The best energy gels triathlon review 2017


To all triathletes at any levels, we know your deep demand of an effective recovery energy. After one sport, you may turn to be painful and tired. However, when you come to a triathlon of three continuous sports, it seems to be exhausted. In addition to recovery food and drink, an energy pack of gel offers incredible advantages to the users. If you want to find out an efficient model, keep following our best energy gels triathlon review 2017.

Benefits of well-manufactured energy gels triathlon

As an endurance athlete, the question what are the best models providing efficient energy and recovery at least once time appears in your mind. On the market, you can find several options of energy chews, bars, gels or drinks. All of these selections brings considerable benefits to triathletes before, after or during the competition.

In our best energy gels triathlon review, let’s first find out how the triathletes can benefit from using energy gels triathlon. The main function of energy gels is the ability to provide a necessary amount of carbohydrate. As simple speaking, they fuel the triathletes after a hard training and racing. Therefore, they can keep continuing their workout during a triathlon.

While joining a long-distance workout, our body works depending on some carbohydrates in our muscles. In fact, the quicker you run, the more carbs you may digest. Nevertheless, the carbohydrates are not always available. Meanwhile, they are limited in our muscles.

In this case, we need something to protect the triathletes from entirely becoming exhausted. With the function of providing additional fuel and power, energy gels are crucial when the athletes are joining an endurance competition.

How should you choose the best energy gels?

As mentioned above, because of their importance, choosing the best energy gels is necessary. However, many triathletes have troubles in finding out the right gels. When going to a store to pick up a suitable pack of energy gel, you always should pay high attention to some of the factors. Our best energy gels triathlon review 2017 will show you as below.

A number of carbohydrates they provide

Firstly, you should find out how much carbohydrates they can offer in a pack of gels. After a longer workout, you should add more carbohydrates. In contrast, the requirement of these complements reduces in a short competition. Therefore, depending on your workout’s time to select appropriate gels.

Additional ingredients

Secondly, you had better know that several gels include additional sugars, electrolytes, sodium or caffeine. If you want to refill salt and other minerals lack, choose ingredients such as electrolytes and sodium. In contrast, caffeine is good for a peak performance.


Energy gels normally consist of different flavors of strawberry, banana, chocolate, caramel, etc. Do not forget to consider this factor when choosing an energy gel. If you choose your favorite taste, then you will be happier with your choice.

Side effects

Carefully check out possible side effects. Ask the doctor about side effects when using these energy gels. What kinds of triathletes should avoid using them? Before purchasing a model, you should go to a doctor and ask for his advice. Remember, never trying a new one on race day.

Expiry date

Furthermore, the expiry date is another factor you should never skip. Do not forget to check that the energy gels are still in expiry date. If they are out of date, they significantly harm your health.

Remember to take water with gels

Never use energy gels alone or with other sports drinks. Remember to take water with gels regularly. If you take energy gels without water, it will cause digestion trouble. On the other hand, when combining sports drinks with energy gels, you may suffer from getting too much sugar. About 60 grams of sugar you may get- terrible at once!

Be careful with your stomach problems

Last but not least, if you have troubles with your stomach, never take energy gels arbitrarily. Before using, go to a doctor and ask for a piece of advice. It ensures your health and safety.

The best energy gels triathlon review 2017 you should pay close attention

In fact, whether an energy gel is good or bad depends on several factors. It can be perfect for you but can be not extremely good for other users. With individual experience and suggestions from experts, we confidently carry the best energy gels triathlon review 2017. Now, let’s have a close look at all fantastic features as well as their cons and pros for your good reference.

OTE Energy Gel

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Enjoy smooth energy gel with natural fruit juice flavor

The first energy gel in our best energy gels triathlon review 2017 comes from a model of On The Edge company (OTE). OTE appears on the market as a new company. However, it has just confirmed its name by a product named OTE energy gel. Aiming at both function and taste, you never regret buying this model.

One selling point of that gel is its distinctive taste and flavor. Available on the market with a wide range of flavors of Orange, Lemon and Lime and Vanilla, it can satisfy any individual tastes even you are a hard buyer. Unlike other brands, the flavor is smooth and typical, not too powerful or bitter.

With the high comfort for stomach, each pack offer approximately 20g of carbohydrate on the total weight of 56g. The main elements include fruit juice, fructose, maltodextrin, and water. The model also includes electrolytes which contribute considerably to fluid uptake improvement.


  • Reasonable price
  • Friendly with stomach with significant ingredients
  • Distinctive flavor and taste
  • Contain two easy openings: a smaller and a larger one for different purposes
  • Light consistency


  • Not the most stable packet
  • A light disadvantage is the 7.1p per carbohydrates’ gram

PowerBar PowerGel

Image result for PowerBar PowerGel amazon
Do not forget to take PowerBar PowerGel for a hot workout

If you are a heavy sweater, you are seeking a functional energy gel to refill salt and minerals in hot weather. The PowerBar PowerGel is engineered for you. Let’s see how can you get benefit from using it.

Now you can discover an effective complement of sugar provision when enjoying the PowerBar. By putting more fructose to glucose, this mixture provides 26.7-gram carbohydrates in the total of 41g. It also includes 205 mg sodium, which is much more powerful than any other existing gels on the current market. Therefore, it is an ideal option for heavy sweaters and workouts in hot weather.

Available with a plenty of flavors, you can choose to your favorite taste. The blackcurrant and apple flavors also contain 50 mg caffeine to help you recover at the beginning of a climb or after a race. It is also rather easy to open this energy gel without a fuss.


  • Add a necessary amount of sugar and carbs
  • Best choice for heavy-sweat triathletes and hot race
  • Stable packet for any movements


  • Rather expensive
  • Maybe too sickly and sweet for some users

SIS Go Gel

Image result for SIS Go Gel amazon
Discover great texture and taste with SIS Go Gel

Another recommendation in best energy gels triathlon review is SIS Go Gel. What are you seeking in an energy gel packet? Functional delivery or good taste only? Of course, as a purchaser, we always hope to find out a model providing both of them. You can ignore the fear of stomach trouble with this such sweet taste.

In a 60ml gel packet, you can receive an amount of 22-gram carbohydrates( include 0.6g sugar), 87 calories and 0.01g salt and 38g water. These ingredients enable to provide a lighter consistency, and not always demand a water pursuer.

Using each gel gives a considerable and quick energy’s boost despite a lower amount of calories. Designed to make the gel more digestive without taking with water, it is comfortable and friendly with your stomach.


•    The gel delivers a good texture and taste

•    Provide a light consistency

•    Available with an amount of water so you can take it without water

•    Easily digestive and friendly with the stomach


•    The packet is quite large, so it is not portable

•    Cannot be freely additive

Zipvit ZV7 energy gel

Image result for Zipvit ZV7 energy gel amazon
Get incredible amount of energy within a pack of Zipvit ZV7 energy gel

The first thing you may notice when purchasing this gel is its large size. With the size of 60g, the size of Zipvit ZV7 energy gel seems to be double one of other models on the market.However, the size is not everything with a gel. What the gel has inside makes it function and value.

In 60g size, the Zipvit ZV7 includes an incredible amount of carbs up to 51g, provides 200kcal energy. This large amount of carbohydrates offers an amazing ability of recovery and peak performance. Other important elements are glucose ad sucrose. Besides, the appearance of sodium and potassium also helps to refill minerals lost in sweat, especially in hot weather.

The flavor is good, too. The banana flavor tastes well while the flavors of orange and blackcurrant are naturally. In addition to good taste, Zipvit ZV7 guarantees to improve the comfort of your stomach and remove any digestion problems.

In fact, this energy gel is not the only gels which bring incredible functions and amazing energy offering. Nevertheless, for any kinds of triathletes at any levels, Zipvit ZV7 will make your workout more pleasant and powerful. Put away the fear of energy’s lack; it serves you whenever you want.


  • Reasonable price
  • Good taste although not all of the flavor gels are natural
  • Bring a lot of carbohydrates up to 51g in the total 60g
  • Can pick the triathletes up in an extremely long cycling
  • Friendly with the stomach


  • Bulky packet of 60g
  • 51g carbs at once is too much for some athletes

High5 EnergyGel

Image result for High5 Energy Gel
Smooth and natural flavor, easy digestion- take full advantages of High5 EnergyGel

The last option we highly appreciate to show you in our best energy gels triathlon review is High5 Energy Gel. Why should you choose this model instead of other current models on the market? Discover these fantastic features as below.

In fact, 23-gram carbs take up in a 40g packet, together with salt for additional sodium and lime and lemon juice. Although there is a lack of water and liquid in each packet, this gel delivers a great energy requirement. Furthermore, it is designed for the ones who have troubles with stomach after ingestion. As a result, comfortable and pleasant feel is that you will receive.

Furthermore, the High5 is also available with various flavor selections of fruits such as orange, apple, banana and so on. Plus, there is also a cafe for the ones who want to gain an improvement in energy immediately.


  • Natural taste with various flavor options from fruits and cafe
  • The amount of energy delivery is perfect
  • Moderate packet makes it easy to carry along
  • Simply digestible


  • The price is rather high
  • Be careful to avoid a messy consistency. Therefore, it is only for one-time usage, not suitable to put again in your pocket.


Investing in high-quality energy gels can noticeably benefit your recovery for the peak performance and energy complement. Instead of hurriedly going to a store and then purchase any existing models, what you should do is consider various factors when choosing an energy gel. Then, weigh the cons and pros of each model to make a right decision. Let’s our best energy gels triathlon review 2017 serve you.






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