What are the best triathlon cycling shoes 2017?


It is quite lucky for some triathletes who are finding the best triathlon cycling shoes 2017 as we found and tested six perfect options at multiple price points.

Are you still wearing an old shoe for biking during an extended period and it is becoming itchy sometimes? If yes, it is probably the most suitable time for you to replace such off-white, dingy triathlon shoes which are bought many seasons ago. And now, no longer waiting, here are some useful reviews of the best triathlon cycling shoes 2017 based on my self-experience and my circle of acquaintance’s as well. Let’s check it out, and you will collect fantastic information for yourself.

Picking up amazing triathlon cycling shoes 2017 is not an easy task

Top 5 best triathlon cycling shoes 2017

Scott Tri Carbon

This product is a quality running shoe whether you are on fast-paced running or high mileage training. Indeed, Jim- a neutral runner and my friend as well said the pair worth its cost. Right at first wearing, Jim was indeed charmed by the shoes’ satisfying cushioning. However, it soon wears away after running for miles. For this reason, Jim thinks it’s better to have a thicker layer of cushioning. Even though a toe-box is a bit small for Jim, his feet feel much comfortable in a wiggle room made from the sock-like material.

Plus, he also likes how the shoes optimized its breathability. As there are 2 “flywire” drawstrings, the shoelaces could go through each eyelet smoothly. So, after tightening the shoelaces, he could feel apparently how the flywire string tighten against the side of his feet.
Regarding the responsiveness, along with a rubber outsole are a strategically placed groove that enables him to flex comfortably in different directions. Whereas, a Zoom Air bag placed at the forefoot midsole makes a forefoot stiffer. Hence, it reduces a flexibility feel at the natural forefoot.

Scott Tri Carbon triathlon cycling shoes

However, the soft packs put within the foam insole and midsole supports the responsiveness noticeably. Also, an additional Zoom Air bag placed at the shoe’s forefoot helps to extend his cushioning’s lifespan considerably. As a matter of fact, he is extremely interested in this Scott Tri Carbon pair’s reflective feature. One of the best triathlon cycling shoes 2017 contains loads of shiny bits. So, this night-visibility shoe assists him running at night safely.


  • Extra Zoom Air bags provide more propulsion during take-off.
  • Highly-appreciated breathability.
  • More proper Flywire cord allows slightly softer upper.
  • New engineered-mesh upper enhances the sock-like feel.


  • A narrow toe-box frustrates many runners.

Sidi T4 Air

Being one of the best triathlon cycling shoes 2017, it’s the rising-star shoe in the same classification with competitive price. I often wear it on my daily run. The reason I love this pair is somehow a robust U4icX midsole placed in the heel crash pad. I think it increases about 30% responsiveness and durability than other same brand models I had. Noticeably, I like its engineered mesh that enhances my feet’s breathability and reasonable foothold.

After 60-miles plus in this shoe, I realized Sidi T4 Air is obviously versatile due to its lightweight and nice cushioning. Truly, my feet are well secured and flexible workout because of a comfortable plush placed on an upper. As well, my heel could fit in the shoe without irritation. Another feature I do appreciate is its outstanding lightweight of 8.3 oz. (my size 7). And honestly, I also jumped for joy when realizing its genuinely widened toe-box.

Thanks for that, my feet could stay enjoyable in such generous wiggle room.
I tried a grip test on a semi-wet concrete and found this Sidi T4 Air has exceptional responsiveness. It provides a decent grip thanks to the sole unit made of an updated material – a neutral wave plate. As a result, I did not fall off and hurt myself. This quick turnover responsiveness also incredibly responses with my mix of distance and speed.

Being one of the best triathlon cycling shoes 2017, this Sidi T4 Air impresses me with its reflective material. You could see how it’s distinctive to have a number 20 lights up at night. About a three-mesh upper, it helps to enhance my shoe’s breathability without being porous with water. Also, a right heel could secure my foot visibly.


  • A sufficient lightweight shoe provides soft and comfortable underfoot experience.
  • Superior responsiveness and agility for many different types of activities.
  • An efficient and robust U4icX mid-sole.
  • Relatively affordable price.


  • Need to improve a heel-toe drop.
  • A few complaints of its quick worn-out upper fabric.

Louis Garneau Cycling shoes

Mike – my running friend, is truly appealed by the shoe’s reassuring grip on many terrains. For 150 miles till now, there is only a small wear outside of the shoe. And thanks to a thick tread zigs and zags, he could go uphill steadily. So, on behalf of a runner, he notices how the shoe’s cushioning system and protective elements protect his feet. At last, he told me this fit-to-size shoe satisfies his demands.

Indeed, Mike does feel surprising how light weight of Louis Garneau Cycling Shoes in hands. And surely, “it is lighter when running in it”-he said. Plus, there is a lot of protective features (sturdy heel cup, adequate padding, flexible toe-sole, etc.) explains why Mike loves this pair.

Also, you may be positively amusing with the shoe’s featuring cushioning and well-ventilated mesh that lets air flows. Certainly, this shoe is not only comfortable but easy breathability. Jim also like the gusseted tongue which protects the shoe from visible dirt and debris truly well.


  • Nice responsiveness of the midsole foam that manipulates well the shock attenuation and cushioning.
  • ISOFIT upper unit is stretchable to hold foot snugly.
  • Adaptable outsole rubber on various kind of terrain.
  • Good traction and protection.


  • The price is mildly high.

Mavic Cosmic Elite Tri

This shoe is made from a new material of Mavic. So along with its continuous cushioning, her foot is well-protected. And what surprised her most is an extra layer of cushioning added between the structural board of the shoe and the stocking. It enhances the softness greatly. As for its soft material insole, Mavic Cosmic Elite Tri has great toe-off and responsiveness with each bounce. However, the shoes had lately lost its initial bounce and feel quite squishy.

Despite its weight of 272gr, it’s slightly heavy to run fast. That’s why it is amazing how an additional cushioning not only helps the Mavic Cosmic Elite Tri lighter but also improve the shoe’s speediness.


  • Despite the Mavic Cosmic Elite Tri’s slightly high price, the runner recognizes it’s lightweight.
  • With an ISOFIT upper, the shoe has lateral stability and good foothold.
  • There is also a plenty room to rest the feet.


  • Based on numerous complaints among Amazon’s comments, the upper is a bit too plush and make their feet sweat.

Giro Mele Tri

Though Giro Mele Tri is not available with a plush ongoing superpower, I still realize how the upper enhanced. However, I suggest adding extra paddings for the midsole.  The outsole of one of the best triathlon cycling shoes 2017 is made from a foam material which supports him running comfortably.
As for its lightweight and resilient outsole, he able to run or strike at very speedy. Also with a remarkable arch support of the midsole, he feels strongly how high the heel bouncy when running at slower speed.
Even though I knew Giro Mele Tri is produced with a dual density midsole, I am a bit afraid. Because my previous version’s midsole was nearly worn out after 200-miles, it was kept falling on the lower side of its spectrum after reached 350 miles. Until now, I have managed roughly 250 miles in this shoe. And hoping for the more solid midsole.


  • Comfortable ventilation at the upper that helps feet easily breathable.
  • Sufficient cushioning system pleases most of the runners.
  • Many reviews state the midsole is good at staving off the landing.


  • A haft-size smaller shoe than what the runner get used to.

Shimano TR9

The Shimano TR9 featured its sharpening chevron. This upper mesh gives the shoe a rare appearance. Likewise, the tongue and heel section grants a deluxe accommodation. On top of that, it’s out-of-the-box aesthetics in the dark blue makes me wow. So, with that premium look, I suppose to win a bargain at a reasonable price.

However, I met some trouble tying shoelaces due to annoying metal tabs on the end of the lace. If you are in the same scenario, remember to thread them through the tongue-laced section. Then it would not flop while you run. So, no astonishing to see many runners recognize this pair as an effective foot pain cure.

As for its tongue thickness, it is much softer to touch now. And thanks much that two uncomfortable pieces at the top of the feet were finally pulled out. So now I could only make it a point and effortlessly tread down into the shoe.


  • Besides its admirable lightweight, I am given a substantial wiggle room for my toes.
  • Sufficient cushioning system pleases most of the runners.
  • Many reviews state the midsole is good at staving off the landing.


  • This shoe is not true to size.

Pearl Izumi Tri Fly V Carbon

This shoe is also many marathoner ‘s shoe preference due to its ultimate cushioning layer. A gel pillow is placed beneath the feet to comfort the foot. Along with that is a wide platform that helps to deliver tremendous softness and stability. That’s how Pearl Izumi Tri Fly V Carbon guides the foot to have a natural position.

Many users, including me immensely favors a new mesh used for the upper. It helps to smooth the shoe’s breathability. Regarding the responsiveness, you may affirm there is no considerable outstanding for its responsiveness.

Despite the fact that its weight is at an average scale (~0.2 oz.), Jim prefers to have appropriate-weight shoes but till maintain other superior features, surely. If Jay could propose for any design idea, there must be a few adjustments at a heel counter. Though a V-sharp collar helps to hug ankle closer, this surrounding area needed sharpening.

  • A midsole which made from EVA material is thick and firm to bend rigidly.
  • It might be an ideal running shoe for long-distance running.
  • Plus, the midsole awards him an impressively decent grip.
  • And for an additional rubber, it supports the outsole to gain much greater traction.


  • This shoe is not true to size.

Garneau TRI-400

My Dad extremely favors how his feet kept in place by an ISOFIT system of the Garneau TRI-400. Besides that, my Dad like an idea of shortening number of a strap. Because this part of the best triathlon cycling shoes 2017 improves a shoe’s strength and a light structure. Also, I remembered he emphasized how great to own the true-to-size shoes with an intense lightweight. Also, a zig-zag pattern TRI-FLEX is added for the same purpose. So, it’s quite clear why my Dad run in this shoe for such a long time.

Though this version is not focused much on design, he kindly appreciates a reinforced mesh. It helps contour his feet gracefully. Likewise, the pair has just 2 or 3 straps on its overlay. However, he ‘d like to make some minor change at insole to snugly fit on the top sole.


  • Heavier XT-900 carbon rubber was placed under the heel-to-toe outsole to enhance durability.
  • Along with a noticeably soft and well-formed heel, you may love a fabric placed between layers of the upper.
  • There are a smooth internal liner and a moderately padded tongue which gives a relevant space for the feet rest.


  • The price is a bit higher than the average range.

Final world

In short, let’s consider the best triathlon cycling shoes 2017, which tongue padding is adequately fluffy. But what you may like most from the above list is an excellent lacing with proper snugness adjustment. It only takes you a couple attempts to properly fitting your feet in shoes. In fact, an online survey of their responsiveness was conducted widely. It revealed a common allege that all of the best triathlon cycling shoes 2017 could adapt to most of the running condition regardless of how intense tempo and speed racing.

However, if a 12mm heel-toe drop does not give you a soft feeling of abrupt, you may wish to see the heel-toe offset improved in the latter version. Even though you were firstly impressed by the aesthetic side of some shoe lines, do not forget to suggest the pair to widening its sole. Because of the narrow sole, you may meet a few stability issues when running. Obviously, it would exaggerate his pronation and soon become your nightmare shoes.


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