What is The Best Protein Powder For Triathletes?


Every triathlete often immerses themselves in a long drill before the races that run lots of power. Therefore, triathletes must charge enough nutritious supplements that help them to revive from the strenuous workouts. The healthy and perfect revive supplements contain amino acids and protein to stimulate muscles recovery. Besides, carbohydrates need to be added to prevent glycogen loss. Therefore, spare your minutes to read the whole reviews of the best protein powder for triathletes.

1.First Endurance Ultragen

The outstanding feature of Ultragen is its good taste. The drink contains supplements that allow you the best energy for each competition. The research shows that nutrients proved in the experiment that Ultragen could optimize triathlete’s power and strength. Besides, Ultragen owns twenty grams of the most nutritious protein that aims to recharge and recover the muscles functions. Moreover, six grams of glutamine in Ultragen helps to stimulate glycogen reproduction and limits the exhaustion. The five grams of amino acids play essential roles to reduce the soreness of muscle and promote the recovery. However, the price of this powder is a little high, but it deserves this cost well. This product is very useful for biking athletes or triathletes. The appealing feature of Ultragen is that you no need to shake before drinking as it dissolves quickly in water.

First Endurance Ultragen

2.Powerbar Ironman Restore Powder

If you find a type of protein powder for instant dissolution and high- intense training, Powerbar Ironman Restore Powder is your right choice. This product includes fifty grams of carbohydrates that can improve glycogen resynthesis and relieve muscle pain. Protein also helps to repair and revive the muscles of triathletes. If you are about to compete for the next round, you can refuel yourself with this powder.  Furthermore, sodium amount occupying 250 mg restores electrolytes to avoid dehydration symptoms. You should consume this drink within twenty minutes after a workout session.

Especially, Ironman Powder can absorb with water in a rush. Therefore, you can completely rely on this powder to have a quick recovery after a high- strenuous training. Its taste is a bit sweet, so you can add more water to balance the flavor. It has some bubbles too, so wait a second before you drink it. For the harsher fitness, you can combine with glutamine or vanilla to have better taste and more efficiency.

Image result for Powerbar Ironman Restore Powder
Powerbar Ironman Restore Powder

3.Hammer Nutrition: Recoverite

The third protein powder you will not want to dismiss is Recoverite. We are sure there are many people love this from the first sight due to its natural ingredients. It includes the amino acids L- carnosine, L- glutamine and tyrosine. These types of amino acids help to repair the muscles and prevent the next tiredness during the harsh workout. Protein chemical makes up for ten grams, and carbohydrates occupy thirty grams, which allows the triathlete to build muscle and energy during the training.

In similarity with other powder, Recoverite also helps to stimulate the digest and immune system and restore the glycogen level. The product functions as reproducing the muscle protein and delay the fatigue. In term of the tastes, the powder comes in a diversity of flavors. You have a good appetite with orange, vanilla or chocolate. So do not hesitate to rush to any stores to process this good quality protein powder.

Image result for Hammer Nutrition: Recoverite
Hammer Nutrition: Recoverite

4.Endurox R4

The fourth product underwent tons of studies to prove its efficiency. Endurox includes thirteen protein grams and fifty- two carbohydrates. Such combination allows triathletes to recover the muscles and refuel energy instantly. The powder also own potassium and sodium that stimulates hydration. After each a workout, you should use this drink.

Moreover, Endurox is said to be the number one recovery powder due to its fast and efficient recovery. If you want your muscle pain to fade faster, Endurox is your ideal choice. In comparison with the traditional powder, Endurox R4 own the amazing superiorities. The percentage of glycogen recovery takes up by more than 100%. Muscle hurt reduces up to one- third rate. The portion of protein growth goes up to four hundred percentage. These fantastic figures are tested and concluded from many studies. Therefore, you can completely rely on this powder. Now you know how to choose the best protein powder for triathletes, right?

5.Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey

One of the best protein powder for triathletes is Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey. Such powder takes up only four grams of glutamine and glutamic acid in a serving. Besides, over than five grams of the natural amino acid, isoleucine and valine are in each serving. Optimum is also well- known for its low level of the sugar, so you no need to worry about gaining weight or something like that.

On the taste side, the taste is pretty good, too. Its flavor seems to be similar to chocolate milk, which can satisfy your appetite at once. Especially, you can drink Optimum after the main meal. You can use as a desert as well. Besides, you only need to blend this chocolate powder instead of shaking it. It just takes some seconds to dissolve. There is the fact that Whey protein belongs to the number one powder of the world, which is on sales via the internet and main sports and nutrition retailers. So we are sure that you will buy one of the best protein powders for triathletes again and again after trying this powder.

Image result for Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey
Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey

6. Glutamine

The last protein powder that we would like to introduce with all of you is Glutamine. Glutamine is famous for its amazing features and capacities. Glutamine defines as an amino acid that stimulates your muscles recovery from high- intense training. This chemical can reproduce the glycogen within muscles as well. Triathletes tend to implement various strenuous exercise, and consequently, their bodies will not have enough strength to move on. Glutamine supplies energy for each session like this. It prevents the symptoms of overtraining or exhaustion. It absolutely can enhance triathlete’s speed and power. According to a sports nutrition expert, provided that you can get from six to eight grams a day, glutamine has been shown to reduce protein loose during worn out triathlon competition and repair the muscle damage instantly. Therefore, triathletes can be more confident of getting the new records in each race.


On the current market, there are tons of recovery protein powders for consumers to choose. You may be flooded with all of them and do not know what you want. Here are the best six protein powders for triathletes we classify and bring out to the readers. Besides training, focusing on the nutrition is also essential. You not only concentrate your main meal, but you also need to provide the other healthy and effective nutrients to stimulate your strength recovery. Choosing a perfect supplement for your body growth is a bit tough. However, after reading this protein powder review, you absolutely can opt for your favorite one. Keep staying on our website to read more informative articles.

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