The Best Triathlon Bikes of 2017 Everyone Should Have


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The best triathlon bikes will be the best companions

When it comes to mentioning triathlon, there are three types of sport for you to choose from, including biking, running and swimming. To succeed in triathlon, you must have the appropriate gears designing for each sports type. The triathlon gears vary in different categories, depending on the particular sport. It is no exception for biking. Our article today will focus on recommending the best triathlon bikes athletes should have in a triathlon.

What is The Best Triathlon Bike?

There is a wide range of bike options available on the current market. Consequently, their diversification may make you feel overwhelmed. Consider these Factors below when you buy a triathlon bike.

  • Price: If you have started a triathlon biking course, there is no need of investing in a super pricey bike. The best bike, in this case, should come with high-quality components at the affordable price. Thus, instead of purchasing a super-expensive model, you had better choose a good road bike.
  • Ease of Use: A good triathlon bike often features the great ease of use and high efficiency for training. Therefore, put this factor into your buying consideration. 

Top 6 Triathlon Bikes Review of 2017

  1. Torelli Tocatta

The first outstanding recommendation on our list comes from Tocatta. If you are beginners, converting a normal road bike to a triathlon bike is an important task. All you need to do is investing in the right road bike and equipping it by additional accessories. One of the most popular triathlon bikes nowadays is Torelli Tocatta. This bike ranks high position thanks to valuable features such as the lightweight frame, various sizes, and more.

More specifically, it equips the 18-pound frame for easy controlling. Let’s enjoy the high riding performance without any discomfort. No matter you have small or big body size; the Torelli model will satisfy you well. The bike offers 16 size options for people at different ages. Therefore, it is advisable for you to pick the suitable triathlon bike for your height to get the best power. As a result, select the right option for your needs and demands.

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Here is a perfect option for triathlon beginner

2. Trek Equinox 7

Here is one of the best triathlon bikes you should purchase for many good reasons. As a pride of the well-known brand in the bike industry, Trek Equinox 7 guarantees to make customers feel happy in their triathlon.

The most impressive feature of the bike is the great equipment of 9-speed drive train. That is to say it is a big plus of the model, which enhances the better flexibility and versatility on each road. Thus, feel safe to control your most appropriate gears when moving on different types of terrain. In three-sport like triathlon, remaining the aerodynamics is an essential task.

With Trek Equinox, there is no difficulty in reaching the top cycling speeds. This excellent feature comes from the perfect combination of tubes and aero bars. Indeed, these components work well with each other in boosting your cycling performance. How wonderful it is! Furthermore, controlling the bike is much easier due to Bontrager Aeros wheels.

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High flexibility is the most impressive feature of this bike

3. Cervelo P2K

Have a fantastic experience with a reliable road bike from Cervelo, Cervelo P2K. Although the purpose of Cervelo P2K is serving high-performance athletes, it is still suitable for beginners. It is not only eye-catching but also comes with multi functions. Discover all fabulous features of the model as the followings.

Working based on high Cervelo technology, this bike meets the needs of both beginners and professional athletes. For example,changing the seat post is possible by selecting the right seat angle. This helps you enhance your aerodynamics and positioning. Furthermore, made from Smart wall 2 tubing, it contributes to offering the durable frameset as well as the smooth ride. Besides, other key traits of the bike include an internal cable routing and a big rear wheel. However, if you find it still hard to control this Cervelo P2K bike, look for P2K Ultegra 10. This is another ideal recommendation for people who love the simplicity.

With all reasons above, finding the best triathlon bikes is unchallengeable. Hope you have comfortable rides with this successful model from Cervelo.

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Does it look cook?

4. Boardman Road Comp

The next typical option in our list comes from Boardman. As a reputed brand, Boardman offers a wide range of sports equipment to users. Today, it continues to introduce the top high-end triathlon bike for training. This is Boardman Road Comp. The model features all beginners need to quickly succeed in their racing. They couldbe listed as below. 

Especially, lightweight design is the first fabulous feature we should mention here. The bike is so compact for easy moving and controlling on different terrains. Moreover, although the model is lightweight, it has the stiff frame for enduring tear and wears. For people who love the elegant design, this bike is a good choice. It catches most of the customers’ eyes at the first glance thanks to the visible geometry and cool decals.

Besides, you can move on the flat surface or climb the hill with this bike without any difficulty. At the reasonable price, this road bike fits different budget types. The best triathlon bikes nowadays should come with this feature. Are you ready to start your race with this supportive companion? Let’s start now.

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This model is very sturdy for moving on the long road

5. Giant Defy 4

You will actually fall in love with this model. The bike is a smart choice for a long distance without any discomfort and inflexibility. In addition to the good-looking design, the bike also equips tons of gorgeous features. It belongs to the most durable triathlon bikes you can find out on the current market.

First of all, made from aluminum, the bike frame is very lightweight for easy overcoming various road challenges. This feature also helps you remain good speed during your races. Why does this bike have the great ability to move in long distance? Well, the answer is so simple. It comes from the excellent balance while climbing the bike all day. Additionally, because of high versatility, it takes you extremely short time to handle the bike. Hope you get the best power transfer with this reliable bike. See more details here.

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Controlling this bike is so simple

6. Ribble Sportive Bianco

Finally, let’s have a close look at this high-performance triathlon bike. It is worth choosing this bike for long riding in sunny days. The following describes key traits of Ribble Bianco bike that make it outstanding from other triathlon bikes in this day and age.

The model has a great finish to catch most of the eyes at the first glance. It also makes impressive by the muscular design from the carbon frame. In fact, differentiating from other models in the same category, the Ribble has soft back end during the whole race. Therefore, it contributes significantly to support your performance in long distances. Feel comfortable to enjoy your races thanks to this powerful companion.

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Have memorable riding moments with this elegant bike

In a nutshell, it is very important for you to decide your best triathlon bikes among a variety of options. A good triathlon bike plays an important role in your fitness target. Find out popular triathlon events here. No matter you are new or experienced athletes, you have a chance to give right decisions from our list above.


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