How to Have The Best Triathlete Diet?


A triathlon is defined a multiple-stage race which consists of three continuous stages: swimming, running, and biking. Because this sport needs various power and flexibility, a diet for the triathlete is of high importance. Nevertheless, a wide range of triathletes has difficulty in having the best triathlete diet to ensure the health and support their competition. Keep reading our following article to get more helpful suggestions.

Set up a plan

In each factor, establishing a plan always enables the people to be more active and flexible. For a triathlete, before going to the real triathlon, the preparation in nutrition for their daily diet is of high concern. What should we do in create an effective plan for the upcoming triathlon? Take it easy to follow these helpful tips and advice. You will be able to gain your goal easily.

Firstly, it is necessary to have a close look at your current diet to find out whether it is suitable or not. If your current diet is a standard one, follow it. In contrast, ask for a sports nutrition profession’s advice to improve the diet effectively and establish a plan to achieve your goal. Remember to make your diet realistic in every day instead of thinking it in mind.

Carbs are necessary for daily diet

In fact, carb is an indispensable food in daily triathlete diet. For every day, most of the meals should connntain carbohydsrate, especially, before or after triathlon practice. Although eating carbs brings a crucial energy, they cause different effects on the users’ health with different kinds of cards. Consequently, before putting them on your diet, you should carefully find out their functions and features.

The carbs with fast energy releasing are ideal before or after triathlon practice while the carbs with low energy releasing is suitable for each daily diet. In addition to the kinds of carbs, finding how to cook them is also necessary to ensure the nutrition maintenance. Follow the instructions in cooking temperature, time and added spice for the best effectiveness.

Remember to keep eating fruits and vegetables

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Remember to pick up fruits and vegetables on the daily diet

Although we have heard about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables for many times, some triathlete puts them off their daily diet. As we know, carbs, protein, and fats provide excellent energy after a long hard practice. Meanwhile, fruits and vegetables should be eaten to maximize the nutrient intake and keep fit. Therefore, do not forget to pick up vegetables and fruits on your list.

Good fats for energy uptake

Many people consider that fat can causes serious heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. It is true if the users eat a large volume of bad fats. Nevertheless, good fats such as oils, seeds, nuts and so on significantly can benefit the triathletes’ health and support their training and exercise a lot. Besides, fats also play a crucial role in decreasing inflammation and preserving weight.

Remember that each kind of fats brings different effects. Therefore, the triathlete should deeply understand the role and characteristics of different fats so that they can identify a certainly essential amount of fat in the diet. For the Omega 3 fats including nuts, oily fish, etc. is encouraged to be eaten more while you should reduce vegetable oils (called Omega 6) in the triathlete diet.

Protein supplement

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Add protein as an indispensable element in the good diet

Protein is a good source helping to deliver amino acids. After hard exercise, the muscles are often ached and pained, which can cause a T-bone, especially at night. In this case, a protein with these amino acids will contribute to rebuilding the muscles, hence, reducing muscles problems for the triathlete. As a result, the triathletes can get the peak performance during three stages of this competition.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, each triathlete requires from 05 to 0.8 grams of protein per his weight’s pound. It means that if a triathlete weighs 100 pounds, he need to supplement an amount of protein about 50 to 80 grams. Which food contains more protein? You can find an efficient amount of protein in the grains like lentils, quinoa and so on.

Avoid eating fiber

Besides completing crucial elements for a triathlete diet, it is necessary for the users to avoid some food causing bad effects on their health. Fiber is a considerable example of food you should highly keep away. Instead of eating some fiber-rich food, a diet now should be consisted of the food which is digestible and fiber-low as well.

We suggest using this kind of food because the fiber-rich food can cause digestive problems for the triathlete. Particularly when the competition is about to occur, this distress may lead to the impossibility of finishing all the race. It is a big disadvantage of the players as well as their fans.

Instead, you should choose easy or even white grains for your daily diet. In this case, white potatoes, bread, and rice are highly encouraged. You can also eat fruits if you like as long as they have no rough skins or seeds. Take melons, Mango, cantaloupe or bananas on your list.

Keep your diet in balance

The question “ how to choose the best triathlete diet” is not very difficult. However, it is not easy too. We have once time heard about the balanced diet. This word seems to confuse the users a lot. However, it becomes simple if you follow this suggestion.

A balanced diet ensures to contain at least 80 percent of the good elements while the rest 20 percent can be the not too good ones. The balanced diet not only creates the harmony in your diet but also enables you to uptake the nutrition efficiently. As a result, do not forget to measure your diet whenever you go to the shop for purchase.

You can find further information in this video:

Be careful with losing weight

To athletes, keeping fit is always important. The fit will help the players to gain the flexibility and convenience in each performance. However, the triathletes should think in their mind a note that losing about 4 to 5 pounds in the period of 5 to 6 weeks is capable while it is impossible to loose 10 pounds in only 1 or 2 weeks. Instead of fast weight loss, you should move your eyes to another safe and healthy one by slowly losing weight.

On the current market, there are several advertisements about weight loss. Be careful with this advertisements. You may be fooled by them a lot. The best way is that you should ask for experts’ advice to guarantee effectiveness and safety as well.


Having an effective triathlete diet no longer challenges you if you follow our above suggestions. With individual experience and advice from professions, the article enables all groups of triathletes at any levels to have the best preparation for their upcoming competition. If you have any questions, let’s us know. We are here to solve you whenever you want.





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