-to-toe is relatively long for flat racing.

Zoot Women’s Ultra Kalani 3.0 Running Shoe

In the third place of our best triathlon running shoes for women, you will see the Zoot Women’s Ultra Kalani Running Shoe. Due to a moderate lightweight of cushioning, the shoe helps to stabilize my gait. Hence, I could avoid myself from overpronating. That’s why I regard Zoot Ultra Kalani is best-suited for the rigid-arched runner. Concerning the heel offset (12 mm), I tend to favor with a lower one, perhaps 5-7mm. So, it might boost my running efficiency further.

As for a minor drop of its weight, I could sense a lighter in running movement.
Plus, it has flex grooves on the outsole that gives an incredibly smooth ride.
For that reason, my heel-to-toe transition is greatly enhanced.


  • Provide excellent traction.
  • Premium appearance design, plus an attractive color combination.
  • Sufficient firmness to feel responsiveness clearly.


  • Wish for thicker mid-sole.
  • Many fans wish for the lower heel-to-toe drop.

Adidas Women’s Ultra Boost ST Running Shoe

The pair is worth listing in a successful version series of Adidas “neutral running.” My sister has run 20 miles per week in this shoe and find that it has an impressive support spectrum. She is also impressed by its 9-mm smooth drop. Regarding the fit and comfort, the soft sole has a great extent of cushioning. It awards her running comfortably.

Along with carbon rubber toe, the shoe completely stands out for its high durability. Moreover, she could flexibly move foot thanks to the super thin upper of the Adidas Ultra Boost ST.


  • It’s comfortable and durable to wear for running.
  • The cushioning is impressively responsive.
  • The ride has its own smoothness.
  • Performs outstandingly the fraction.


  • It is smaller than the standard Saucony shoes.
  • After running for 20 miles, its toe box started to separate.

Zoot Women’s Laguna Running Shoe

It is not just my Mom’s regular running shoes but also accompanied with her for the longest period. She affirms to have energy revived thanks to the exclusive innersole.
As far as you may know, Zoot Women’s Laguna Running Shoe is triple resilient than any other shoes made of casual standard foam. Along with that is a moderate cushioning that led to my Mom conclusion: “So far so good!”

Similar to many Amazon’s views, she is impressed how the shoe greatly built with its pronation control. That’s why many neutral runners agree this shoe is adequately versatile to handle their tempo runs.


  • A sufficient toe-box room for natural toe-splaying.
  • The pair provides a true-to-size option.
  • A highly-appreciated cushioning system that makes it feel clear smooth when running.


  • A bit pricey shoes.

In a nutshell

We hope that the above best triathlon running shoes for women will give you some useful understandings of what should be bought. In the case you want to find further information about the best triathlon running shoes in general, please kindly go to this link.



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