The best triathlon bike helmets 2017 You Might Not Know


A triathlon popularly consists of three continuous stages of running, cycling and swimming. In each stage, a triathlete necessarily requires some of the considerable supportive tools that enable them to fight any weather’s condition and gain peak performance. Among these supports, a bike helmet is indispensable in biking competition. Check out our comprehensive triathlon bike helmets review to get further tips and suggestions.

Benefits of the best triathlon bike helmets

Have you wondered why any triathletes are wearing triathlon helmets during biking competition? If you have spent times watching any cycling competitions, you would have noticed an additional appearance of bike helmets. It is no coincidence that they are required to wear a helmet. Using helmets can offer several benefits to the users. In our triathlon bike helmets review, we will show you some of the significant advantages of wearing a helmet during competition.

In fact, a course can take place in any weather conditions like hot, cloudy or rainy weathers. In this case, a triathlon bike helmet plays a crucial role in protecting the users’ head from any negative elements of surrounding environment such as rain, the sunshine, UV rays, dirt, dust and so on. Therefore, these elements no longer annoy the triathletes anymore.

Another significant function of wearing a helmet is its ability to create safety for triathletes if an accidental crash occurs. Accidents are something we never expect in any pieces of training and racing. In contrast, we always try to avoid them. However, your vulnerable head, as well as live, will be protected better if you are wearing a high-quality helmet.

Furthermore, a high-end triathlon bike helmet also enables the triathletes to improve their speed by reducing wind impact, friction, and drag. Therefore, this helps to improve their performance and reach closer to the win. Because wearing a well- manufactured bike helmet provides incredible benefits to the users; they become an indispensable supportive equipment during cycling stage.

How to pick up the best triathlon bike helmets?

We all know that on the current market, there are many triathlon bike helmets to diversify the choices of customers. However, this diversity will also make the purchasers overwhelmed when choosing the best ones. Instead of hurriedly coming to the store and selecting any eye-catching helmets, you had better pay high attention to these following essential factors before purchasing:


Firstly, it is undeniable that higher price a helmet is, the higher-quality it owns. In contrast, on the market, there are some models with the same budget but sold with a different price. Therefore, if you care much about your budget, let’s take a cheaper one instead of buying a model of a well-known brand.


For any competitions, fit always plays a crucial part in the performance of triathletes. A perfect helmet should fit well, not too tightly or not move on the users’ head. Besides, it should equip webbing and delivers the possibility of adjusting.


To create a balance and ensure comfort and convenience, you should choose a lightweight helmet instead of a heavy one. Do not forget this factor if you want to achieve better performance and comfort.

Shell and liner construction

Next, a bike helmet should come together with a plastic shell to bring more resistance and head’s protection. A liner should also be included to bring more comfort and protection to the users. After that, make sure that your head fits well with this liner.

Right shape

When choosing a right helmet shape, you should take consideration of three factors: width, the length of tail and features of the surface. The tail should be short enough to create more movement freedoms, whereas, a slim shape makes the helmet take less air. Besides, the surface should be the smoothest one, not rough or uneven.

MIPS Technology provision

It is ideal if your helmet additionally delivers Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). This technology gives more effective protection to the users, especially when a crash occurs.

Ventilation possibility

A triathlon bike helmet comes with outlets helps to increase wind flow and ventilation over the users’ head. Therefore, these vents bring more comfortable and cooler feels while they are cycling.

Full-face protection

For a long and hard competition, to ensure full protection and safety to the triathletes, it will be better if it includes a wrap around chin protection.

If you are wondering how to choose a right helmet, keep reading our best triathlon bike helmets Review as following.

Top 5 best triathlon bike helmets 

Smith Overtake (MIPS)

Image result for Smith Overtake (MIPS)
Feel secure, comfortable and airy with this amazing bike helmet

If you want to pick up a triathlon bike helmet with the capability of maximum safety and ventilation, the Smith Overtake (MIPS) is engineered for you. Let’s have a close look at one of the best triathlon bike helmets.

With a wide range of colors, this helmet can satisfy your favor. If you like a green one, take it. If your favor is a black one, it is yours. Not just for performance improvement and protection as well, the product also helps to style the users a lot. Put away the worry about a stupid appearance in a helmet; it can style you more than you think.

Within the durable shell, a lightweight liner wraps around the total head. This design offers considerable protection and shock absorption. Besides, Smith Overtake applies innovative effect safety in its new model which helps to lessen force in an accident and reduce the opportunities of head injuries.

Another selling point of that model is the ability to create breathability to the users. The design of optimized outlets let the air to move freely over the head for maximum ventilation. Furthermore, this helmet fits well with several heads’ sizes while it can match perfectly with Smith Optics goggles and sunglasses.


  • Provide full protection
  • Enhance breathability and ventilation
  • Fit well
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely affordable price with high quality


  • Chin straps are roughly short
  • Slightly bulky in the front side of the helmet

Lazer Z1 MIPS

Image result for Lazer Z1 MIPS
The laser Z1 MIPS helmet refines many unique characteristics of Belgian bike helmet

The selling point of that helmet the purchasers can take full advantages is its a wide range of accessories. When buying the laser Z1 MIPS, you will additionally receive a tail light, lock, heart scale monitor and a cooling pad. These amazing accessories become effective assistance during biking competition. Also, the users can save an amount of money.

For both winter and summer, this model always works well. Unlike some of the products on the current market, the helmet is designed to serve you in any weather conditions. This cover made from plastic contributes to the airflow limitation for further warm. It even can become an optimal protection in the winter when coming with a headband. However, this model still guarantees enough breathability to keep your head cool and out of moisture.

Another characteristic explaining why Lazer is called a T-pro design is its full temples protection. We all know that the temple is the most vulnerable area of the head. Therefore, by putting additional material around this area, the head injuries will be lessened considerably.


  • A wide range of amazing accessories such as a tail light, lock, heart scale monitor and a cooling pad
  • Useful both for winter and summer
  • Great head protection by putting more materials around temples
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing ventilation
  • Fit well


  • High price


Image result for MET DRONE WB
Get the highest ventilation with this amazing bike helmet

The next recommendation in our triathlon bike helmets Review comes from MET Drone Wide Body. Highly appreciated by both customers and professions, let’s see how can we benefit from wearing this helmet.

This model has a special capability of delivering optimal ventilation to the users. The idea comes with the manufacturers when the design draws away the air around the users’ shoulder. This construction helps to enhance entire aerodynamics while it allows moisture and sweat spread out quickly despite the shortage of large outlets.

As we know, great vision is essential when a triathlete is riding. Coming to this model, it offers a good view to ensure better performance for the triathletes. The large design extremely enables the visor to be kept clear while this visor provides an incredibly large field of vision. Therefore, the triathletes may forget they are using a bike helmet since they get various free space.


  • Keep your head cool without sweat or moisture or heat
  • The best aero bike helmet ever
  • Bring comfort and convenience
  • Easy take on and off
  • Create great vision to the users
  • Very fast


  • High price
  • Not extremely lightweight but exceptional
  • Cannot fit with anyone
  • The tail is rather long

Close Fuga

Image result for Close Fuga helmet
Easier storage with this foldable triathlon bike helmet

Have you ever heard a helmet which delivers the capability of portable and foldable ability? Let’s your dream come true with this gorgeous helmet from Close Fuga. Discover fantastic features as below.

Available in the black and white color, this helmet is one of the bike helmets which can become smaller to store easily like the Brooks Carerra helmet. However, it can be folded from the top to down to save over 50% space. This model also provides a bill in the front of for better eyes protection from sunshine or rain. The bill is not only high-quality but also can be easily taken away if it does not match the users’ favor.

Despite the ability of foldability, the Close Fuga still ensures high protection. Made from durable stuff according to the standard of American and European safety requirement, you can always feel secure whenever wearing it. For these reasons, it is undeniable that this model deserves the best triathlon bike helmets in the sports industry.


  • Foldable and portable for simple storage
  • A bill in the front for better eyes protection
  • Sleek design for better appearance
  • Lightweight for better performance
  • Ensure high quality and safety


  • High price
  • Not fit perfectly with the users’ head
  • Not comfortable for the users


Image result for RUDY PROJECT WING 57
Light weight and breathability- all you can get when wearing this model

The manufacturers of Ruby project have always tried to engineer the fastest and most breathable helmet all over the world. They seem to gain great success with the Wing57 project model. This helmet has taken the success of the original Wingspan while it is built with the regulation of aerodynamics of John Cobb for maximum breathability and speed improvement.

The helmet is not the most simple one in transition. However, you can easily to take the visor out of its place. The design of longer tail helps to improve speed and performance while it is removable it does not match your favor.

Light weight is a big plus of that model. With the weight of 390g, it is considered as one of the lightest helmets which ensure durable in high speed, breathable and comfortable. As the coolest one on a test, this helmet is an ideal selection for hot and long competition.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great breathability
  • Comfortable
  • Removable long tail


  • Pricy
  • Not fast
  • Not extremely easy to transition


With individual experience and suggestions from experts, we carry out the best triathlon bike helmets to give significant support for your right selections. Although a perfect helmet offers various benefits to the users, investing in a suitable one is not always easy for several triathletes, especially for the beginners. Therefore, before purchasing, do not forget to have a close look at all of the models and consider advantages and disadvantages of each product. After that, let’s  make a right decision for your choice.










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