Shear performance with best 7 Triathlon Supplements you need to know


Ultimately triathlon supplements give you the extra competitive advantage to take your performance to the next level.

Triathlon supplements do give an edge for athletes in general and triathletes in particular. The added edge is the basic core nutrition, which is helpful for raising your performance. It is the same as the strong foundation if you want to build a house.

Triathlon Supplement is critical in promoting performance. Hence, it requires key nutrients needed for intense exercises, which helps boost your performance and recovery. Everyone knows the importance of supplements for triathletes. But to be honest, whether you know what they are and how it works to your body? Keep reading to learn more!

Why do you need supplements?

We all know the drill that triathlon takes a vast amount of energy compared to the average person. After intense training, a meal rich in nutrients helps athletes avoid getting injured, fatigued, and refuel loss energy. But when it comes to different games with different intensities, using triathlon supplements makes nutrient intake control much easier.

What are supplements great for triathletes?

With so many triathlon supplements on the market, it’s difficult to point out what works. We will help you out with several triathlon supplements below for maximum performance.

#1 Probiotics

Probiotics are the healthy bacteria live in your gut, where about 70% immune system resides. They help increase the absorption of fats and proteins. For this reason, this vast amount of the natural virus fighter support immune function and improve digestion.

For triathletes, these good bacteria are truly a performance enhancer. This type of triathlon supplements can help you recover after a workout session. Probiotics increase antioxidant absorption, thereby, they can reduce certain digestive problems like bloating, nausea, hypersensitivity to foods, etc.

Friendly bacteria supports digestive health.

Below are some suggested products for triathlon supplements or your consideration.

#2 Fish oil

Fish oil is a first and foremost type of triathlon supplements for every triathlete. It is considered as the best source of omega-3, which helps ward off the damaging effects of inflammation. Besides that, the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids is needed for healthy cell walls, nervous system function, immune function, and more.

Fish oil helps reduce our risk for a host of health problems including diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, fish oil can boost the metabolic rate while reducing the body fat. One teaspoon per day is all you need to get for your race.

Fish oil is a rich source of EPA and DHA.

Below are some suggested products of triathlon supplements for your consideration.

#3 Creatine

Creatine is a natural substance that turns into creatine phosphate in your body. Creatine phosphate helps make adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Thank to the amount of ATP in muscle it provides, the loss energy is recovered quickly.

Creatine is best used for improving performance in fast-paced training as well as enhancing endurance in associated sports. Also, this type of triathlon supplements is thought to increase muscle strength and size.

Fact: Powder is the best choice.

Below are some suggested products of triathlon supplements for your consideration.

#4 Glycerol

Glycerol is a must-have nutrient for almost all sports. This type of triathlon supplements is recommended for triathletes who train for long periods. Glycerol creates the states of hyperhydration which can prolong performance even in hot conditions. It causes greater fluid retention than just drinking plain water alone.

To keep you hydrated during the sporting event, take one serving of glycerol around 1 to 2 hours before training. You can also drink during the race to keep the thirst down and balance the level of water in your body.

Below are some suggested products of triathlon supplements for your consideration.

#5 Caffeine

Caffeine is known for its ability to boost performance and increase mental alertness. Have a cup of caffeinated coffee about 30 minutes before training could improve your endurance, especially in the long run. Due to those undeniable benefits, caffeine becomes one of the most commonly used stimulants among athletes.

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research conducted many studies related to caffeine and athlete performance. Most of them showed that caffeine brought to consumers significant improvements during training.

About 100 milligrams caffeine in your coffee is perfect for a morning game. Too much caffeine can cause headaches, irritability, insomnia, and other symptoms. Bear in mind that everything in moderation is the key to success.

High dosage of caffeine can cause some unexpected results.

Below are some suggested products of triathlon supplements for your consideration.

#6 Multivitamin

Multivitamin is considered as an insurance policy filling micronutrient gaps in your diet. It seems like a controversial topic. A half will say supplementation of vitamins is needed for triathletes, while the remainder says it is just a total waste of money.

A healthy diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, which can provide sufficient nutrient intake for your health. But not many people manage all that on a daily basis. Therefore, multi vitamin supplement happens to be an optimal solution to provide micronutrients for your body.

Multivitamins help fill key gaps in the nutrients of your diet.

Below are some suggested products of triathlon supplements for your consideration.

#7 Whey Protein

Whey Protein is the most popular protein supplement. It contains a great source of high-quality protein which needs for muscle tissue growth and repair. Using whey protein after training sessions to curb muscle damage and boost growth. It absorbed in your body so quickly, that’s why you need it for post workout.

You can also have one serving of whey protein upon wake up or pre workout for the best result. Additionally, it has great antioxidant properties which are good for the immune system.

Whey protein is rapidly absorbed by the muscles.

Below are some suggested products of triathlon supplements for your consideration.


If you are looking for enhancing your physical performance, you need to be serious about what you are putting in your body. Hopefully, those triathlon supplements above will give you some practical choices that work well for the sheer performance. Consult with your doctor or nutritionist to avoid possible side effects and have a proper dosage.



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