7 affordable yet high-value triathlon bikes for beginners


The abundance of triathlon bike brands in today’s market has left many buyers in confusion. And as a matter of fact, a great price does not always guarantee a high value. Also, if you are just starting out in triathlon, there should not be any overspending in fancy and expensive bikes. Instead, there are, still, various affordable options for the triathlon bikes for beginners without requiring you to compromise the experience when using. And this writing will know provide consultancy that helps you to finalize your buying decision.

Why should you buy a triathlon bike?

One of the most common questions from triathlon beginners is whether they should invest in a triathlon bike or an even more cost-effective road bike. The answer is obvious, still it worth articulate on.

More power from rider to the bike

The frame of a triathlon bike has a steeper seat tube angle. And this angle is closer to vertical than that of a road bike. Also, the steeper geometry puts rider’s hip over the crankset. As a result, it transfers more power to the bike and engages rider’s quadriceps more effeciently.

More aerodynamically efficient position

Triathlon bikes are designed to go fast and efficiently consume rider’s energy. In fact, a high-value triathlon bike can even conserve rider’s energy to some extent. Also, attaining the aero position on a triathlon bike is more comfortable than on a road bike. Its position needs more energy from the hamstring when pedaling and thus becomes more aerodynamically efficient than before.

Easier run after hopping off the bike

Even though the position is quite aggressive looking, it is a huge advantage when transitioning off the bike. And as the position helps to focus the muscle use on quadriceps, it facilitates a lot when shifting to the running phase. In short, a triathlon bike transfers your power to the cranks and gives you the posture that saves more gas in the tank for the run.

What makes a high-value triathlon bike?


Comfort is the king, and it determines whether you will enjoy riding it forever after. Thus, there should be a fit between your posture on the bike and the frame itself. Such fits will help to transfer max power to the pedals and conserve your energy while riding.


Let’s first talk about the frame. The better the frame, the lighter it will be, and the less effort you will need to keep it running. For the components, it’s easy to upgrade them. However, take a look at the durability of the small pieces that help you to shift and pedal your bike.


It is recommended to buy the highest-quality bike you can afford. It’s because you will save money on the upgrades. (See more at How to choose a wonderful beginner triathlon bike in 2017). And we all know that triathlon bikes for beginners usually fluctuate around $2,000. So below are 7 great options for budget-conscious cyclists at entry level.

Top 7 best price triathlon bikes for beginners

Felt S32

triathlon bikes for beginners 01
Felt S32

This name must be the most popular nominee for top-value triathlon bikes for beginners. However, with the price range $1200-$1400, you should remember that everything is relative. The highlight of the Felt S32 is its frame. With aluminum material and aero shaping, its frame offers appropriate durability paralleling with the price. Of course, it is still far to be put in comparison with high-end carbon. Still, for entry level, this remains a good choice.

Additionally, the riding quality was good, and Felt also offers many sizes to fit different height. Although there is nothing much to say about its components, what’s good about the Felt S32 is that there are many choices for the upgrades. Most people opt for wider tires than the stock 23c Vittoria Zaffiro. Wheel upgrading also enhances the performance and the overall feel of the Felt S32.

The overall quality of the Felt S32 has long been claimed by the brand itself. Specifically, the aero bars are highly adjustable, the seat is comfortable, and the frame is endurant. However, if you go for the Felt S32 as a TT bike in UCI events, you may want to use a saddle with a shorter nose.

Quintana Roo Kilo

triathlon bikes for beginners 02
Quintana Roo Kilo

The Quintana Roo has long gained its reputation in excellent bike geometry. The steep set angle and the overall frame help to widen the angle between torso and legs. And the angle can be adjusted to be as steep as 80 degrees. Besides the steep seat angle, the Quintana Roo Kilo also has a quite large head tube, making it more comfortable to ride on.

Along with the large and tall head tube, the short top tube further reinforces the upright position. At the same time, they take all the riding strain on the bar extensions. As a result, riding on a Quintana Roo Kilo is always comfortable. And even though its shape may be a little behind the time, it still does a great job in offering the comfort.

As the frame is made of carbon, it gives a softer ride than the aluminum bikes. And in this aspect, the Quintano Roo Kilo wins over the Felt S32. The frame is stiff, but the rear wheel sometimes catches the brake blocks. However, this should not be a worry when you have cash to upgrade your bike.

Orbea Ordu M30

triathlon bikes for beginners 03
Orbea Ordu M30

The Orbea has been making bikes for over 80 years. And many of them have been with the triumphant of the Tour De France stages and Ironman World Champion Ships. As one of the Orbea triathlon bikes for beginners, the M30 totally meets the demands of triathlon enthusiasts at fair value. And this bike proves excellently the validity of the saying ”It’s a good deal if it fits”.

The Orbea Ordu M30 gives a good combination of seat post angle and aero bar, which enhances the fit. Whether you are in an aggressive aero position or a comfortable Ironman distance position, this bike has the way to fit. Also, the carbon construction with high standard fibers and modulus can meet all requirements in both performance and training.

Besides the high-quality frame and design, the Orbea Ordu M30 also impresses me in its components. The Vision parts and Shimano 105 11p altogether offer a great extent of compact and adjustability. With an entry level price range, the Orbea Ordu M30 even gives the “race worthy” values. It gets you many miles of training and racing.

KHS SCR 2000

triathlon bikes for beginners 04
KHS SCR 2000

The KHS SCR 2000 provides good riding and handling. It accelerates and climbs fast. And most importantly, it has a comfortable position on almost any trail. Also, the combination of smooth air spring of the fork and fast rolling tires makes the bike flow with smooth. It can speed up out of corners and then back up to speed in an amazing way.

The main frame of the KHS SCR 2000 uses quite slimline tubes with low coffin shaped top tube. Additionally, both the chainstays and the seat have a lot of heel clearance. The frame of KHS SCR 2000 is lightweight, open, and upward enough to promote the aerodynamic position.

Many people think that at its price, the KHS SCR 2000 has to compromise on the fork. In fact, its RST fork does not only cost less for KHS but also opens more budget rooms for the kit. The RST is a classy air sprung fork that is more cost-effective than the RockShox. And with the Hayes Stroker brakes, this bike gives a little bit of the wooden feeling, but the power is incredible.

Felt B16

triathlon bikes for beginners 05
Felt B16

The Felt series has long been reputable among the affordable triathlon bikes for beginners. Despite the low price, the Felt B16 is still a high-value carbon fiber bike. And talking about the aerodynamic feature, this bike is old-school, slim, and lightweight. Also, all the ex-flagship features are still available and correct.

The Felt B16 is remarkable not only because of its low price, but also its premium level of detailing in the brand kit. It also comes with smooth and reliable gearing, thanks to the Shimano’s 105. The Vittoria tires run well, but the Sunrace chain and block and the skinny-arm FSA Vero may not be an advantage.

The Felt B16 feels as good as it looks. Specifically, the geometry is more evolved, the frame and fork are well damped, and the handling is well balanced. And because it is a highly upgradable chassis, the problems of skinny cranks and heavy wheels should not be a worry. But once you get it going, the speed sustains at an excellent level despite the wind angle and the distance.

Specialized Shiv Elite A1

triathlon bikes for beginners 06
Specialized Shiv Elite A1

The common groupset on this bike is SRAM Apex, which is the entry-level components. And even though they are good for triathlon biking introduction, it won’t hold up against Ironman distance. The Specialized Shiv Elite A1 is an excellent choice for triathlon starters in their training and time trial.

The Specialized Shiv Elite A1 is comparable to the Felt S32 regarding the aluminum material. This material is one of the low-cost, lightweight, and stiff metals. But when put into the comparison with carbon, it has less durability and strength. Still, this material is quite common in manufacturing the entry-level triathlon bikes. Although its stiffness may be harsher on rough terrain, it allows the bike to be responsive and efficient while climbing.

This bike is also available with the aero-bars that come right in front of the frame. The low position of the bars facilitates the aerodynamic position and power. The Specialized Shiv Elite A1also applies the high seat tube angle theory, making it able to save more of rider’s energy.

Cube Aerium Pro

triathlon bikes for beginners 07
Cube Aerium Pro

This bike is ideal for those who are getting serious about triathlon or TTs. And what makes it superior to a road bike is that the seat tube hugging the rear wheel helps to reduce drag. Also, this bike is more of a TT bike because of its internal cable routing, which reduces turbulence.

Moreover, the seat tube angle is highly competitive with the range of 76-78 degrees. It’s steep enough to widen the angle forming by your legs and torso. As a result, it promotes the aerodynamic tuck without making you feel like you are standing up on the pedals.

The Cube Aerium Pro also has a durable and light frame. The spacious bar and long top tube offer more space to move out of the saddle. However, unlike most TT triathlon bikes for beginners, as the terrain becomes twister and tighter, the more Cube Aerium Pro proves to be endurant. Thus, this bike performs well even in most of the trail, making it more inspiring for your training.


In a nutshell, triathlon bikes for beginners deliver the high quality for training without requiring you to compromise a huge budget. Having an entry-level triathlon bike when starting out for triathlon is always a right choice. And this writing hopefully equips you with the backgrounds of the best price triathlon bikes for triathlon novices. Enjoy practicing.


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